Introducing The People of Sarania

Introducing The People of Sarania

New painting series!

Imma start showing the visions that had been sent to me since I was a little person:

Indigenious Saranian of turtle heritage.

I now realise I’ve been seeing into a whole ‘nother world. A world where my ancestors may have come from:

See, a while back, during the appeals thing in Malibu….

– Looking back on it, low key glaad that shit passed. Got rid of all these haterz I was trying to save like the Los Angeles Daygo Wop who wanted to run me out while I was actually the only SANE one running to those fucking appeal meetings – his high on coke daygo wop ass wouldn’t do it:

– Bitch look like a crack bear ??

Anyways, I had a vision.

In the vision, I was shown the night before this meeting that I am related tl two non human groups: one called the D’voreh and the other the T’hamupilatis something. The D’voreh were iguana like reptilians and the T’something I dunno were turtle beings. Both were brown, hence why I’m brown:

With that said, they showed me a scroll in a temple. The temple looked alot like on both the inside and the outside the temple pyramids you see in Mexico:

That being said the inner temple podium they told me was where the priesthood taught. They told me that they set up the world leaders but are disappointed with them which can explain why I get visitations from the Rothschilds like this:



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Diss a must read ??

That being said, I felt fucking OVERWHELMING sadness, like my true “people” just visited me cause I never felt close to humans or that Earth is home:


That being said, it seems my heritage is bird people aka carians, really reptilian based and maybe the turtle people play apart.

That being said, here I am discussing my starseed heritage:


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