Spanish Dude Named Formosa Might Be A Serial Rapist Based On Overhearing A Tape He Played

….to relive what he did! What a sick motherfucker!

Toofless wonder came up to me again…


He still wasn’t getting the message….

I mean the more I think of how he would take advantage, molest when I was drunk, initiating shit JUST KNOWING I WAS DRUNK and not in my right state of mind, like a predator (I rem. he said he was happiest when I was drunk)…

You can see on his cellphone he a fucking sexual predator, taking pics of random women while living out of his truck! Like to do what….?


I hate when folks use the excuse “He a man.” I have chilled with dudes while drunk like yesterday and they don’t pull this! That’s a fucking animal. An animal who should be killed! I had to get him. Wanted to punch him in the nose but my ‘woke got him: his beloved bike got stolen ??

I want him dead tho.

He gotta go!

Before I begin tho., I don’t know if it is about these people here as the wife I saw in the vision was black (but I did see him remarry a white chick)….

But in the vision there was a white dude who looked eerily similar to the guy helming this (the dude is bald who drives that rv but the faces are mad similar) rv who lived I believe it was either here or in the midwest but considering the home he had (average looking and it was grey and about 2 stories in a neighborhood) and how I kept overwhelmingly sensing that despite it being expensive he brought it for $500,000 (which sounds alot how homes are priced here) I think he from L.A. – he ran a car dealership that he lost after it came out that he molested a 15 year old boy. I saw the newspaper articles for it and everything. He – the dude in the vision – is also a sociopath. It seemed he had mixed race kids – 5 in all – and I recall a lil girl in a blue patterened dress standing at the top of the stairs in my childhood home. It was like she was standing out to tell me something and she was trying to convey something to me. She had a near bald head with blonde nappy hair and she was light. Her mom was a black lady who wore her natural hair straight short and blonde. She was an average looking black lady. She looked alot like the lady in this 90s black film who was swooned over – I think it mighta been Boomerang (nah she wasn’t ole girl Grace Jones or Robin Givens). She looked like that black singer Dionne Warwick. She was wearing a black shirt and black tight pants.

That’s what I saw….

After that I saw a light skinned black young lady doing the topless thing with glee and admiring me. It mighta been someone I went to high school with cause I was in school or maybe someone who is actually young who admires me. She seemed a nice and fun person. I do know she exist. When dreams are presented like that to me it means the person exists!

That being said, let me talk about this degenerate.


I ran his ass out but not all the way…


This motherfucker a fucking sexual predator. I been known that with how he would treat me – even yesterday he said sorry for how he has treated me but yet in true rapist fashion acts as if the woman should do things not to entice him (he needs his dick cut off) – but I would always get his ass back in the end when I would come to my senses, once punching him in the eye!

That being said, like a fucking serial rapist (I STILL can’t believe what I heard), I overheard him playing a recording where a lady was saying, “Noooo no no” over and over while he in a cooing manner tried to push her boundaries like a fucking date rapist! It was mad disturbing to hear that ladies’ pleas.

In this pic here he pulled a fast one (when I drink I become very friendly and this asshole would take advantage after I’ve called his ass out):

This his face

You can read the blog here and tho I was coming down off the alcohol you can see at certain points when I wrote it how bothered I was by him crossing boundaries:

That being said many victims, rape survivors will speak of how ambiguous they feel towards the situation and the guilt. Naw as a topless rights activist who being doing all sorts of dumb shit, I’m past that lol:

– I’m kinda like the last person to feel guilty over something I can’t control.

For survivors, victims – remember that, look bitch you can walk around ass naked – like I do (gotta stop that), topless whatever and no one should put hands on you.

To feel empowered again, put hands on them ?? like I did to ole boy yesterday.

Another thing about this sleazy mofo is, he was talking about that RejuvOhm lady and was saying how some dude with Oregon license plates wanted to get with her but the way he said it sounded like they were planning on kidnapping this lady. That was the energy I felt.

That being said, I thoughtbI was just dealing with a dirty boundary crossing pos but that audio tape – and him playing it as if, like a serial killer or serial rapist does, to relive dominating a timid female (that’s how she sounded) this motherfucker needs his block knocked off.

Here his truck:

– And another thing….

For some reason, I think an evil demon I believe Beelzebub protects him, it’s hard for me to get him!

I saw him once walking down the PCH, actually, a coupla times like he is out of it, like he’s possessed.

I don’t know if my ‘woke ‘woked but he needs more than that, more than this:


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I won’t lie: I want the motherfucker dead but shit keeps blocking my ability to kill him and some other motherfuckers. I’m just gonna have to concentrate more and more and knock out his spiritual protection – whatever is over him. Did it once and got the bitch GOOD! Didn’t kill her unfortunately but I fucked her up. Bess believe ??

I’m a ruthless killer with witchcraft. Imma fine tune my shit so I can kill him and send him to the bowels of the underworld for him to be tortured for all eternity (unless a shaman can get him out, lol!)!

Now that I think about it when I asked my third eye to show me what was going on with me and what I was doing at a specific time when I was cool with him I saw this pos raping me which means he was raping my energy and astrally I’ve felt that on occasions. I don’t think he’s spiritually conscious (I sense possessed cause of shit I put on him) but astral rape is real and I wonder if he has pulled shit cause I’d wake up with my shit sore, etc (in my “bed” aka car tho).

Another thing too – I’d catch that bitch talking shit about me behind my back when I was cool, calling me crazy etc (manipulative rapist mofos WILL call you that to throw you off) or ugly and I believe that toothless crackhead (I’ve seen him smoke it in his rv) would say that cause I don’t want him sexually!

Even looking back the way he approached me was on some rapist shit! I went to confront an ole coo coo broad and this evil vile motherfucker shouted something to get my attention then started saying I’m on welfare (cause I’m black) while he got an obama phone and ain’t even from the country and is here possibly illegally (he from Spain). His whole energy is perversion and a crackhead lack of respect for women’s boundaries. He drinks like a fish yet drives that rig and he told me he’s done crack and like when he would do shit to me and I’d call him out – it could be a split second later after he done pulled some bull but he’d deny it so he’s a fucking compulsive liar.

This nigga gotta die and end up like ole boy here:

That’s why I don’t like shit being around me or working with shit (cause they’ll block you). He gotta go ?

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