The White Jews Are Really Creole Jews Who Prove Black Americans Are The True Jews

The Hebrew Israelites are gonna love this one…

To prove my point, you need ONLY look at the people caught passing for black:

Rachel Dolezeal:


She has a similar nose to mine…

– I look like a fucking scheming evil demon bitch in this, lol!

– I look like I am 12 here, maybe 21.

Anyways, I wanna take the time out to say – I am one beautiful mofo! I am in Awe of Me: I love my flaws, my face, nose… EVERYTHING! I am sooo entranced with me – see, this why I won’t let any man get in the way of me and my beautiful relationship with… me! I love my ruggedness, naturalness, just everything about me! I will NEVER LET A MAN GET IN BETWEEN THE HAPPINESS THAT’S BETWEEN ME… and I! NO!

I love myself SO MUCH, I may get married to MYSELF ONE DAY, just as this proud asexual couple did here (that nigga look jewish his damn self):

Oh yeah, and yah BOI (just playing with the “boi” joke), Shaun King:

– He look like T.I. No wonder…

TO NOTE both Rachel Dolezeal AND Shaun King are BOTH ASHKENAZI JEWS ie so called white jews but they are REALLY CREOLE which is why they can pull this off which I will explain later!

Here are more pics of jews (look at the nose and eyes)…

– She look like ALOT of creoles down in New Orleans where I’m from…

Now, look at this nugga’s wide ass nose (about as big as mine):

This the same Lt., Lt. Minster (he in the closet) who allowed for me tp be falsely arrested by this weird pervert deputy here:

And here are Black Americans/Ethiopians (note we don’t look like no Africans):

– I HATE what that smarmy, skinny ass nugga did to Tina.

– Nose is clearly the same as the jews you saw…

The creme de la creme is right here the original jews: an Ethiopian jew!

Now compare Ike’s woman abusing punk ass’s features – the eyes, EARS, the nose – to this Jewish man here:

You can clearly see that the Aashkenazi jews are mixed versions of us BLACK AMERICANS (West Africans don’t look like that). It’s cause many of us make up the Lost Tribes of Israel! That is why they have that curly ass afro hair!

Looking at the features of the conventional Ashkenazi Jew and then us, don’t they have features like a black person?

Now, look closer at their features. I ain’t no anthropologist (or anthro-apologist) nor do I have a degree in it at all (the fuck do I need a “degree” certified by the artificial society the white organic robotoids whom I talk about here: created with, fuck it, CREATED AS THE SLAVE LABOR FOR THE REPTILIANS – who thought of it (white “people” are just organic robotoids created by the reptilians to carry out their missions). That said, I’ve always noticed that the Ashkenazi jews have “black” American features (I put black in quotes to explain what I will say later) and act like us by telling real jokes, black humour based on hardship (No matter how hard they try, the white organic robotoids CAN’T DO THIS – not even the ones who grew up around us. btw Slim Shady daddy – based on what I saw of his features – is a jew)! The dudes have this “realness” about them that reminds me of black dudes – I can’t explain it, a sauvness, saaviness, consciousness. It ain’t the SOULLESS robotoid sham of emotions mimicked by crakkkaroaches! Hell, look at the performances of Jon Bernthal (that’s a hot ass mofo: I remember back in my old apartment when I called myself worshipping Satan aka Saturn in which “he” would appear as Jon Bernthal and had this sauvness, this niggerish smoothness about him that only niggas have!).

I like this nigga:

– I wanna say, that necklace he got around his neck with the numbers, “22”, that’s a POWERFUL NUMBER in numerology! Means Master Builder:

I see that number fairly often, esp. a while back!

I also noted in “Wolf of Wall Stret” he donned a necklace with a symbol that represented “G-d” (I had many jewish clients as a hooker so I would know):

– That shit had my dying!

He was hot in this:

Now, note, this is how he talks in REAL LIFE! HE SOUND LIKE A NUGGA!

Now, look at Donny Wahlberg in “Fear”. Read the comments. All the women – including myself – saying he HOTT CAUSE HE HAS A BLACKNESS ABOUT HIM (in white’ish face!):

It’s funny! When I was a child – looking back on it – ALL THE ACTORS I LIKED WERE ASHKENAZI CREOLE JEWS! Now it makes sense! There is nothing hotter to me – it is like they are that perfect mixture of NIGGERISHNESS and they got the white-ish features with the boon being THEY AIN’T WHITE (PURE WHITE DUDES DON’T DO SHIT FOR ME AND ALL THEY CAN DO IS GIVE ME MONEY)! IT’S LIKE THE PERFECT COMBO OF CONTRADICTORY FEATURES and – now it make sense – that’s what draws me to em! THEY GOT LIFE! They are like us.

Also, when I’ve gone to jail – ONLY “WHITES” I SAW WERE JEWS!!! BELIEVE ME!

This in many ways proves that “black” Americans are not only the TRUE JEWS, BUT THE NATIVES OF THE AMERICAS AS WELL (So “blacks” stop repeating the white organic robotoid ANTI-SEMETIC line (I’ll tell you WHY they are pushing the anti-semetic shit later) that the jews as we know them to be are not the true jews. Their features alone prove YOU are the true jews as well (I am of the ancient Egyptian bloodline so in some respects – despite my having a great great ashkenazi jewish grandmother – I can’t really claim it like that!). And, no, these fraud ass DNA tests where when you put it on “certified” mode that be saying “87% untraced” DON’T MEAN SHIT!

That said, reportedly the true original jews are said to be the sephardi middle eastern jews. I don’t believe that to be the case which I will explain later. That said – in the typical CRAKKKAROACH organic robotoid created by the reptilians fashion – the organic robotoid crakkkaroach started a smear campaign to DENY that the Ashkenazi Jews are the real jews by saying they come from khazaria (I just got a psychic sense that those were ARMENIANS that came from Khazaria, not the ashkenazi jews that they try to smear who are in fact REAL BUT NOT THE ORIGINAL JEWS). They are saying this cause they know American “Blacks” ARE THE ORIGINAL AND TRUE JEWS and that to acknowledge the Ashkenazi jews as jews is detrimental as the discovery of Black American’s identity lies in the FACIAL FEATURES OF THE ASHKENAZI JEWS thereby PROVING BLACK AMERICAN’S TRUE IDENTITY! Let me explain…

I sense that the Ashkenazi Jews started to look white from traveling around the world after the fall of Israel to Egypt. My psychic senses tells me – via a vision – that they left EARLY and some were already mixed with early white Arab The jews were mostly black at the time, Ethiopian looking aa my psychic senses are telling me and some if the white arabs intermixed with them for protection since Egypt was wiping the whites out due to enslavement of my People by the Etruscans as Irritated Genie breaks down here: ( ). ALL THIS SHIT CAME TO ME IN A VISION JUST NOW – I SWEAR! That said, from their, like the Roma (aka Gypsies) of India – the Creole Jews as I call them intermixed with various white ethnicities, including Scandanavian, becoming what we see now:

– Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli

– That’s one ugly ass child. He’ll look better as he gets older!


That said, this PROVES what many black folks – from Yaweh Ben Yaweh and others been saying – OF COURSE, THE ORIGINAL JEWS AND TRUE HUEMANS OF THIS PLANET ARE US BLACK FOLKS!

After all, the white crakkkaroach was created merely some 25,000 years ago which you can see here: by the reptilians to suppress, monitor (which is why they are ALWAYS in our business) AND WIPE US OUT! They also do not have all chakras (they merely have only all 4 LOWER chakras with their root chakras usually WIDE OPEN) which is why they like to interact with us superior melanated beings (and why they hate they can’t interact with the Creole Jews and thus put them down) because we have the higher chakras which is what they use to drain us of our energy – esp. our sexual energy which is the most potent of energies via our Sacral Chakras from whence that energy derives (as a sex worker when I became more spiritually aware I withhold it). Now, where we split off with the Creole Jews is that – see, blacks go through ALOT of suffering because we are the Divine Children of the Divine Melanated Goddess (in short, what is known as the Divine Feminine) and so, thus, as the Buy-Bull says (I say BUY-BULL cause it is the hijacked Roman version): “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” It’s almost that time, which is why crakkkaroaches – with their lower evolved chakras – are trying to get on with us which I discuss here:

THAT said, the Creole Jews – since they come from us – got the higher evolved chakras! Unlike us, they made a deal with the God of the White Organic Robotoids (white people which I discuss here: ) aka the Demiurge for power in exchange for their chakras on a kind of “layaway”, collateral. That is why, in Judaism, you either serve and meet “god” aka THE DEMIURGE (which I discuss here: ) in the afterlife or… you die!

Crakkkaroaches FEAR the jews cause they have OUR BLOOD and – as an established group with OUR identity (though others may deny it from us) – can easily infiltrate them, producing these ladies (Who look even better THAN THEY OWN BITCHES):

That said, there is droves of proof that the original Americans were black which I discuss here:

You got pyramids which links up to ancient Egypt, you see it in Mesoamerica where the Olmecs, an early black race in the Americas – Mexico specifically – had pyramids with Gods similar to those found in ancient Kemet (Egypt):

Here are pyramids found right here in North America, which you can see more of here:

As a matter of fact, the first skull found in South America was a black WOMBAN named “Lucia”. Let that sink in.

Here is an Olmec head, the first settlers of Mexico:

Here is more on their civilization:

– The article itself says that many people in Veracruz, a well known BLACK Mexican stronghold – got those features!

That said, the LAMESTREAM media may try to deny links, DENY OUR TRUE HERITAGE via dna tests and all – but the features NEVER LIE and can not be manipulated (except via plastic surgery, but I’m referring to birth features.).

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