Why I Don’t Like Wetbacks and Hispanics In General

I am excluding the black hispanics… this does NOT apply to them!

I been wanting to say this for a loooong time…

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These “people” are worse than what white folks would ever be, could ever be!

As I explained here:

South Americans And Mexicans Are Organic Robotoids Created By The Draco Reptilians To Be Worker Bees

And here…

Spiritual Confrontation with Misogynist CalTrans Employees

These “people” think the same way white people do except, due to low I.Q.’s and low levels of consciousness (which is why they are OBSESSED with sex, have 15 million kids and then PROJECT – as white folks do – on us and distinctly make it a point to fetishize black womben which is why I made it a point to not even LOWER myself to see them in my job as a sex worker), are less “tactful” in how they do and say things, more ANIMALISTIC, being rather blunt and vulgar, like a kid with no filter, less sophisticated with it. That is why they are so degenerate with how they approach womben. They are PURE FUCKING EVIL from my experience – very self centered, selfish, EXTREMELY narcissistic (that’s why they can kill Guatamalans coming into they country illegally but DEMAND we accept them into our country), ENTITLED with a just total and complete utter lack of empathy that would make American serial killers green with envy (look at the femicide in Ciudad Juarez and black womben – you wanna be with those bastards??? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_homicides_in_Ciudad_Juárez). I mean the lack of humanity amongst them (their cartels TORTURE AND RAPE AND MURDER BABIES – even the Italian mafia had a conscience and wouldn’t let do that). I have never seen a hateful degenerate group of people WITH NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THE WAY THEY ARE (Blacks have an excuse – we were peaceful before we got forcefully mixed up with the crakkkaroaches) IN MY LIFE! Why do we let them in is beyond me? It’s a terrible culture. Incest, which is why I believe they have that down syndrome look, low I.Q.’s and just abberant and abhorent focus on sex, violence esp. against females, pedophilia are integral to their culture. These ain’t stereotypes; they are FACTS! As I always say, stereotypes ain’t borne in a vaccum! You combine that with machismo and just out and out THE WORST cultural attributes (which derives from their genetics) and you get the toxic modern day MexicanT and South American! No matter where I’ve gone (I got RAPED by a Mexican – NOT a Cuban or a Puerto Rican or Dominican who comprise the MAJORITY of hispanics in NYC which is where the attack occurred), I’ve seen consistently this behavior from NYC to L.A. and their inability to put tapers on their behavior properly.

I sincerely believe (when you read my robotoid article about how the reptilians created them to be such) that they are NOT capable of synthesizing ANYTHING that lies outside a box ie nuances. That is why they have a STUPID way of coming across, without filters.

Also, black people – let me tell you again – they think THE SAME WAY white people do and just like they do – they look down upon us. YOU DO NOT WANT THEM BECOMING THE MAJORITY OF THE NATION BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW THEY TREAT THE NATIVE BLACKS IN THEIR COUNTRIES hence why I cape for Trump:

Look at how they treat us in they countries….


The above link which was disabled by request is a great look into WHY black ass spic and span George Lopez (with his dark ass – he’s darker than my mom) said something about not bringing black people home as gf/bfs – Personally I wouldn’t want to come to your home of 13 million out of wedlock cockroaches, too.

– This last part reminds me of how J got attacked at the behest of a Peruvian by two black women. Bitches, this what you caping for…

Look at how they treat us on our own soil:

Look at these MexicanTs who unreptentantly, unremoreselessly (that is why I say THEY ARE INNATELY EVIL) a young black student who was destined to attend Stanford – taking ALL his family’s dreams away! Now the dad, Mr Jamiel Shaw Sr. (this story kills me) capes for Trump (and so do I!):

– Look at all the spic and spans you wanna build “black and brown unity” with ACTUALLY DEFENDING THE MURDERERS OF THIS YOUNG MAN (How can we devalue our lives by caping for those who want our demise while at the same time expecting to be valued, black people):

I’ll post some of the comments:

Here the most damning…

– Well, fuck, they are ALL pretty damning or rather condemning of the young black man while caping for the MexicanTs

– He wants death for the judge for assiging these BASTARD WETBACKS TO DEATH BTW!

This is why I understand why this sister did this (they wage war against us so we wage it BACK!!!):

I say get them wetbacks right BACK! Avenge the murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr at their hands. They have waged war against us – it is time we recognize ALLL our enemies, black folks, and fight back cause we are all we truly got!

I believe that wetback probably on the slick touched her little girl. They all have that genetics that predisposes them to pedophilia and I sense the bastard DID IT! NO MATTER THE AGE – THEY NEVER CHANGE!!! I heard some brothers jumped in and WHIPPED HIS ASS! I know how they are cause I live out here. They dehumanize us black womben SEXUALLY and I am proud that our brothers stood up to defend the wombanhood of a fellow siSTAR and her DOTH-her (daughter and I wrote “doth” as in dothing and when you think about it it sounds like Thoth – the ancient Egyptian God of wisdom: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoth). Black men get a bad rep but from my experience THEY THE MAIN ONES THAT CAPE FOR US – no other – not the crakkkaroach (they good for money since they ESTABLISHED AND THUS RUN THIS MONETARY SYSTEM) WILL DO!

I believe she was acting on impulse as a defense mechanism cause them mofos do little things to get close, touch us and the siSTAR RECOGNIZES THAT!

Imma start a gofundme to get this siSTAR AND the brothers out so she can be back home with her baby!

Even the Southern Poverty Law Centre which is as liberal as liberal gets ADMITS that there are wetback gangs that are really hate groups, going around, murdering us!

– Good, I call the below one “retaliation” aka self defense (Get em, whypepo)!

– One more thing I wanna say is back when I was being framed for this bs here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/12/lapd-are-really-out-to-get-me/ an assault with a deadly weapon case, I notice they filed charges for the Peruvian and NOT. THE BLACK DUDE! That goes to show how hispanics stick together out here and how little they value black folks.

This is why I say: black folks, WHY DO YOU CAPE FOR YOUR OWN DEMISE? CAPE FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU, WANT TO KILL YOU??? I have NO pretenses what they are, what I am dealing with. That is why I speak the words I speak of here and you must learn to listen to your intuition and internalize the pain you feel from their attacks, rejection of us and channel it by being realistic with where they stand with you so you can preserve your survival!

They hate us but sexually want us – wouldn’t that piss you off, shouldn’t that piss you off that a mestizo mongrel race of baby rapists and woman beaters/rapists (Trump was ANSOLUTELY RIGHT ON THAT!) have the AUDACITY given their inferiority to LOOK DOWN UP YOU BUT WANNA USE YOU?

What kills me is when they say they got black relatives like they are white when the original South American found WAS A BLACK WOMAN NAMED LUZIA who you can read about here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luzia_Woman

Here are the pictures:

Here are the Olmecs – the original settlers of Mexico – who were black!

And they’ll DENY this shit like a mofo as if they are white!

That’s why when they try to talk to me, romantically, I LOOVE reminding them that I LIKE WHITE MEN AND THAT THEY ARE NOT WHITE (You should see the EGO shut in their eyes ::witch’s laugh::)

They ain’t nothing more than the white man’s lackey created by Quetzalcoatl to be their lackey!

Black people – do not cape or intermingle your superior DNA which they harass black womban for with these animals’ dna!

I’ve been attacked by them:

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Dude Tries To Attack Me For Being Topless THEN Calms Down

I also wanna talk about, expound on the other hispanic groups that use, manipulate us but hate us: even though Cubans, El Salvadoreans, Puerto Ricans have a SIGNIFICANT percentage of black blood in them (I never really had too much of a problem – take that back – they would call us niggers and everything else) – I find that even though they are mixed with us, they look down upon us. This reminds me of how the creoles of Louisiana viewed us during segregation: that the darker blacks are inferior (see a trend?). It wasn’t until they got their negro wake up call when they tried to integrate with crakkkaroaches (who in this case I will call “crakkkaroachés” since this is Louisiana) that they saw the light:

You can see the dudes from “Kid and Play House Party” say “I see the liiight” somewhere in there but… as I was saying before, they became pro black when the crakkkaroachés™ rejected them, wanting to be around us. In the same way I did the spic and spans, I refused to see them too in my sex worker since they wanna think they are better than me – like the spic and spans!

I am NOT a big fan of them!

– Now that I think about it, when I worked as a sex worker I let one “in” – double entendre – and it wasn’t a black client or a white client who have enough common sense to know their place and respect my boundaries BUT IT WAS A MEXICANT WHO THOUGHT HE WAS WHITE WHO STALKED ME AND TRIED TO TAKE MY ENERGY BY GETTING CLOSE!

And to the MexicanTs who hate what I say – prob. would wanna hurt but you wouldn’t do that to a white woman WHICH IS WHY I HATE YOU MOFOS – your pissed cause I’m telling the truth! Just like white folks, you think that because I am “beneath” you BEANERS I shouldn’t speak on you! Fuck you! I am not here to express YOUR FUCKING THOUGHTS! I don’t like you mofos and when I needed help it was my OWN PEOPLE – OTHER BLACK WOMBEN – who came to help me!

…And crakkkaroaches, don’t think I cape for you, either! Ya’ll are only good for making MONEY off of – aborting any BASTARDS I have babies with you for during my time while tricking in which I would sacrifice them to Satan or whatever deity I was under during the time. I worship ME! I don’t need nor want your validation! Just your energy…

…To black folks, you wanna be RESPECTED! Stop bending over backwards, caping for other mugs who don’t RESPECT YOU! People like that will only respect you if you treat them like shit – just as white folks do with MexicanTs. DO NOT BE ALL GIVING!!! You only attract users and abusers!

That said, I spoke NOTHING but truth! Ya’ll some evil mofos (even the ones who call themselves momentarily helping you STILL have those underlying beliefs and as an empath/sorceress, I can sense it!). You’re actions when you try to convey that “We are the world/ black and brown pride” don’t fool me! I see into the spiritual realm and I see into the collective soul you all share (cause you all have a hivemind consciousness which I explain how I know in my video) so your red herrings, smoke screens, SMOKE SIGNALS – don’t fool me! I see you all for what you are, not what you try to appear to be and the good ones WILL AGREE WITH ME!

BTW there’s a wetback who has been harassing me – listen to the audio:

– In one instance, you can hear below him talking about “punching me” when I told him to leave me the fuck alone…

Here the denial:

Here more audio of my cussing him out which will continue until he leaves me alone…

– I think it might be in these or the ones up above in which he says he is “hurt” yet can drive that truck!!!! Hmmmm manipulative. Evil. No wonder he encountered me:

Here is his number: 818-571-7383

HE TOLD ME THIS AS WELL and I saw it in the spirit realm myself (it was awful) that his WHITE WIFE left him cause he molested or tried to molest his 9 year old daughter!

Here is the number to ICE (he works on a construction site in Santa Monica):

(866) 347-2423

These people need to start respecting black women’s boundaries.


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