I Saw The Horrible Fate of The Rothschilds’ Afterlife In A Vision

No amount of money would make me wanna go where this old bastard’s going…

Not him (that’s Jacob Rotschild):

He look demonic.


He runs the J. Rotschild Assurance Group – WHAT KIND OF SHIT? The deception’s obvious in the various names… the fuck does an “assurance group” do to earn TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS (means they’re using it as a FRONT COMPANY) and NOTE they say that FORBES NEVER COVERS THEM AND THUS EXPOSE HOW THEY MAKE THEIR FORTUNES…



Or her, she’s Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild (Pretentious ass name)…

09 Oct 2005, Paris, France — Philippine de Rothschild arrives at the opening of the new and biggest Louis Vuitton shop in the world on the Champs Elysees, Paris. — Image by © Stephane Cardinale/People Avenue/Corbis


Or any of em save for that younger, handsome dude who, interestingly, DIED real young (I think he in an okay place!)…

THAT SAID, with a former Afrikan cellmate as my guide, I saw where THEY were going in the afterlife. It’s a horrible place and, trust me, they’d be better off trading places with the nearest homeless man whose afterlife (even if it’s chasing alcohol and becoming a ghoul) is better than theirs…


This shit scared me and not the first time I’ve seen it. That said, while journeying with a being who I felt took on the appearance of a former african cellmate (I was in there for a trumped up charge after a deputy sexually assaulted me and I called him out on it), I saw where the Rothschilds go in the afterlife. It seems to be in a subterranean vault where there are inhuman guards who look alot like the aliens/ creatures you see doing similar duties in video games. They were all black and looked like this creature:

It looked like “Venom” from the Spiderman universe.

That’s why I say, they hide shit in plain sight in movies and in video games…

Some were bigger and bulkier and looked like the monsters out of “Halo.”

That said, it seemed to be in some DUMB aka “deep underground military base” in which alot of Seers say has protection – ALOT of protection (TO PREVENT EXPOSURE) in the astral. Sadly, some projectors been captured there and aren’t allowed to return to their bodies, staying stuck there!

That said, in this is where it will get ugly, I saw a lair in which had regal rugs like you’d see in royal palaces. I believe there was no carpet; just cold grey cement floors. There was a skeleton that reminded me of what people call “the crossroads man” or crossroads demon who would pull a lever and he was wearing a top coat hat (that’s probably where the concept of top hats came from) – something real similar to what Uncle Sam wears I recall while laughing maniacally. I’ve seen this bastard when I’ve astral projected before in which in one which I guess was a form of a recruitment in which I astral projected with an Asian spirit guide with reptilian snake yellow eyes in which I went into opulent houses in the astral and saw all these BEAUTIFUL homes and in all of em – they were shaking hands with a skeleton, making deals with him. One that notably sticks out is one in which there was a brown haired woman dressed in a conservative black and red coat (symbolic of satan or dark forces – darkness AND blood I believe) and she was in a picture shaking hands with this “crossroads man.”  I’ve seen this skeleton – along with the old hag (who once whispered in my ear and told me I wasn’t going anywhere in another dream/vision) and a clown – in many dreams.

I guess this is the entity you make deals with for fame and fortune.

That said, that’s not even the WORST part. There are two bloody black vats filled with (though I can tell it got cleaned every now and then) BODY PARTS AND BLOOD, with some of the blood trailing down the side of said black vat. TO THE UPPER CORNER OF SAID VAT WERE TWO GIANT LONG BLOODY ARMS WHICH WOULD REACH DOWN AND SQUISH PEOPLE AND YOU HAD TO FIGHT IT TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE! A bald headed butler dressed man explained while there that they would feed people to fatten them up before sending them in there.

At least there were drapes hanging over.

It was a horrible ass sight. No amount of money is worth ending up in the afterlife. For the dirty things they did to the work, the sadistic torture they saw was a projection of their reality from over here.

Lady Gaga talked about having vivid “dreams,” VISIONS of torture.

Her eyes look like that cause she’s POSSESSED!

Here she is talking about those “nightmares” of her possible afterlife, including seeing a bound young blonde woman being tortured by a man in a top hat:


Here is more on the top hat man which they say has ufo connections:

That said, what I saw SHOWS your AFTERLIFE ain’t worth selling to these dark forces for fame and/or fortune. These people can’t sleep at night as the Black Child on his youtube channel eloquently put it. WHERE YOU GOING IS WHERE YOU WILL BE FOR ETERNITY (there’s at least two known ways to get out – a powerful shaman or ancestor). That said, unless you got those two powerful types on deck, you stuck there for ALL ETERNITY!

Interestingly, here are the word count numbers showing up while writing this (TWICE I saw 77 in two other areas):

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