Spiritual Confrontation with Misogynist CalTrans Employees

Spiritual Confrontation with Misogynist CalTrans Employees

Okay, I held out on writing this yesterday so I’ll go ahead and post this today…

I ain’t gonna lie tho. I know we in mercury retrograde so shit’s gonna be off. I also noted when I threw cards that a “queen of pentacles” – I feel it is a live person, a woman who is white, manipulating shit on a spiritual level. Thank goodness tho. after seeing a feather yesterday my spirit guides, archangels, protection are protecting me.

– That’s why I say if the Queen of Pentacles aka Ann is reading, I’M PROTECTED!

That said, I had a confrontation with some CalTrans employees here:

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That said, I will admit – me being truly spiritual which means that I can access the spirit realm, I have – when my ears are fine tuned to a certain frequency enough – heard spirit mimics, bad shit around say bad things. But people – being the stupid herd minded animals they are, crowd thinkers they are (that’s why I don’t have respect for or think highly of the vast majority of society) – that because I choose (emphasis on CHOOSE) to live in my car, that because I walk around topless and do unorthodox things that that gives you the RIGHT to treat me like trash.

You (dumb) bitch, you got me fucked up!

I recognize that CalTrans is based around a male, patriarchal culture – which is the anthithesis of me and you can read more about why, here:

That said, I am NOT about obliging to the (dumbed down) status quo. Again, on an intellectual and spiritual level – I see myself as superior which is why I don’t like to interact with people. My isolationist stance protects my energy and my peace.

That said, these dumb mofos got me fucked up! The spic and span that called himself “confronting” – his whole energy just screams “norp” and stupid – Imma speak more of my peace and add more observations on latins that I stated here:


Many of them don’t like black people. I sense this which is why I don’t like them, too. That is why I support Trump and here is my FB timeline:

Their “culture” if you can call it that is extremely vulgar, very carnal-ly energized, focusing on ver low vibratory things, EXTREMELY SEX OBSESSIVE WHICH EXPLAINS WHY THOSE MOFOS LEAD IN SEXUAL ASSAULTS AND RAPES – ESPECIALLY OF KIDS (Prob. because that’s the only place their small, dimunitive “tacos” can fit) ALL THROUGHOUT THIS NATION (I MYSELF GOT RAPED BY A WETBACK, NOT A PUERTO RICAN OR DOMINICAN WHO MAKE UP THE VAST MAJORITY OF HISPANICS IN NYC, BUT A WETBACK):


Problem is they FALSELY categorize many as white thereby deflating the number of crimes they actually do:


I hate to cite a white supremacist website (I ain’t no fan of crakkkas) but they gotta point here:


– I always would say: if rape were an olympic sports, SPIC AND SPANS WOULD GET THE GOLD – EVRRYTIME!

– At one point in the argument, I recall the spic and span making it personal, sexual!

As a matter of fact, as of now I got an ex trick who’s a wetback spic – NOT A BLACK EX CLIENT OR A WHITE EX CLIENT – STALKING ME from my days as an ex sex worker! And I saw in a vision he tried to emotionally maniuplate a white blonde sex worker into doing the same. I talked about it here (go further down below to see his bs cause I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel):


They have a nasty and filthy fucking culture that is just based on mindlessness. I MEAN, HOW THE FUCK – HOW SELFISH CAN YOU BE TO DEMAND PRESIDENT TRUMP OPEN THE BORDERS AND LET THEM LIL WETBACK SPIC ASS KIDS IN THOSE CAGES IN YET MESSY-CO MURDERS IT’S OWN ILLEGALS??? Where the FUCK is the rationale? The entitlement in that is to EXTREME HEIGHTS!!! As I said in a facebook post, IF THEY – MESSYco – CAN SHOOT THEIR ILLEGALS, WHY CAN’T WE?

This reminds me of how crakkkaroaches will do awful shit to others but expect you to “forgive” and show them mercy and “be the bigger person” when you about to get that righteous revenge on them?

I mean you have to be dumb and utter and completely SELFISH, ENTITLED NOT TO DRAW A PARALLEL AND STATE: “Well, if we do it, others don’t have the right!” So we ain’t got the right to protect our borders? Fuck outta here! It’s like a case “Do as I say not as I do” with hispanics. It’s a no win situation and those mofos are SAVAGES! Below human. Look at how they treat people in their countries – it ain’t just Messy-co – El Salvador (where the MS 13 comes from) are terrible and they REALLY hate blacks though they got alot of black:

One of them cartels even placed a FACE on a soccer ball:


? just ☠

– And they call blacks “savages” just cause we different (whike they envy and steal OUR culture, OUR music, etc.

That said, I have never seen a “culture” or lack therof – ever!

It’s very vulgar, raunchy and – black folks this why I say you gotta let others hold their own nuts – THEY HAVE THE SAAAME THINKING PROCESSES AS WHITE FOLKS! Look at this documentary about a “white supremacists” colony in Paraguay in which it’s obvious they intermatted with and are still intermating with the indians over there:

This makes me think: since the hispanics are supposedly related to Asians is that why they are wild and do savage things and in part worship whites just as Asian females do?

That spic and span WETBACK George Lopez told the truth when he said what he said here:


That’s why I sincerely don’t like those spics and many of them ARE women beaters and child rapists!

Many of them don’t want blacks in their families and please don’t let the so called “we are individuals and we all don’t think that way or do those things” spic and span wetback crowd come in and fuck your mind up and throw you off. This goes deeper. It goes back to the Power of Our Black Melanin and how like white folks envy it but yet want it for it’s spiritual qualities (alot of the kids getting kidnapped in pizzsgate occult rituals are black kids) THEY STILL ENVY YOU AND THUS HATE YOU CAUSE OF WHAT WE CAN DO SPIRITUALLY AND THEY NEED US TO ASCEND DUE TO OUR DNA BEING THE ONLY ONES IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE, which will usher in the new era of peace and TRUE EQUALITY when them other “ahem” inferior robotoid races die out!

That said, given what I said here about why they worship whites:


They think the same way whites do – they hate us, envy us (which is why they commit genocide in South Central) but sexually want us just as whites do! THAT’S WHY I REJECTED THEIR TICO TACO EATING ASSES OUTRIGHT WHEN I WORKED AS A HOOKER! That added insult that even a “lowly” hooker wouldn’t want to see them. I see those nasty or rather saw during my copwatching sexually harassing black women. Fuck I’ve seen them do that with men. I think they the only group that I can honestly will fuck any hole – again it goes back to them being made as essentially mindless drone hivemind robots for the reptilians, archons WHICH IS WHY THEIR PURSUITS (SEX, ETC.) AND THE WAY THEY EXPRESS THEMSELVES IS SOO9 VULGAR! The same shit white people think is how they think: that black is bad, and, I don’t even know WHY the spic and spans do this given how sexually avaracious they are – they project (as white people do onto us) that WE are the ones who are sexually avaracious. In my case, again, this what you dealing with:


– And before you say, oh, she just a crazy bitch living in her car – let me remind you that Hitler (whose spirit I had a vision of coming into me) was homeless before he gained power via supernatural means…


You don’t know WHAT people will become later on. That’s why you never underestimate people.

I see myself as above that. I don’t even desire that shit – AT ALL! I want to focus alot of my sacral chakra (sexual) energy towards MY OWN SPIRITUAL
EMPOWERMENT! I stated how men are natural energy vampires here (no, I’m not gay):


– Funny, too, Hitler was the same way:


That’s why I say I feel like I am just biding my time, waiting for something… I discussed that here:


Like I’m meant to do something big in the future which is why I can’t get known for anything else, not the copwatching or the topless thing (which I couldn’t find shit on online). Nothing. As if I am suppsed to be known for something else, something greater!

I see that as a world that is beneath me and anybody who tries to pull me down to that (sexual, relationships, mundane shit) will get cursed and “sold” to enhance my power:

– There’s ALOT of occult science in these films.

I don’t fuck around. My name will not be spoken in that context and not even thoughts. I’m better than that. Speaking of which I see sacrifices, energy vampires rounding the wagon wanting to take my energy. I had one who I admittedly fucked up try to build a bridge (this person can sense energy so I know he know what he doing) by saying some stupid shit. Bruh – you gonna get it worse till you die. Don’t fuck with me. I don’t play and my powers been LIT. UP. Again, I don’t fuck around. I don’t believe in forgiveness. I take souls and people I find who fuck with me turn out to be sacrifices cause their life (if they are allowed to continue on this Earth Realm) go downhill from there…

So don’t do it! Don’t come for me.

Again, many hispanics think the SAME way whites do BUT THEY JUST SAY IT as they have no filters on. “War Machine” here stated, honestly (good on him for being real) that all races of men ENVY black men (just as the black womban is envied) because of their penis size:


– He supposed to be mixed white but look more messy-can!

I’ll say it goes deeper. I’ll talk about that in another blogpost. It has more to do with spiritual things and ascensions.

Also, like whites they are quick to pull the “We are all the same” and even “Lets unite against the illuminati and forget the 600 years of oppression – shit more than that – we put you all through”. FOH. In the beaner’s case it is “black and brown together” WHEN THEY NEED US LIKE WHEN THEY WANT US TO GO AGAINST TRUMP! FOH, fucking mindless..

I just had an ephiphany: I noticed that the eyes of South American indians (not all)…

– When I went on google many don’t have those eyes but I’ve noticed many Mexicans out here having them which makes me think inbreeding is at work.

Are the same as those classified as retarded with down syndrome…

NOW I THINK THAT EXPLAINS why they are just so one dimensional and vulgar and blunt and just – say things off the top of their heads as babies do with no tact. I think it explains it…

…AND just like white people, WHEN YOU CALL THEM OUT! Their true colors come out. Look at this dude who calls blacks slaves (though we were indigenous to here and even via ancient Kemet had pyramids set up throughout ancient South America) after a sister merely said that they should not and don’t have the right to come over here, illegally:

…they are like white people but more vulgar. Like white people, they feel that they are better than us so we ain’t supposed to talk about them. That’s why as a student of nature I sit back and observe and don’t get involved. Just stay abreast of it all as I see Myself being above it…

That said, had I been a white woman – period – the interaction woulda been different, REGARDLESS OF ECONOMIC STATUS. That’s why I don’t spic and spans cause I sense their true nature and they don’t like that. He also looked like he wanted to fight. Again, the encounter woulda beeb totally different had I been white. I also peeped how that BITCH COULDN’T LOOK ME IN THE EYE AFTER AWHILE ?‍♀️?‍?‍ People who are NORPS so NOT judge a book by it’s cover. I am not what it seems… I already got one mofo living in hell and you got a taste of what I am capable of…

The eyes say it…

That said, many folks who come to me are sacrifices. I’m now realizing that. Death happens, terrible things and because I have “permission” there’s no way to protect yourself. I don’t light candles I don’t do none of that shit. Just one incidence is enough to send your whole life spiraling down. Just ask these people HERE:


::Que witch laugh::

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