Nasty Fat White Degenerate Dog Fucking Dog Haired NeandeRAPE Gets CURSED Out and Run Off By Me

This bitch had the nerve not to fucking budge ole arrogant ENTITLED ass caveape (that’s why I don’t like they asses)! You don’t play that game that ya’ll play with Mexican(T)s with us! I’ll knock the fuck outta your ass or do worse… As I said here I been BODYING crakkkas in the spirit realm: Proof My Curses Work – Ya’ll the easiest mofos to get. Stop fucking with me. I don’t talk to these people! I cursed his neandeRAPE white crakkka honkkkey ass out, letting him know the time and the day: [purchase_link id=”31842″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] – You

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