I Have Completely Healed



These nasty ass sacral chakra stealing sexual energy vampires….

I break the shit down in the blog!

I’m 37…. pushing 40!

Anyways, looka the pic above. I look young, huh!?


I can’t believe this day has come.

It took a long time, 19 years to be exact, but I have healed.

The healing process ain’t fucking easy either. I can’t tell you all the disruptions I faced like, take a look at this wetback motherfucker here named Raymond:

– Don’t he look like Charles Manson?

Alright, this new/old STALKER is the new degenerate to step up to the reptilian induced plate to harass me as I tried to heal. This fucking WETBACK – confirming fucking stereotypes to be true – even said how he was gonna hurt me cause I ran him up the street the first time, showing how little they respect black women while esp. preying on us esp. sexually…. Just like how they attacked this innocent black lady here in Chicago who was working, driving the bus simply cause she black (those DEMONS wouldn’t do that to a white woman which is one reason why I hate them – with a passion):

Wetbacks Attack Black Bus Driver As She Is Working

TWICE here you can hear me telling this BITCH to get the fuck on with his raggedy ole ass truck:



This is straight fucking manipulative. NOTICE that this evil, conniving, manipulative ass WETBACK tries to lure me with money and vodka (KNOWING alcohol is a weakness for me) towards him….

That’s why I threw a rock at his fucking truck….

I tried to give a psyche profile of his demonic manipulative wetback ass here….

Basically he an asshole-loser with low self esteem who is an energy vampire because he likes to suck off the lifeforce of those who are especially stronger than him. In the likes of Ted Bundy and Rodney Alcala HE WILL PRETEND to be weak, sad – a pity case – to induce empathy towards him from a person so thus he can manipulate them into doing what he wants – a true fucking predator and if you see his raggedy ass vehicle while driving, run him off the road:

Nasty ass degenerate ass mofo!

That being said, here are some other Hall of Famers who tried to throw me off my path like this old white degenerate mofo – WHAT’S WITH THESE MOFOS TRYING TO PREY ON BLACK WOMAN? STICK WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING KIND ???

What the FUCK is with these emojis….

I can’t find a straight black couple but you can find intraracial fahjays™….

Anyways, stay the fuck away from me unless it’s about mo-nay ?

– None of them assholes came up to me with money which is why I ran they asses off ??‍♂️?

This nasty ass crakkka coming up to me, offering $20 for a blowjob:


Here more energy vampires who fucked with me, like this lil faggot here:

Addressing Wannabe WOE-man Jamal Wright For Calling Me Crazy

Then these mofos…

A Case Study In Demonic Possession And Entity Attachments: Latonya Jones and Jamila Chontai Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

Jamila a sick bitch:

DO NOT Get Spiritual Services From Jamila Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

She threatening to take my site down cause I exposed her ass here:

– She another sick one, like Raymond. She an attention seeker with borderline personality disorder who is very controlling and evil and ruthless who will LIE on you like she claimed I had sent her an email while it was her harassing me via email which can be seen in the article above who likes to make shit up and live in la la land while pretending – well, projecting in a cult like manner to the few gullible ass followers (or shall I say swallowers) who will believe her tripe that the world is against her – meanwhile she fucking with people while her inner (borderline) world falls apart!

Fuck outta here, weird ass bitch!

One day I was just continuously beseiged with what I believe – fuck, know – to be spiritual attacks….

– Faggot makes a grand appearance again….

Then some other wetback spick and cspan skinny jean wearin’ FAHJAY named Armando something ??

Somebody calling themselves fucking Gary Ridgeway, lol, a serial killer….

Then some idiot named Papa Ochelo something – stealing from BLACK PEOPLE MAGIC and another more pedestrian wetback named Pablo Hernandez:

Now, I don’t get – HOW this wetback gonna claim that WE are the biggest murders etc. when you see NOTHING but THEM (WETBACKS) on bestgore, doing the most (heinous):

I mean, how the fuck these messy-canTs gonna say and they come from a fucking predator, Quetzalcoatl!

Stitching babies’ heads on soccer balls…


That’s why I wrote about them mofos here:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Fuck on with that….

This NIGGER right here:

Nigger Mayate Kareem Rashid Is Gonna Get ‘Woked With Black Magic For Sexually Harassing Me

But at least he wasn’t trying to attack me and continue to stalk and harass me like that wetback Raymond did….

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Or this wetback mofo who got me STARTED hating they asses calling me a “mayate” etc., cause I didn’t want him. Before I wasn’t a racial realist!

That incident opened up my eyes and that’s why I stay on WETBACKS asses to this day and will continue to #NoBlackAndBrownUnity

– Killing our fucking people in South Central and Compton and we are just supposed to turn a blind eye to their demonic, really reptilian nature.


It is genetic in their case!

That being said you had this fucking nut here, Mark Jackson:

Who was on some real rapist shit….

Then this Bella De La Rose (now Bella Baybee heaux) wetback bitch who is with some down low kneegrow who claims he pro black ✊?

Here the take-a-knee-grow she with, Inner G Negus who also publishes “pro black” cartoons while his hooker wetback heaux/gf/wife(y)(?) talks shit on blacks….


A wetback named Juan:

– He supposed to be a medical fucking doctor!

Funny, I saw in the astral last night him and Latonya together in a nice house. I won’t say much but that shit reversed on em ?⚾️

And Latonya again…. under her 15 million k ++ troll accounts….

These people are fucking nuts….

As you can see, spiritual healing ain’t easy….

I have gone thru ALOT to heal! When you start to heal – let me explain – if you got long held gaping wounds in your energy body evil entities will look to fill those wounds so they can feed off of them witch ??‍♀️ is why I don’t believe in war-shipping anything! When you start a process of healing (and thus liberating yourself from them) they will try. at nothing. to keep you in a rut and continue to hold on to and anchor those wounds to you.

Case in point: when I started healing – I almost got ran over twice that very weekend!

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

As I talk about here – I saw thru my third eye that I had a legion of things both good and bad around me (mainly energy vampires):

See, when you become spiritual and open up your chakras you start to attract entities galore with all sorts of intentions like moths to a flame.

I saw that I had some inner portals open, including from curses placed on either my mother or father. It reminds me when I was growing up my mom said that her family ALWAYS had unusually bad luck (I think it’s cause we are naturally talented spiritualists and as I say here doesn’t want you to come into your full power). Not only that my mom would wake up in the middle of the night seeing demonic things like bloody bones putting themselves together. She also had when she was a little baby a lil imp like hairy demon that would try to snatch her off the bed by grabbing her toe and when she would cry, it ran (I learned from her that demons HATE the sound of babies crying….)!

That being said, let me break down how to heal…..

You REALLY have to go within and find the anchor experiences as I call em that are anchoring the effects of trauma within you. Usually traumatic experiences are anchored cause of societal programming! Like for instance as a kid my mom sorta made me feel guilty for speaking up on things (many folks experience this who are meant to be leaders, etc.). Another goof example is how so called feminists guilt tripped Milo Yiannopoulos into admitting that he enjoyed being with an older man at the age of 15. In many indigenious societies – if those heauxs were truly woke ✊? they would be aware of this – even now when you hit puberty usually at age 12 or 13 (with kids now LOOKING fucking old) you were considered ripe for fucking!

Tricking people like a tranny out chea!

Because of all these machinations that kids are parent’s property (which can heavily be seen with vegan parents forcing veganism on they babies) instead of as younger human beings with their own thoughts, emotions, souls – you get this societal bullshit (esp. with lil girls) that kids are innocent, don’t know wtf they doing (yes them lil basturds do) and just overall fucking projecting ass stereotypes on these kids with no consideration for the fact that – once they are out the womb – they are separate beings with their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, divine life soul contracts.

I’ll even go further and say that that shit with them being innocent and not knowing shit (which is NORP shit) is bullshit cause of reincarnation:

Looka this:

And this:

– THIS IS the basis for why lgtb transgenderism, transracialism (like in my case), exists….


Another thing – society gotta stop stigmatizing male homosexuality (females kissing is “okay” cause men dominate and set the cult-ural tone for society and they get off on seeing female gender normal FAKE lesbians going at it) – cause when young boys get molested, they feel guilty cause they think cause “it’s a man and they enjoy it it makes em gay.” Attraction is about the overall package and not just getting off on a sex organ being used.

– THIS what I was looking for!

DAMN I enjoyed it, I ain’t gonna lie!

I fucked with a lady for money (honest enjoyed) but I’m not gay cause beyond the sex organ and sex act women do not appeal to me! On top of that, stigmatizing sexual relations between men leads to the murder of transgenders cause mofos have this black and white notion that if you sleep with anyone who got a dick you are instantly gay and that is nonsense!

That was just one of the many root causes that caused me to become overly active in the sacral chakra, anchor folks’ negative shit and internalize it into something that caused me trauma. That is why that chemistry teacher saying, “Drop the English accent,” (I can feel it not affecting me so much already) had a wider, reverberating effect than it should have. It also occurred during a kundalini awakening making it worse than what it shoulda been. Also, the sacral chakra controls your sex drives and that’s why those reptilian influenced mofos were harassing me cause they wanted my sexual sacral chakra energy ???

You have to break down, destroy the programming, 1st! The second thing to do after that is use your third eye to remove the entity attachments attached to the trauma. Tell your third eye subconsciously what you want and it will do it! Not doing this will result in the healing not working cause the entity attachments will stay there to keep the trauma cemented there so they can continue to feed off of it and cause you problems and still continue to have you suffer due to it.

All of this needs to be done on the subconscious level in which you will have to use your conscious mind to figure out why you cared about that shit that brought you trauma then cement a new attitude towards it.

The third step (and you can use your third eye or even visualization here to do this) is to break any and all etheric ties with the situation and then figure out which chakra is inviting that shit in then put a thing of protection around it.

As I explain here:

In my case my sacral chakra was absorbing folks energies, causing me to internalize their negative shit on the right (psychic/creative) side of my body. I saw this sum accumulation in the form of a wirey amorophous energy black ball. I used my third eye to kick that shit out. You must also be mindfull of energy chords created when esp. traumatic shit occurs. You can use simple visualization – once you do the other steps – to break that shit!

That’s why it is important to protect your energy!

That being said – I break down more here:

You can see the difference in that video with no sleazy, perv mofos stopping as I walk (ain’t cause I’m topless), total peace and quiet.

It’s cause I am whole and them energy vampires since I am in protection mode with my energy and I ain’t fucking around.

I still got some kinks and things to iron out but I ain’t nowhere near the energy leaking mess I was before with all sorts of energetic body disconnects etc.

I am becoming whole and I feel good and I hope to help others going thru the same thing as me.

You can even see here the progression of my healing….

I look like a child here:

It really does have an energetic effect on you….

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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