The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

I called it out….

Talked about it….


They’re gonna go there. I saw the plan from the get go and so did plenty of others…

Considering they are suspending the ability of cops to enforce the law COMBINED with forcefully keeping people from working – further creating distress in people by creating uncertainity in their future regarding how they’ll pay bills, etc. I saw the writing on the wall: the shit is designed to encourage folks to go crazay and go insane on the s(kr)eets to justify implementing martial law.


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At first I thought it was designed to undermine the Chinese economy by touting this fake ass virus that is essentially the fucking flu:


My third eye and tarot cards confirm this so I still believe it to be true….

But then this lady here said something that propelled me to look at it from a different vantage point….

Remember H1N1? That was the flu too. I believe like with AIDS, which was an actual virus created by the US government designed to murder off the lgbt population Think about it? Remember porn actor Darren James? Well, when he went to Brazil and got AIDS from a transgender more likely – the only woman who did not get it was a woman who only got fucked by him vaginally proving AIDS was designed to hit the gay male population since they are the main ones who fuck anally:

Well, returning back to H1N1, that was – like corona budlight virus ??‍♀️ – was the fucking flu too of which there was an actual outbreak (cause it was real) in the early ’00s. The reason why I say there was truth to what Irene said is because when they introduced vaccines, esp. ones to inocculate the kids – it contained thimerosal, which has mercury and was causing autism in kids:

H1N1 also leads to narcolepsy as well….

Read more here:

Speaking of which, look I’ll be honest – when I recently went back into the s(ch)itty aka city the air felt weird. Have you heard of chemtrails? Well, looka this:


– Saw this during the fake corona virus fuss. WHY is the rain water soapy? Where is the soap coming from? Folks were looking at me crazy for filming while it rains but this was significant and I felt this should be documented. I brought up chemtrails cause what if the government are spraying chemical agents in the sky to induce flu like symptoms, bronchitis (one witness said a friend of his caught the corona virus which he said in his friend’s case was more like bronchitis after visiting an Asian massage parlor) in people and justify this bullshit panic.

These two folks I recently talked to were saying how based on personal experience the virus is bullshit!

This gentleman here was saying how a flu shot administered in his home country of Spain was actually killing folks:


– The vaccine might be the H1N1 one.


This lady was saying folks who been getting the Corona Virus all took ibuprofen – according to a guy online.

One gentleman told me of how a friend of his acquired it from a Chinese massage parlor and how it carries the same effects as bronchitis while some say it is like the flu!

I think tptb (the powers that be aka shouldn’t) were looking to turn this shit into the Purge and it’s not turning out that way:

LA Sheriff’s patrolling the beach during corona virus shut down:


They weren’t counting on the fact that folks got consciences that naturally keep us in line. We ain’t gonna go and do no harmful shit against anyone.

Now I may – and others as well – do stupid shit like here:

– I was so drunk.

But nothing that violates a person’s consent ie real crimes like murder, rape etc. People ain’t gonna do that. Looka this psyop here:


You can tell this shit was contrived! They two fucking quite pissibly two Google employees, computer nerd looking types who got paid to do this – hence why they just casually, slowly grab at shit and it was orchestrated to be on that day in time – hence why employees just “looked the other way.”

Like the film the First Purge:

They trying to use that government sponsored, Google sponsored (we all know alphabet agencies run em by now), to kick start and encourage others to commit crimes by showing “viral” videos of others getting away with shit.

Again, people just gonna do stupid shit like street race, or do what I do:


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But nothing that’s gonna take folks’ lives or pocketbooks. Civilization started with folks concurring to live in relative peace with each other. There is even an old saying that there’s honour amongst thieves. Fuck Ghengis Khan evil sociopathic ass had a functioning society despite the fucked up shit he did.

They are trying to get folks by fucking with their money but won’t happen.

With that said, I can’t wait to see how this shit will turn out. It will be mad interesting but lemme look at my cards to see how it will end:

– the far left one is the strenght card:

Imma leave ya’ll by saying this: there was a website called back in the day which was an interesting reservoir of knowledge. They used to have a natal chart and when I input my birthday it showed that changes going on in my generation like gays getting their rights etc. happened. One day I input the birthdate for someone born in 2018 and it stated that in their timeline personal rights would be restricted unlike any other time in American history: martial law.

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