Nipsey Hussle Was Set Up To Become The New Age Jesus Christ By The Illuminati

Here where the original screenshot was taken – on a COP’S youtube channel:

– He look like a fucking roach in that car!

– I know he wasn’t no gangster as a real gangster conveyed which you will see later on but he more than likely “helping” them as part of his fake community activism schtick while informing on them!

I called it out….

The MAIN ones to fall for it were not the gangsters – REAL gangsters who know the streets but dese lil new age skinny jean wearing wannnabe thugged out like the 90s wannnabe hard bois THUGS who don’t know the streets and wannabe tough but aren’t and would flee if they asses heard a gunshot. This guy here said he never heard of Nipsey HUSTLE (the way his name sounds was letting you know he was a bullshit AGENT) and never heard of him being in any set or in the streets and like so many spell bound assholes only heard of the possibly closet case MK Ultra fahjay after he died:

This lady here stated that there was a video revealing he had falsely imprisoned and RAPED a young child but that it had got taken off of youtube:

This guy HUSTLED (get it, like Hussle), BAMBOOZOLED you all!

I knew he was a fake when he caped for Sean “closet case” Combs aka P Diddy back in 2016:

Yeah, his fake BEAT-A-CHILD punk ass backed out. Also, can you all not see the Uncle Tom-ishness Nipsey HUSTLE evinced by calling a black man a “sellout” for speaking proper and professional, the same take-a-kneegrow attitude that holds many blacks back amongst other blacks in their community?

I got attacked by nigger ape ass students and teachers alike at Xavier Prep in New Orleans for this (along with another student):

– Me personally, I consider myself trans-white aka transracial. That’s why for much of my life I was always called “the white girl” cause my soul is white (and it always expresses itself as white in the astral) so I’m saying that to say don’t play that nigger nigger we all gotta stick together bull. And I dob’t wanna hear shit from you slow low IQ spick wetbacks either before I call Trump to throw your ass over The Wall with the corona ? virus too ?????

– Mah boi ??

That being said, the more spiritually conscious cause see 3? (that 3 just appeared and we all know that 3 represents the highest level of enlightenment a human can obtain, hence the 33 in freemasonry) that the whole Nipsey HUSTLE affair was a ritual designed to get people to war-ship him in the afterlife so that him and his family can live off you all’s energy by being treated and seen as gods when they die.

This lady said of how Nipsey saw himself and the Whore of Babylon aka Lauren London (who’s been passed around by every (c)rapper in existence) as Osiris and Isis on instagram which are basically Egyptian gods with Osiris being the one who died then rose again (see the codes his ass put out and why I and many folks think his death was a hoax?)

I propound that here myself:

– Youtube even removed the vids I did on Nipsey HUSTLE after exposing him and his bullshit mind controlling ass family’s ritual

I tried to save by testifying (get it? Testifying) to two stupid ammos (means Armenian in LA) just how evil his ass – and diss whole entire ritual was – after overhearing pieces of his song talk shit on me (I’m famous myself locally for walking topless) where it was saying my activism ain’t shit, etc. yet he was married to a heaux who was part jewish aka Lauren London.

Before you all say that I am saying all this cause of that – I did the two vids above WAYYYY before hearing the song about me. As evidenced by all the evidence above Nipsey is a selfish, demonically possessed pos who was an mk ultra implant placed into the black community to low key encourage blacks to abide by a herd mind mentality (hence why he knocked me for the topless activism and the other black dude for speaking proper and professional AS WELL AS falsely imprisoning a young lady) while also attempting to use a ritual to ascend his evil ass into the role of a god or at least savior as evidenced here with all the drums playing which were designed raise up spirits and send them forth electronically (from my experience spirits LOVE fucking with folks via electronics) to go and possess people:

– THE BITCH EVEN LOOKS FUCKING POSSESSED with her eyes constantly cocked like she can’t fucking close em cause there’s something else in her

Lemme tell you how deep this deception goes…

The nigger mayate’s name is HUSTLE! which he spelled as “Hussle”. First clue he full of shit. Second clue….

– Don’t his name, fuck IT IS an anagram of Sardo Numspa, a demon from the Golden Child who used magic to mind control folks, much like Nipsey HUSTLE (who HUSSLED many of you all out your energy), pulled!

Now, to show you how deep this mind control farce he pulled on you all goes… Look at some of his followers, war-shippers reacted and then look at the person they are. #1 case in point is this violent ape-nigger named Harrell (as in harrowing) Smith:

He threatens to beat me – a “black woman” – up for speaking truths and for not being “black enough”, calling me an uncle tom YET he endorses the sadistic brutal beatings between homeless black men!

Okay. Here are some more:

These mofos are mind controlled. I’m not gonna even worry about ‘wokeing em unless they plan to do something (witch ??‍♀️ they won’t cause it’s been over a year, I think two so they didn’t do shit then and won’t do shit now) direct cause it is not worth. Even my friend who’s third eye is open brought into it ??‍♀️ until I snapped him outta that spell.

This war-ship is outta control:

Stupid ass people.

Here how I know even the shooter – who shares the SAME. FUCKING EXACT NAME of Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder (they letting you know this mofo mk ultra), was definitely an mk ultra manchurian candidate:

Mental health facilities are major hubs of training folks, programming them if you will to do PsyOps aka major disasterous events in the future.

In the case of FloriDUH school shooter (I wanted to blow up my school as a kid) Nikolas Cruz, he was under psychiatric care:

The Dylann Roof case is crazy. Peep the young child guard (who looks no older than 15) and the black dude who’s dead MIND CONTROLLED eyes SCREAM MK ULTRA:

THEY TELLING you the shit is a psyop by those clues along. His case is interesting. The trial documents confirm he was under psychiatric care:

YET he was arrested for having fucking meds ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Like witch ??‍♀️ is it?

You can read more on mk ultra here:

Here are my thoughts on Nipsey HUSTLE! He definitely was a hebrew (his looks are a dead give away and esp. his dad).

Don’t he look like a goat as in the devil, the baphomet:

– That should clue you in to how satanic/luciferian that family is!

– I thought that was a white man…

He is of the Hebrew branch of Black Americans – I am of the Egyptian branch so there are BIG cultural differences witch ??‍♀️ I break down here:

That’s why I do wild and daring shit (might be dat white soul expressing itself):

– Man I was fucking BLASTED ?? Had corona (virus), Taaka vodka and a small thing of red wine)!

That being said, cause of the Egyptian heritage I know magick and I know it BERY WELL and saw it being practised in an attempt to steal energy and souls in this Nipsey HUSTLE death heaux bs!

That being said I sense his ass is mk ultra. They meant for him to become this god. Witchcraft was involved cause no one EVER heard of him before his death (I did back in 2016 and knew he was bull) but now he a fucking god???? Fuck outta here! They wanted to use his image – as discussed in the buybull – to further perpetuate the jesus christ aka HEY-Zeus myth via him as folks know re-ligion and even other spiritual systems are bull and are designed to give energy to “god” aka the demiurge who is a fucking demon:

What folks call the illuminati basically wanted to use him to keep folks under control by keeping them under mass mind control re-ligion in some form, shape or another and being that everyone is now shitting on the image of Crakkka Christ which was taken from murderer/rapist Cesare Borgia:

– you can read more on THAT deception hea:

The wanted to present you all with a black christ in the form of underage kidnapper, tormentor/ CHOMO RAPIST mk ultra agent Nipsey HUSTLE:

SMDH and thru black magic they spellbound many organic portals into war-shipping him to carry out their mission.

Read more on organic portals, which represents the vast majority of society, here:

Those of independent thought and mind like myself and the few dissenting voices above saw him for what he was: a tool to push the New World Order low key.

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