How the U.S. Government and Reptilians Try to Throw You Off With Their Agents

It’s no coincidence I’m getting all these lil attacks after running that entertainment guy up the street (told ya they gonna try to recruit me) here: and after getting reptilian death threats here:

and here:

Shit I even inexplicably lost my teriyaki sauce after I SAW myself taking it out the bag and placing it somewhere!

As I said before – and I’ll say it again – when it comes to Messiah seeds, if they can’t recruit you by forcing you to join them (they put you in a whole lotta shit in the process that’ll make you want to join them), then they’ll use infiltration. Now, infiltraton can be implemented in a multitude of ways… For instance, if you got a org (organization), they can send people which I’ve seen before to go to meetings, etc. I actually had a cop’s sister back in 2014 ask me to “join” me in that topless thing. I’m a loner who prefers to do her own thing so that doesn’t work. So in my case theu send sleeper agents to try to infiltrate me on a personal level – people who try to become my friends, get close to me and do something to sabotage me – I sense unwittingly – at the hands of people, ENTITIES they aren’t even aware control them.

Take for instance this “drainer rippage” aka “Rainer Reign (peep how he picks that name as if to suggest a superior status, like he rules over people).” Now this is a white guy using a black woman as his avatar to overtly pretend to be something he ain’t (THAT’S WHY I REALLY keep my eye open on them crakkkaroaches and put em in their places!):

The features kinda look black…

Here his channel:

Yet here he is admitting he white, in California:

Now, I ran this idiot up the street cause I saw the deception. Like Brother Panic who is himself an evil bastard who I believe fucked by Baba Bobby Hemmitt out of jealousy (I hear Bro. Panic’s abilities are weaker and note them Orishas, Lwas, so called “gods” created by the archons didn’t help Bobby who even Bobby exposed here by saying don’t put those “gods” above you):

Now, this “rainer drippage” white boy – like POS (NOT Bro.) Panic touts that ALL spirits are EXTENSIONS OF YOU (Anyone whose fucked with voodoo/santeria knows it’s bs!) and thus this crakkkaroach mentality that EVERYTHING IS ALL YOUR FAULT whenever you have problems be it spiritual or dealing with other people (of course CRAKKKAROACHES will think that cause they feel the whole world revolves around em AND the sociopathic tendency to lack EMPATHY is in their mentality as well, which is why I tend to run the DEMONIC MOFOS caping for it UP THE FUCKING STREET!). There’s a problem with this thinking. See, I’m beseigned by these agents both spiritually and physically – agents of the archons. Lately, reptilians been coming for my ass which you can read here:  and here (with one stating I got a death curse on me):  That said, if you believe that bs that these energies are not autonomous and are just extensions of you, then you won’t have the realistic perspective to solve the issue when these things attack you. That’s like thinking that some mofos who wanna beat your ass are “extensions of you” (Lol!) which is unrealistic cause you gonna try to fight yourself to defeat them and meanwhile THEY KICKING YOUR ASS. This in many ways is central to new C(AGE) philosophy thought that you control energy so everything is central to you therefore it is ALL YOUR FAULT if something goes wrong. It’s what exactly the “putting your head in the sand” Sophist shit Passio confronted in his lecture in whuch he explains how detrimental that mentality is in fighting the New World Order:

Here’s a longer version of one of his lectures talking about it:

WHEN YOU LIVE IN THE CLOUDS AND DON’T REALIZE THAT THERE ARE CONSCIOUSNESSES THAT ARE SEPARATE FROM YOU WHICH CAN HURT YOU WHICH IS REALITY (After all, are most people walking around you “extensions of you”, can be controlled by you?). That’s foolish! It sets you up to where you won’t fight the real enemy – the archons – cause you’ll be too focused on “working on yourself” due to some New C(AGE) Philosophy when YOU ARE NOT THE REAL PROBLEM! THE ARCHONS ARE! They got you in this fucked up the system that got you to act a certain way to survive. The mofo – this Earth – is ran by the illuminati who fucking eat babies in sacrificial rites which you can read about the child sacrifices in pizzagate here: here: and here (this is more of a library of files of what’s going on pertinent to it): and here is a documentary for you all to watch called “Conspiracy of Silence” which was gonna expose this in the 90s but got taken off the air due to threats by the POLITRICK-ians it was gonna expose:

And, no, they are not a part of you but the prison guards who monitor this Earth and KEEP YOU HERE to be harvested by the archons aka aliens/ reptilians as Peggaly Kane talks about:

Here’s AGENT Rainer Drippage’s comments here (THIS why I ran his ass off – I saw the deception):

He also states here that he activates it via drinking almost as if it’s an attempt to sway me into the harmful practice of drinking (entities use it to possess you and/or sabotage you since you’re in a weakened state):

Now I feel sorry for him.

– That’s what happens when you fuck with that world, not knowing what you doing which is why I don’t get drunk (Hell, the etymology of the word, alcohol, derives from the arabic word, al khul, meaning BODY EATING SPIRIT:

Now, if our energies are “autonomous” according to him – why he had to “tap into the spirit world” to get energy to use back here if it just comes from us – entirely?

– that comment’s at the top!

Now he wants to act as a teacher (that’s why I call em out on their deception):

Now here’s Rainer Drippage’s dumbass comments ATTACKING ME FOR NO REASON CAUSE I RAN HIS REPTILIAN CONTROLLED ASS UP THE STREET (I sense it’s a white boy in California – bald, 30s, youngish, lives to himself and prob. I sense gets attacked ALL THE TIME due to not knowing what the fuck he doing):

I thought I was an “extension of you” so why you can’t control me to make me accept you? Lol! Smdh!


THEN there was another broad named “DJ Lovelyyy Lissa” whose channel can be seen here (IT IS a bs troll account – note it’s name is “pimp type dude” written into the channel name): who sent me this message one day – out the blue (when you look at her pic profile, it looks like a sham channel!). LOOK AT WHAT SHE ATTACKS ME ON:

At one point when I confronted IT, it responded WE in response to a comment I asked asking that individual why it changed it’s attitude at the drop of a hat like it’s got multiple personality disorder:

Here the channel:

Here a full face screenshot of the avatar:

BITCH HE took a pic of – prob. his hoe – look like Ms. Piggy and an ugly, squinched face gnome had a baby!

Probably one of these faggot (if it ain’t an agent) types who hate black women and think any non black woman – even this thang – is superior!

THEN – and almost like clockwork – after I did a video talking about this very thing, next thing I know, I GET THIS CRAZY FAKE, SCRIPTED “POSITIVE” EMOTIONALLY HOLLOW ASS MESSSAGE FROM THIS PERSON – almost as if they’re reading from a script:

And here another one named “Frank Jager (the name is mad appropriate – possibly a drunk sent to mock the overwhelming spiritually sabotaging alcoholic urges archons would induce in me to throw me off my life path) saying that I’m schizophrenic and all this gaslighting shit while trying to get a schizrophenic who lives in her car to talk with him – privately – via Facebook so he can finesse me, sexually (bitch, I’m a former ho, who you think you fooling with that mid morning lunch games shit). This sound like some “handler” shit though they failed miserably since this young, much younger (I sense damn near a child and for some strange reason I attract alot of young white kids) skinny ass lil wimpy, skinhead miserable (that’s why I say his shit full of projection) looking white boy WHO AIN’T NOWHERE NEAR MY TYPE (Being that black women got the same bone density as white men which this chart shows: AND cause I work out – with weights – FOR STRENGHT – I CAN PROB. PICK HIM UP WITH ONE HAND) SINCE I LIKE BIG MEN AKA A REAL MAN, not some bony ass hipster (what down low gay ass bitch like hipsters???) brawny men cause I grew up in a state choke full of REAL MEN – Louisiana – who were/are big and were gentlemanly unlike these gay ass metrosexual twinks who don’t know if they gay or straight or coming or going FAGGAMUFFINS (as I call em) you see around here – like Jager, lil FAGGOT ASS PEON LOOKING FRAGILE, LOOKING LIKE HE’LL BREAK, BITCH! His whole comment almost reeks of what they would say about escaped slaves:

– That lil FAGGOT wants to do the modern day version of corraling “escaped slaves” who break/broke free of the mental “matrix” system this society puts you in by labeling you under psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia is a crakkka’s way of knocking us blacks who mostly have it ie PSYCHIC ABILITIES due to high melanin content thus creating more spiritual abilities which in part they are envious of and are also arrogant towards because due to the fact that whites are soulless robotoids as discussed here:

White People Are Organic Robotoids Created By Reptilians And Designed To Shut Down the Power of Black People

…they have no higher functioning to see into the spirit world thus they call our visions “schizophrenia as a result since they can’t see what we can see. I mean, what’s the difference between a schizo saying that see shit vs. a psychic!). Here’s that FAGGOT’S COMMENT:

Here is the faggamuffin’s youtube channel:

Remember, when you’re called “crazy” it’s meant to be dismissive when telling truths as Dave Chapelle (I believe the “new and improved” illuminati one might be a clone):

– I believe he was one of the sincerist CELEBRITIES (NOT SELL-ebrity as I say) in Hollywood while he was alive! One quick mention I wanna make is how “Holly” in Hollywood = “HOLY” while the “Wood” in it stands for WORMWOOD I believe based on the ancient biblical prophecy of the comet that will hit and kill off Earth, much like Agenda 21 is designed to do to you all:

Here is info on Agenda 21:

Hell, they even sent this narcissistic FAGGOT named “Liev Domen” to irritate the fuck outta me which you can read here:


– Peep also how they send white boys cause we ALLL know they weak and will commit suicide and/or blow up a school at the drop of a hat all because a girl rejected them:

– White peepole will complain about us complaining about real shit like racism, then go blow up a school or commit suicide cause some girl don’t want em! What a weak willed ass race!

I think they send these weak willed ass white bois (emphasis on the “i” in boi) cause they know it IRRITATES me being stronger than they are and then having these weak willed crakkkas who are WEAKER than me emotionally, etc come for me while overtly doing it for reasons to sabotage me all the while actually feeling entitled – in their hubris – to believe that I shouldn’t recognise it for what it is can really piss me off! That’s why they send em and I gotta start recognising shit for what it is!

– But it ain’t just crakkkas…

THIS drunken old fool here – whose black ass – you can hear here:    and here (in one of those tapes he hisses like a SNAKE and sounds possessed) here:

– is another one.

Here some more I got today:

Buy all audios here

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I actually feel sorry for him as I type this simply cause he an old black man who got lost in white supremacy and thus lost his way AND his mind to where he can be possessed (listen to those tapes if you don’t believe me). In one instance he told me he has bottles and bottles of alcohol lying around. That demon of alcohol will get ya (Peep most if these mofos coming for me are under the spell of alcohol)!

Look at the number of calls this man made (ALL those anonymous calls are him):

LOOK AT WHEN he makes em – at a very important time while I’m making an important video:

This is not for naught – THIS is by design!

That said, I notice when I’m meditating, or doing some important spiritual work – be it on myself (I’m real good at it) or with others – I get these little interruptions either via people who are possessed, troll spam bots, even demonic spirits themselves (one time while doing important spiritual work on myself in prep for astral projection, my car alarm – cause the battery was almost dead due to burnout by these entities playing with it – comes on but barely! When I open the door to REALLY see what was the problem at the time I hear a “sigh” which sounds analogous to this thing I heard make back in my old apartment after my first astral projection):

Pic taken back in my old apartment!

In another instance, in another spiritual meditation session – I hear something moving around in my car as my third eye, crown chakra, nasal chakra opens. When I come to out of fear wondering if some bug’s in my car, nothing was there!

Put it bluntly, whenever I’m about to do something important, I get interference from them. It’s like clockwork – it never fails!

I see it’s been mainly WHITE BOYS they been sending after me, a group they know is gonna piss me off! Lately – actually – for awhile I noticed that many reptilian influenced people here have this hivemind animosity towards me, as if they were told to turn against me by something – alot of those things are done by spells and this message confirms it:

There’s a large reptilian population in L.A.

Underground City of Reptilians / Aliens Under Los Angeles

Even the archon ran L.A. Times knew it was so big (and so real) that they had to do a story on it to debunk it):

Here another interesting story in which a West L.A. man said he saw a judge shapeshift into a reptilian before him and then he never saw her again:

That said, I see alot of these as being spiritual intereference as powerful ones like myself meant to break the system come into our own power!

Lately, I’ve been exposing alot of things about reptilians

Why else would that drainer rippage white boi at the top leave that message saying I ain’t powerful while making it about my running his toxic ass up the street (obviously I’m powerful enough to command his respect since he STILL feels months after SLIGHTED by my rejecting him). In a very child like way – that’s what they attacking – my strenght – at least in a pathetic attempt to keep my eyes on them on not on the prize of why I am here (which is why I won’t let that bs divert me any longer). It’s no different than the food, alcohol urges – ALL caused by em. I am a very thin person and one day when I wouldn’t give into a coca cola urge (I barely had any money left and it seemed to have taken up hostage the whole of the right side of my brain), I developed the world’s worst headache and I felt like I was suffocating. That’s not normal. That’s due to spiritual outside interference manipulating my brain chemistry to want it which is why I am taking steps to stop it since I recogize it.

That said, I recognize these spiritual attacks for what they are: nothing more, nothing less which is why I don’t take em seriously! That said, the more I learn to fight what’s around me, trying to throw me off course by recognizing it for what it is, the stronger the attacks will get. I know. And that’s why I’m prepared for it!

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