Dude Tries To Attack Me For Being Topless THEN Calms Down

Just looking at this guy’s profile (he was one of the ones involved), he looks like a fucking demon SHOWING WHAT SPIRIT IS IN HIM:

Imma say this…

I kinda wonder if somebody put some shit on me cause ever since I went toe to toe with another witch it’s just been bad shit happening out the ordinary…

I’m protected, mind you (esp. in terms of what you will hear about what happened from yesterday which was ASTOUNDING – HAD TO BE AN ANGEL!) but that said a couple of weeks ago, interestingly AFTER my online skirmish with the three – count it 3 – Mexican guys with two surrounding, snatching my phone – I chased their asses, held on to my phone to break it from their grasp and at one point I recall they held a little to my hands as well while driving off and this is the end result…

– Two weeks after and I have DRAMATICALLY HEALED (The incident occurred on June 11, 2018):

I have healed thankfully since then BUT I WILL SAY THIS – I smelled a faint hint of ROTTEN FUCKING MEAT RIGHT BEFORE everything went down which just “went away” (that indicates a demon was around). I even had a bizarre message from the spirit world which I discuss here:


I didn’t talk about it until now cause I felt that I did the best that I could do – way more in fact – than what other peopld can do or would do in the circumstances. But I WILL SAY THAT I DO remember their license plate which was a California license plate ending in “055” and I think the letters were “lvz” or “lht” or “lti” with the first I know being reminiscient of Las Vegas.

The car also looked like this (artist’s ROUGH rendition, lol):

It had a weird design (I think it mighta been a camry) in which it had a wide back that was propped up and a front that would slope down.

That said, the next day or I think it was a couple of days after when I was talking with a friend I smelled a psychic phantom smell that indicated disease. Next thing you know, on top of the injuries I had, I then came down with a bad strep throat or soar throat it felt like out of nowhere! NO WAY this should be happening! None of this shit should be happening. The people at this beach are cool and I NEVER had any issues till my confrontation with this lady named Ann Darrow 999 who I was told likes putting spells on black people. The lady I spoke with who I feel drinks WAYYYY too much alcohol – more than I ever did – which in some ways has reduced and degraded the way she comes off to people which is child like (recognizing the signs I’ve been trying to warn her that there is something on her kundalini causing this) – she tried to sway me not to give the other lady “no power”. However I found out that RIGHT AT THE TIME I came down with an illness, so did she. That reminds me of how after someone asks for a favour in voodoo they get a small brunt of what the other is feeling in the form of having a cold while the other is horrendously sick or that the other has a car go up in flames while the person who put the curse suffers a sudden and mysterious pierce in their tire. It’s the same thing that happens when you call on intranquil spirits. It’s like the universe has to even itself out. I was told that she supposedly was used in “satanic rituals” which I think is really a way to add more importance to a traumatic situation – and in a way get and bring attention – then to just acknowledge that it was an ordinary rape case of child molestation so as to feel better about it). I also know she has a contract with demons.

I myself fucked around with satanism for a while (I’m getting a visual image of a pot and her doing some night time ritual on me with white and black candles). Unlike folks like her, I understand the afterlife implications of fucking around with that. I ain’t talking that fire and brimstone buy-bull bs! When you make contracts with ANYTHING in the spirit world – ANYTHING, be it astral wraiths, astral gods, astral demons, astral thought forms (cause all that shit comes from the astral and derive from our collective subconscious psyche making them in effect INFERIOR TO US really cause they are really OUR CREATIONS which is why YOU SHOULD NOT WORSHIP THAT SHIT and just use your own source enrrgy in the form of opening your chakras which will show your more powerful!!!) – YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP SOMETHING! SOMETHING!!! It could be energy (which is what I sacrificed when I fucked with satanism to alleviate money woes) or in her case I sense (to get back at her father for molesting her) HER SOUL! That said, as I start to ascend I’m breaking free of all that bs so I know – which is what I talked about yesterday – as I break the chains of that bs acquired from satanism which is merely an archon program which I discuss here:


I KNOW THAT ASTRAL SATAN BASTARD – using AnnDarrow999 AS THE SACRIFICE (hence why you got that cold, etc.) – will use her Source Energy from the Divine Feminine to throw me off my path. That said, yesterday, I drunk a lil bit of gin – which is good for you health wise and don’t get ya drunk:

That said, since I have been doing energy work on myself, defeating those demons, my sorceress energies have been popping. Make a long story short – I SAW in my mind’s eye that I would come acrosd a car that looked like theirs but wasn’t sure it was. I then saw a young man on the beach who I felt coulda been one of them (bald hit, fat) and before I said anything this chola girl who looked like she was high (all the mofos who came for me looked like they were on something, including those 3 dudes) started saying, “I don’t want that bitch around me and my kids.” Now, what kills me is, HOW THE FUCK you do fucked up shit yourself (the big dude said he spent three years in PRISON – wonder if he was someone “bitch boy” like Donna Martinez would say, lol), SHIT AGAINST PEOPLE’S WILLS (it just came to me that he went to prison for robbery and I think maybe rape or some type of sexual assault – and now it just came to me that he mighta been someone’s bitch boy, lol!), do drugs and THEN WANNA FUCKING MORALIZE!? I BET THEM BABIES DONE SEEN WORSE! Don’t get me started! At one point the dude wanted to fucking FIGHT ME, BOOTING UP TO ME and this a big ole fat spic and span but not too fat, kinda medium like a sack of beans. I just – you know, when I was growing up, I was taught and trained (I took karate) that you only fight in self defense and, as per my personal credo – THERE IS NO HONOUR IN FIGHTING SOMEONE SMALLER THAN YOU! That makes you a PUNK BITCH if you will in my book. There is no honor. And to bully a small womban (like I’m gonna let that happen), let me break down the fucking spiritual, social implications.

I know I emit a strong energy. Always have. That’s why this statement here resonates with me:

I’m a starseed. I have no doubt. That said, we also emit a true warrior energy. What do I mean by that? Well, TRUE WARRIORS don’t bully folks minding their owm fucking business, being true to themselves. People who lash out at those being true to themselves – IT’S CAUSE THEIR ASSES ARE FEARFUL! You hear about it in the form of UNJUSTIFIED attacks against LGBT people:

You also heard about it going back to when back when us blacks were getting hosed for merely being black:

– Spirit world saying something cause, it’s funny, cause a hispanic dude uploaded this.

It’s like with blacks – you got hispanics then you got spic and spans just as you got blacks and niggers and whites then you goy crakkkaroaches like this cave ape here:


The ramifications are deeper, more spiritual…

I talked about this here before:


As the Divine Feminine energy comes in, you gonna get all these reptilian archon controlled, demon possessed mofos stepping up to the plate and wanting to shut pioneers of that energy such as myself down! THE TOPLESS THING EPITOMIZES IT! Look at this Goddess Kali drawing and tell me I’m lying:

That said, I sense the mofo was under something, had some bad shit already, demonic shit (the other folks at the other spot who were VERY NICE after that confrontation with them hatefilled and hateful mofos said that the big chubby dude came over to them and infringed in THEIR SPACE – so talk about entitlement) AND… and this is some real schitt with latin males which is starting to make me think that I need to pull out that dumbbell or get a gun – I talked about it here:


THEY ARE BIG ON MISOGYNY AND CONTROLLING WOMEN! THAT IS REPTILIAN FUCKING BEHAVIOR!!! They see breasts which ain’t on their terms (they supposed to be used for feeding kids) yet you got the nerve to GET PISSED CAUSE OF THE TERMS I CHOOSE TO SHOW MY BREASTS SINCE YOU WANNA SEXUALIZE THEM AND THINK THEY SEXUAL??? That shit there just pisses me off! It REALLY fucking does! After the confrontation and later in the night I could hear a guy yelling that he was an “Alpha Male” (I heard him say something about topless and I went out, topless, to investigate).

That is the spirit realm’s way of saying that that was what this schitt was all about…

That said, after dealing with those people – the dude who intervened to keep that other dude from fighting me who was mad handsome ? had red ass eyes (he was with them) and when I confronted him about his hypocrisy since red eyes indicate drug use he could only muster to say, “So!” – I walked away cause I needee to take my bath (my pussy was kicking) and went over to the other nicer group who asked me what happened.

After taking my spiritual bath, the unexpected happened…

I went back across the way to where the volatile group was and was nice and the guy – I sensed my protection came around and caused this (I saw in my mind’s eye an astral version of satan influencing everything) – THE CHUBBY DUDE WHO WANTED TO FIGHT ME EARLIER BECAME NICE! Smiled all throughout. Things happen for a reason.

I was in no state to really fight (otherwise that shit there woulda boiled my blood and made me wanna kill someone) since I had been drinking gin and though it was a small palm sized bottle – and again gin don’t get you drunk – I was a lil tipsy (which puts you in a happy state ? and the tipsiness is in part because in part my crown chakra, third eye are open so as a result I get closer to leaving my body if you will. Things happen for a reason. There is always a better of resolving shit that doesn’t have to succumb to ego and bloodshed (which is probably the lesson I needed to learn). Alot of people think that, “Oh cause she got her ass whooped” or got attacked that that makes me a weakling. Fact is, can many of you do what I can do and still do it despite the flack and rejection you get. I still can. That makes me brave in my book:

Still smiling!

– That was taken later on that night.

That said, many of my detractors want bad shit to happen because they want to kill my spirit which never happens. It ain’t about to defeat, or the bad shit happening but it is the sick “hope” they have that it will turn me into a mere shell of myself which it never does. I always come out on top cause I always endure.

That’s why I keep to myself. I don’t let alot of toxic mofos who have tried to enter my personal abode, my inner world in because that is exactly what they will try to kill!

As Donna Martinez says, “They can’t do me!”

That said, here the videos. I didn’t get the tensest parts because I wanted to descalate the situation while still standing my ground (I listen to my intuition) so this is what I got after they called the lifeguard (smdh):

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Here I am speaking with the other, nicer understanding group that supports it:

Here is a weird chopper with lights on in the day time (Why!?) I guess looking for me after everything happened:

That said, you may ask WHY I do what: Well, life ain’t worth living if you can’t be you! I’ll leave it at that!

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