Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

Okay, the spirit world’s been sending me messages of this, confirmation that is VERY similar to the “Antichrist” messages/ visions I would get when I was parked in Miracle Mile.

One thing I will say is that when I made a deal with the devil when I was 16, this was in 1999 – I noticed that I started seeing the “Mandela Effect” when I looked at my old childhood “BerenstEin Bears” book and noting that instead of it saying BerenstEin it said BerenstAin.

I believe my deal set back the timeline. I recall when I called on it I felt so much overwhelming EVIL – I had a vision of walking through the den in my old childhood home and there was something EVIL behind me, a presence. But I couldn’t see it.

As crazy as this will sound, I believe that I not only threw off the timeline (lol I know this sounds crazy) but possibly stopped WW III. Think about it – Nostradamus predicted that the year 2000 would be the start of it:

The “great destruction” WILL COME in the form of people becoming more ephemeral and not as chained to this 3D reality – just like our ancestors before the archons enslaved us. It will be like how reality is no longer fluid. It will be a Great Ascension; no physical death or a big war. The fake Antichrist which was gonna be deployed the PHYSICALLY destroy the world – THAT MOFO was gonna be the start of a physical UNNECESSARY war to push the illuminati agenda till the timelines got altered so that won’t be happening (Plus people are so woke nowadays that that won’t happen). The illuminati by the way work with the archons.

I also believe that I made time more fluid which is what I feel the true purpose of the Antichrist will be which will help people ascend more. Cause of my deal, I believe I gave folks a better timeline. As Bobby Hemmitt broke it down in his lecture here:

As I broke it down:




We live in a prison planet. The Demiurge aka what Christians call “god” and muslims call “Allah” (I was told by a psychic that she’s seen Mohammed and he a crazy evil mofo who demands you worship him) runs this universe of duality which the Baphomet represents:

Male and female, black and white, light and dark. That said “god” sticks our souls in these prison bodies (hence why pro lifers are so adamant that babies are born) so that it could feed off the life source Divine Feminine energy which is practically our souls aka loosh. Traumatic experiences are created in our matrix to provide it more sustenance – the Demiurge and it’s army, guardians, archangels – the archons. That said, I sincerely believe that my deal set into motion how the higher dimensions are now overlapping with our dimension which you see more and more of on Youtube:

The Antichrist will not kill but will help those who can ascend, those with the higher chakras and not the organic robotoids – to move into this new reality. That will be what is known as the Rapture. That is why the Buy-Bull says that the “Kingdom of God will be found in me” which is because through the Antichrist you will be able to Ascend. Satan as Baba Bobby Hemmitt spoke of will help folks break free of this 3D matrix prison “reality”, the one contrived by the archons, reptilians as Peggy Kane talks about here:

Satan will be the Antichrist aka Abaddon aka the “Angel of Death” who will help folks who are ready to ascend to break outta this realm. The reign of Jesus or Christ Consciousness will be the Reign of the Divine Feminine (only a matriarchy can bring peace to this planet while the masculine energy which operates as the left brain aspect and as a representation of the Demiurge which I discuss here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/05/18/missy-misdemeanor-ellitot-no-man-glow-proves-men-are-natural-energy-vampires/ can bring a peaceful 1,000 year reign):

– As I said here, the true Jesus Christ will be a womban: https://toplessinla.org/2017/05/17/the-fifth-element-film-reveals-christ-the-redeemer-will-be-a-black-woman/

This article talks of a matriarchal society:


That said, I’m naturally skeptical of my visions. Confirmation was sent to me in the form of this gentleman who explained a vision in which two men (seems like it was at a crossroads) told him where to go:

The direction led him to me but before he got here the direction he was led to was a park bench showing this skeleton used in an ad for the “Sicario” film:

….Which correlates to death, the “Angel of Death”. Now that I think about it, Santa Muerte is portrayed as a female.

That is when he walked from there to me. He also stated the a billboard said “topa” which is Italian for woman:


Not only that… look at his tattoo (I’ve seen this being). He told me many think it is the grim reaper. But it really to me looks like a bird and reminds me of ancient Egyptian deity Ra:

He is said to be one of my Protectors.

Anyways here are the videos and if you see this dude around – PLEASD HELP HIM!!! Please!

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