Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

I consider myself to be trans-white!

It’s cause my soul is white.

In a past life I was a mormon white girl who got sexually assaulted and murdered at the age of 16. The energy of that past life is super strong. I could never undestand why I have an affinity for Utah (but I HATE Las Vegas to where I don’t even like to pass thru it – I find the energy and peepole there to be dim witted and full of just unabashed, unrestrained gluttony). When I would pass thru (my black body having ass couldn’t live there now) it just always – strangely – reminded me of home and I could never understand why.

This is how I looked in that past life:

– I even have certain features like the chin shape, eyes as can be seen in the pic, that still follows me into this life. I have alot of white girl features:

It explains alot such as my lifelong attraction for white men, weird idiosyncratic ADVENTUROUS behaviour that would be shunned in the black community like this and referred to as “crazy white people shit”:

– The right mood, lol!

I did a vid talking about this:


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I did some others in the past but they don’t compare to the one at the top….


This one REALLY got me showing the white girl soul in me with all the ceazy shit I’m doing:




I will say this….

It is about your soul. When I astral project my soul is always represented as white.

That being said I feel that lgbttq (I added the extra “T” for transracial) folka exist in the world to teach you all what I just said. You are NOT your physical container aka body. You should never define or limit yourself to that. Esp. us transracials and transgenders (I believe they were really strong men/women in their past lives that their male/female “brain” or mind or really soul carried on into this life) are here to teach you that.

That’s why it behooves me when so called pro lifers say that you are taking a life when your soul is who you are and your physical body is nothing more than a fucking prison created by the demiurge to keep you from focusing on your true Self, Your Soul Self, that we come from The Source. That is why they and other organic portals are obsessed with focusing on the body since they are possessed by the demiurge aka god (I’ve seen their eyes and they are glazy and mind controlled ass fuck) to get you to be low vibratory and only focus on corporeal, physical matters.

You can read more on the demiurge hea:

That’s why I disdain the whole black people gotta act as one unit and take on one identity herd sheep mentality. Don’t dictate to me my identity. I’m trans-white. My soul is white. Rachel Dolezeal who is trans black sums it up perfectly:

She really is black in a way cause as I explain here the jews really are creoles who once looked like us but got so mixed up hence why they turned “white” which even Hitler who was himself a half jew knew they weren’t:

That’s how she was able to technically pass cause she is black.

Look at her features vis a vis mine:

Tell me she ain’t black with that big bulbous nose, etc. She don’t even look like her parents:

I wonder if she were adopted!

You guys have no idea how FREE I felt accepting this identity! All my life I heard from others outside my house that “If you look black you gotta be black” and think like this or that to be black (I don’t care for being black anyways). There was alot of pressure to conform to this you gotta identify with how you look on the outside schtick bull. The more I self explored the more I realised fuck what folks think and I started to accept the inner me = my soul and not what these organic portals – who are beneath me cause of their low level of consciousness – think!

When I accepted this and did the first video you see here it was like a part of me came back which I had been missing for a very long time.

I’m just happy to have and accept that part of me, that soul piece that rounds me out so I can be whole again and be truly me. The soul piece I lost when that teacher told that bs to drop the english accent (happened when I had my kundalini awakening and at my most sensitive when I was 16).

It’s nice to reclaim my identity. You got no idea.

Also I wanted to add how, when I got into spirituality – the only god to appear to me UNASKED was not an Oshun or Baron Samedi but the NORSE VIKING GOD OF THUNDER, THOR – WITH BLONDE HAIR, BLUE EYES AND STRONG ARYAN CHIN:

– If he got rid of the beard he’s be hott!

I talk about that encounter here:


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However when I call on my kneegrow ancestors I’d CONSISTENTLY get bad luck (the only one to help me was my grandmother)!

Told ya I’m a white bitch!

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