How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

All yesterday, I kept seeing the number: “144” (even today I saw it). When I looked it up in numerology, by googling “144 numerology”, THIS STUCK OUT:

I always knew I was born into this world with a special mission, a special purpose and it is – more and more now – becoming revealed to me which is why I have so many dark forces coming at me as I talk. I am not an ordinary person. I have always known this. And I have ALWAYS hated white people. I will explain to you why; it’s part of my life mission and why I came here to save my people!

Look at the film, “Bright,” by Netflix. LOOK AT WHO represents blacks: the orcs who look a lil reptilian (I’ll get into the science of that):

Anyways, forget all the crakkkkaroach-splaining (all the, “well, the orcs represent poor whites – notice they are always throwing in “poor whites” like they are their own RACE by force which shows the intolerant nature of crakkkas in which they look down on their own for being victims since the crakkkaroach is predatory by nature. As if that crakkkaroach can’t just get up “by their bootstraps” and turn solid looking like this methhead here):


To normal:

Here his videos:


Why I found this mofo in Malibu while searching “meth smoking” videos:

Nigga went from looking like a chav – as they say in the UK – a whigger to looking like a respectable man in the Eyes of White Society, something that a black man with a beemer driving down Beverly Hills can’t do (cause we will always be CRIMINALS in their eyes cause our very existence – esp. mines – threatens them):

That said, I brought up the “white-splaining” cause crakkkaroaches will try to say that the orc-reptilian characters rep. poor whites, browns (hispanics) cause of rock music (WHICH OF COURSE WAS STOLEN FROM US BY THE CRAKKKAROACH: ) to pointing out that their were browns WHO WERE ORIGINALLY BLACK aka from the Olmecs and as evidenced by the first skull found in Latin America that is unequivocally AFRIKAN BLACK: Lucia. You can read all about that here:

and here:

Here is a picture of “Lucia”:

Here are the Olmecs:

– The Olmec looks like African recognized “Lucia”. Tell me they ain’t black!

That said, the orcs in this film are unmistakenly US: BIG AND NATURALLY MUSCULAR AND STRONG – which hispanics ain’t, unjustifiably ostracized by the “humans” (peep the whites trying to call themselves the HUE-MANS as represented by the fact that they are dominant in that society which whites falsely currently are now) – listen to underground music with others visiting those underground scenes FOR YEARS, which happened with blues and jazz which is how they via crakkkaroach Elvis Pressely stole it as shown in this Jim Henson created episode for the 90s tv show, “Dinosaurs” (it trips me out how DEEP these old kids shows were and how much real shit was put in em unlike the bs they got now):


Here the article:

This runs in tandem with the crakkkaroach deception that blacks are the cause of our plight just as they blame us for slavery while NOT wanting to even SHARE BLAME for taking us (Remember how they say that it isn’t their fault that we took the crack rocks they flooded our communities with yet they are quick not to take responsibility for their actions during slavery – see how they play the projection game? More on that, later!)!

That said, white people never fooled me! Even as a little girl, I knew they were fucking evil – that their is something not hue-man about them and as I got older, more became revealed to me!

THEY ARE ORGANIC ROBOTOIDS CREATED BY THE DEMIURGE, THE ARCHONS, TO SNUFF US OUT, KEEP US DOWN, HOLD US BACK AND KEEP US FROM ASCENDING – SPIRITUALLY! We are the TRUE original peoples of the Divine Melanated Feminine Goddess who lies outside this realm – who by accident created The Demiurge and sent him here. We are as black incarnated souls meant to – as Soldiers of Her – reunite this YONIVERSE with the astral planes, as it once was – before the archons via the reptiliams, etc. shut it down. Credo Mutwa speaks of how we used to be able to interact with the 5D, 4D till the archons, the reptilians, took it away from us:

That said, white societies create artificial methods designed to keep you anchored to the 3D. Notice how FAKE white families are and how they look down on us for showing too much emotion: IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ROBOTS WITH LOWER FUNCTIONING CHAKRAS (THEY HAVE NO HIGHER CHAKRAS BEYOND THE ONES THAT KEEPS THEM ROOTED TO THE 3D) AND THE REASON WHY THEY LIVE, BREATHE AND EVEN EAT US is because their job is to MONITOR US, KEEP US FROM ASCENDING!

I want you to take a look at the societies they have: in their societies, which are on the surface neat, orderly and clean but usually not spiritually clean (I saw this when I lived in Miracle Mile and in Malibu), they classify the ability which our foreparents – foremothers, forefathers had as witch doctors to see into the astral, see spirits – as being a form of “schizophrenia.” Also PEEP how their perverted versions of religions they stole from us: christianity, etc. – ALL CIRCUMVENT AROUND MIND CONTROL, SUPPRESSION OF YOUR SPIRITUAL ABILITIES by calling divination, psychic abilities “sins”, getting you to feel guilty about SEX (the strongest ethereal/chakra based energy their is) – BASICALLY, MAKING YOU FEEL GUILTY ABOUT BEING HUE-MAN! IT IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SPIRITUAL ABILITIES and their objective behind why they were sent is to keep us from opening our higher chakras – the crown chakra and the third eye chakra – so we won’t see into the astral and thus ascend. Aside from the fakeness of their societies, their LACK OF personalities, peep they like to engage in interactions with us becayse, as lower functioning organic portals THEY DRAW ENERGY FROM US, ESP. SEXUALLY which is why they are pushing the swirling, interracial agenda. They esp. like drawing sexual energy – I saw this as a sex worker in which many of em would INSIST that I look into their eyes so as to draw energy from the third eye, crown chakra into their lower chakra so like the thing, they can emulate our higher level abilities. U would feel DRAINED afterwards. That’s why I’m happy to be out of it and am TRYING TO STAY OUT OF IT AS HARD AS I CAN so feel free – for good dharma – to donate here. They are also pushing the “swirling” agenda because they know through their lower level chakras THEY CAN NOT ASCEND so thus they are using OUR BODIES, OUR BLACK WOMBAB WOMBS to procreate with us so they can continue their destructive agenda well after they become extinct. Not through me and I encourage other black womban to refuse those evil organic robotoids as well. That’s why I’m proud to say I killed my half crakkkka ass kids and SACRIFICED THEM TO SATAN.

I will explain more on “satan” aka saturn and the significance that the Saturnian energy will play later on with regards to blacks…

That said, not only do whites have nothing but lower chakras – they also have a hivemind, just like the borg of Star Track has, just like any other robot, reptilians do…

That said, I recall one day, well, two days, talking about how I sensed someone was a sociopath. In BOTH SEPARATE INSTANCES – BOTH WHITE DUDES – WHO NEVER MET EACH OTHER, DON’T KNOW EACH OTHER, SAID THE SAME FUCKING THING: “You can’t call someone a sociopath. That’s a very strong accusation (as if I’m sending the mug to the electric chair as they do to black men who turn out to be innocent ALL THE TIME):

That said, peep how they were taking hacks at my psychic abilities… peep how they were trying to – in their own way – get me to SUPPRESS my higher level functioning chakras by throwing in false guilt and doubt. See how evil they are? Peep the deception?

That said, here is more proof they have a hivemind. I recall talking to the white dude (who I think is Rainer Drippage here on Youtube, another crakkkaroach whose been wanting my energy on youtube: ) who called himself “confronting” me for being topless which you can hear, here:

Buy vid here

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Talking about “it’s indecent exposure” and some shit – (I think that mofo was taping me) THESE NASTY MOFOS HAVE A TENDENCY to project their dirty minds on us just as they assumed that we as black people were the “sexual, perverse” ones all because they were projecting WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO TO US during slavery in which they used our being comfortable in our naked black skin (which they envy) as an excuse to RAPE US, DEHUE-MANIZE us as if they are HUE-man. Read “History of Dirt” and you will see – I mean – how PERVERSE they are, raping dogs, etc. – in that in that book it talks about how European monarchs would NOT TAKE BATHS FOR CENTURIES cause they feel that nudity is a sin!

Yet they project on me. You see the deception?

That said, after things got less tense – he seems intelligent – he said that he felt that what I was doing was an act of “rebellion” and was inconsiderate – let me explain the implications of that word, “rebellion.”

It is more than just, “This nigger don’t know her place.” I don’t give a fuck. But peep the word, “rebellion.” Very profound word. Let me break down his meaning, WHAT I SENSE BASED ON MY PSYCHIC SENSE IS HIS MEANING!

Rebellion means to go against the norm. I’m an iconoclast, somebody who goes against the norm. I’ve accepted that. I’ve prepared my entire life for it by not being accepted by people, not liked by people, etc. That said, in the white community, I notice a tendency to be fake polite and have everyone – at the expense of individuality – be on “the same page” and anyone who “goes against the grain” is immediately seen as a reprobate who goes against their society and is immediately ostracized. He also said it’s inconsiderate – I have heard some say: sociopathic (from the SAME race that steals other people’s land, force their laws upon them and call them a “criminal” WHEN THEY DISOBEY THE CRAKKKAROACH LAWS FORCED UPON THEM) AS IF AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR OWN FREEDOM, YOURSELF, YOUR INDIVIDUALITY, YOU SHOULD SUPPRESS EXPRESSING AND BEING YOURSELF which confirms crakkkaroaches have a hivemind (which is why I believe I am here to get rid of them). That is why they have no creativity because you need individuality to be creative and that is something those CRAKKKAROACHES don’t have! We saw this in footloose and numerous other films circumventing around this theme:

Meanwhile, those who maintain this fake visage of politeness go on to commit atrocious acts of child pedophilia, kidnapping, rape, murdering people under the facade of politeness, just as we saw with John Wayne Gacy:


Read more on him here:

Just like we saw with the 1960s (might as well be) Docu-Drama, Peyton’s Place:

That’s why these CRAKKKAROACHES in Malibu HATE MY ASS: My being topless “makes the block hot” which is an old school term for bringing unwanted POLICE attention! In this case, I bring outside people who can scrutinze some of the shit that they do – like occult murders, etc. cause there are ALOT of wide open spaces. That’s why Lebowski in “The Big Lebowski” was treated the way he was by the Malibu cops here:

– I SWEAR the dude in there actually works at the Lost Hills Sheriffs station.

I bring attention to shit like this here, the Mitrice Richardson case:

They tried to set this guy up for her murder (I remember that):

Buy vid here

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Here more on the interview:

When I was involved in the investigation – I was told that, before in the past, before Mitrice Richardson – the Malibu Sheriffs (lol at saying that) would take homeless girls and women to jail via false arrest then RELEASE THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT with no way to get back and then hunt them like in this film here:

They called it, “Release and Catch.”

That was real shit. Now they changed the policy.

That said, the guy’s use of the word, “Rebellion” is meant to mean (cause I’ve seen his eyes shapeshift into slits but he has a powerful individualistic energy) THAT I AM GOING AGAINST THE AGENDA OF THE REPTILIANS. I recall, now that I think about this, when I went on an astral travel where I saw reptilians – and they were trying to get me to worship em – they had one who looked like King. K. Rool from Donkey Kong AND I SWEAR it had that dude in the video’s features.

That said, based on all the knowledge I have accumulated – I am starting to think that maybe I am “The One”. I see 888, even on an old debit card (back when I moved into a shelter) which means Christ the Redeemer. The seeing of 3 9’s in my expression (destiny) number in numerology which means “completion.”

Jesus Christ said in the Roman Counterfeit version of the Buy-Bull that “He is the Alpha and the Omega – The End!” I’ll be the end for whites. It’s no coincidence I’ve been having dreams to become the Antichrist which you can see in the articles I posted as links down below:

– This old article I did BEFORE THIS KNOWLEDGE I sense proves everything!

– In that last articlw, I want you all to PEEP THE SHADOW (Not the rebel flag; I was being silly). Don’t that look like the SHADOW OF NEFERTITI:

I told you that I have ancient Egyptian origins and this was WAYYY BEFORE I was doing any spiritual stuff (that pic was took in 2012).

Ever since I was a small child, I’VE HAD THIS VISCERAL, INNATE HATRED OF WHITES which I know don’t stem from a past life (I was Vietnamese – I saw it). It had nothing to do with upbringing (my parents didn’t care about that shit) or anything else. I was always precocious, advanced beyond human measure. I’ve always faced opposition, alot of hatred. I never could maintain a job in this matrix system the white robotoids – employed as androids to do the slave work for the True Grand Architects of all this – the reptilians, archons – have, which forced me to work in the rather degrading post of sex worker where – by the nature of our matrix system – most of my clientele were white AND WOULD DRAIN ME OF MY POWERFUL MELANATED SACRRAL CHAKRA SEX ENERGY (That is why they put many black females in this position and seek us out for this). I WOULD FEEL DRAINED AFTER SEEING THEM! This was by design. It was because “they” know who I am a d why I am in the world and they have tried every vantage point – via sucking me of my sacral chakra (sexual) energy, sucking me dry, degrading me, calling me crazy, putting ne through alot of shit meant to shut me down (I remember those message boards with comments designed to slam me for my level of consciousness) – Yet, they still CAN NOT DEFEAT ME! I’m still intact. They know they can’t even recruit me, which is why they use the “total destruction” force against me.

I’m totally divergent. I keep seeing 333 which truly means, “Divergent One.” Neo in the Matrix was an example:

I remember back in the day when I had jobs, I was able to amass a crowd around me of people who would listen to my deep knowledge. Other people could be doing the same. I would get sacked – instantly – from said job! Doing no different than what others do, even when they did similar. I’ve been told my energy’s powerful; it’s different! It’s not like a mortal. My soul I’ve been told is bigger than my body!  I’m starting to come into my own power which scares them. I am also starting to come – at the age of 34 (3+4=8 in numerology) – into Knowledge of Me and why I am in the world. I will be a force to be reckoned with someday, a charismatic One! They know I can’t be bartered with, comprised (they’ve recruited other Christ figures like Michael Jackson who they would compromise the living fuck out of once they get you in their grasps as they did to him):

That said, let me talk about Satan. Norm Bergrun here:

In his book called, “The Ringmakers of Saturn”,  said that HE SAW 7 FEET BLACK EXTRATERRESTRIALS WHO LOOKED LIKE AFRIKANS – piloting a Mothership that created the Rings Around Saturn. That said, let me explain the significance of Saturn in all this:

– The cube represents Saturn:

– Picture of a Cube formation found on Saturn for which is what said cube represents and shows the derivation of Saturn worship.

…which this blog goes into more detail here:

The creole jews, as I discussed here:

…work with this God for riches, etc. Now, taking info from the Nation of Islam – they say that giant black Afrikan Extraterrestrials – via a psychic sense it just came to me their name is the Twa’wat, the wear yellow long spandex like gowns, ornate jewelry and symbolism such as the coiled snake like this which we don (alot like this):

– It’s used in alot of indigenous symbolism

It kind of reminds me of the serpent oroboros (remember Resident Evil had something pertaining to it, showing how much OCCULT KNOWLEDGE is in video games:

We were reported to have populated Mars, then Earth, settling here, in which we are some of their descendants. After making a deal ie being hoodwinked by the reptilians (who begot the whites through direct genetic tampering via sexual RAPE which I talk about here:  ) we lost our powers. Here is evidence of black folks on Mars (that is a BLACK FEATURED profile that lady got there!):

– It just came to me they live for 6,000 to 8,000 years!

That said, taking what the Nation of Islam said, there was a rogue faction who created whites – with the help of reptilians – hence why white skin “suddenly” appeared 5,500 years ago:

That said, they did it to keep us down and as almost an experiment to see if we can ascend against them. They were mostly tho. created by the reptilians to keep us cemented in the 3D. Christ figures, henceforth, were sent to free you all from this Matrix.

Look at the Shroud of Turin:

Now compare it to this ETHIOPIAN JEW:

– See the comparison!

He look like my dear Uncle Earl – EXACTLY LIKE HIM – who passed away. Alot of blacks in New Orleans got semetic features cause alot of Egyptians settled the South as colonists when Ancient Kemet (Egypt) ruled as evidenced by these spaceship launching pads which existed around that time which are in Alabama and all throughout the deep South:

Here’s an article showing more:

That said, the Christ figure was sent to help you rediscover your own power – that TRUE divine feminine spark – which can be used as energy to open your chakras which is why white men HATE the feminine (hence why they establish patriarchal societies and religions) and anything dealing with melanin (and try to infiltrate us to sabotage it so watch out for their FAKE friendly faces). They were programmed by the Demiurge to do so. As for Satan, Satan was Enki: the Annunaki alien god who went against Enlil (aka “god”). They were both reptilians. Enki wanted to help hue-manity regain BACK their abilities that they lost to the bad reptilian faction. I wrote about how I might be of the Enki bloodline here:  That said, Enki, like Satan, was/is known as “The Rebellious One”, just like the white-reptilian guy at the stand called me. Just as Satan is called (funny, some hasidic jews just passed me by and mentioned out the corner of their mouth that I – I am guessing – is Satan as they passed me by! Not kidding!)!

That said, that is why you must not trust them! Now, returning back to “Bright” – there is a figure called “The Dark Lord” – EMPHASIS ON THE WORD, “DARK” – who is supposed to RETURN – LIKE THEY SAY CHRIST WILL – TO FREE THE ORCS FROM THE ABUSIVE RULE OF THE “HUMANS” AKA WHITES! Peep that it is an Elf (who are supposed to represent the Creole Jews as characterized by the fact that they have alot of money and power despite living in a predominant “human) aka WHITE society as whites are always blaming jews for having alot of money, etc.) who is supposed to be the Savior of the Orcs (blacks). Now do you see the correlation? He was also known as the “rebellious One.”

Notice the Dark Lord got blonde hair – like me! I also used to live RIGHT AROUND THERE, in MacArthur Park, ANOTHER CORRELATION (Let that sink in).

– Why they didn’t film in other “depressing” areas like Watts, South-Central? Again, let it sink in!

The great Baba Bobby Hemmit even said that when they dream, they see us as “demons”, monsters which is why alot of their mythic demonic figures – including satan – ARE DEPICTED WITH BLACK FEATURES like this “beast” – he was handsome – in “Clash of the Titans”:

Now, I’ve been told people have said they have seen ancient Egyptian Deity, Ra, around me! I’VE SEEN AMUN and another FEMALE EGYPTIAN CHRIST LIKE FIGURE (I was told while in jail the young black womban who saw her said she comforted her, too). That said, look at Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”:

Alot of Egyptian-BuyBULL End Times Symbolism!

That said, adding everything up – having ancient deities around me, protecting me, having visions of being the Antichrist – I can’t help but think that video in many ways correlates to me, I just sense it!  Follow me…

In the BuyBull, the dark horse brings war! (Shit, now it’s coming to me) it won’t be a War to Destroy Mother Gaia, but a War to RECLAIM IT FROM THE CRAKKKAROACHES WHO’VE DESTROYED IT WITH THEIR CRAKKKAROACH REPTILIAN MADE “TECHNOLOGY” THAT IS DELIBERATELY DESIGNED TO VIOLATE THE EARTH! Look at how these crakkkaroaches  designed a fucking TANK to be used in war for the destruction of this PLANET to run off of water – another Earth life giving resource:


That’s why these crakkkkaroaches want too – as told via their buybull – use up all the resources and OVERPOPULATE THE PLANET BEFORE THE “END TIMES” FOR THEM (Black people that’s why I say BEWARE of all that “pro life” shit they trying to feed you mofos: they KNOW you don’t remember who you are or where you come from and THEY KNOW – as talked about by Dr. Joy DeGruey – you got POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME WHICH LEADS TO LOW SELF ESTEEM AND THUS BEING GULLIBLE TO WHATEVER THEY SAY!)!!!! They know the End Times is UPON THEM via the opiod crisis – lol, karma – and all the other shit that’s coming at them with lightening speed and those selfish, degenerate neandeRAPES ARE TRYING TO FUCK UP AS MUCH OF YOUR PLANET AS POSSIBLE and take a few of you mugs down with them cause they know they won’t ascend. What is ascension?

As I explained before, crakkkaroaches don’t have access to any higher chakras – so they “piggyback” off ours and steal our energy so they can at most emulate it. That said, that is why they are trying to push – and as many black womben can attest – FORCE US into having their destructive, degenerate seed (I remember when I was pregnant with that half crakkka demons I had with tricks – I wouldn’t fuck with a white boi unless he paying me – they were KILLING ME, DRAINING ME OF ENERGY LIKE A CRAKKKAROACH WOULD, SELFISHLY FORCING ME TO BUY FOOD THEY AND THUS, I, IN TURN COULD NOT EAT, LITERAY STRAINING ME DRY, STRANGLING ME AS IF THEY WANTED TO KILL ME – I believe they were trying – WHICH IS WHY I  GLAD I FLUSHED THOSE HALF CRAKKKAROACH DEMONS OUTTA ME AND DOWN THE ABORTION TOILET!)!

I’m protected! That’s why no matter how many court cases they throw at me to divert my attention, no matter how many kitchen witches try to throw curses at me – I’m protected. My aura ain’t white for nothing:

– It’s been mainly white!

As this here says:

I’m here to fulfill a prophecy. Many people have tried to stand in my way – but they can’t (just now I just noticed – as if something wanted to direct my attention – I noticed the charger thing says it is at 83% – the year I was born, at 6:30am – note the symbolism of 6+3 – on May 14, 1983).  It’s said that the Lucifer Light represents the New Light = The Age of Aquarius = THE RISE OF THE DIVINE MELANATED FEMININE AND OUR RETURN TO HER! I believe I’m supposed to usher that in. Their (whites) destruction is inevitable. To note, as a protip, anything whites say is “bad” IS USUALLY TO YOUR BENEFIT! Ase!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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