I May Be Weird But Don’t Play With Me

I gotta address this shit cause this is a theme that pops up ALOT!

Folks think that just cause I am weird ie I am too smart for them to understand so they just call me weird cause their asses are stupid…. it somehow gives them carte blanche privilege to treat me like shit, like I am less than human and I won’t allow it. I won’t allow mugz to disrespect me.

Wetbucks are worse cause they got a predatory-ness that I notice dwells in their cult-ure which is very racist and has a “survival of the fittest” to the extreme where kindness, light, and sensitivity ain’t accepted.

This why they are the way they are….

I did an article a while back on the reptilian roots behind why they are so mega violent and why they are so racist towards blacks which I break down here:



These mugz in this video were talking about me from a distance (cause I’m famous). I get out my car, say nothing, and when I get in back I overhear these wetbuck bullies say, “That’s what I like to see, ya covered up” cause I was wearing my coat. I took it off, got back out and diss what ensued:


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They angry over me calling them – and justifiably so – a wetbuck. Just wait till them WETBACKS they get dat ‘Woke ✊?

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