XXXTentacion Told Me In A Vision That I Emit Death

I don’t know why but I am ALWAYS having these “revelation” dreams early in the morning…

Let me talk about it.

The first segment (cause they manifest in segments) occurred when I was in a classroom. There was an indian dude (or I think a spick wetback who had fucked over me) who stated that I “smelled like death.” I thought it was odd given that he coulda said anything else – I’ve smelled my underarms when I hadn’t put baking soda and water under it which smells like onions and for some reason when I airdry my clothes, and many folks have had this issue too which you can google, it smells like vomit – so I coulda seen him saying anything else but why that which I will get into in a couple of minutes.

That said, in the next segment, I was in a room full of folks – including a white CHP officer – and they seemed to be fans of that 1997 film, “The Devil’s Advocate”. At one point (there is SOOO MUCH to remember) I remember Al Pacino who played Milton the devil in it talking to the guy who morphed into the sports reporter at the end who turned out to be Milton. That said, I overheard how Al Pacino was to become him – the devil. Then I was told by Milton aka Al Pacino that I would become the devil and he would come into me while he had both hands on my shoulders in a friendly gesture. It was in a place very similar to the courthouse scene in the Devil’s Advocate:

– This was the guy Al Pacino morphed into at the end of the “Devil’s Advocate”:

While in that room with the fans, one thing I wanna note is that there was a spick and span looking black lady and she was talking shit about me. I told her I would get her, spiritually, and the bitch didn’t believe me.

Now here is where it gets weirder…

I dreamed about xxxtentacion in which except he wasn’t wearing his trademark dreads but the more conventional mini afro many professional black men wear (and I wish more black women did as well like I did in the early days I went natural). Long story short – he was a Prophet and was worshipped by people of e
all ages, races, ethnicities and walks of life including an old, balding hispanic guy. Make a long story short, I was chosen (or did I wish to) hang out with him. I hung out with him and I asked, “Why do I repel people? Why do people hate me?” He then said that I gave off the energy of death (notice that this thing with death is a consistent theme) and that I was cursed with it (when he said it, it was like he was looking for understanding as to why) and at one point he said – and it was like he took a guess – that a witch put some shit on me but I know this not to be the case cause it’s been going on for much of my life. That said, while driving with him, I got attacked by a white then a black cat.

Then, as if he had a change of heart in which I sensed something corrected him, he said it was not a curse but that I had been chosen and it was my job and I would fulfill it when the right timr comes…

I don’t what to think honestly. The more I get myself spiritually together, the more I have these visions. I don’t know if it is low level entities playing with my mind, my ego. There is no telling. That is why I don’t take shit at face value. That said, here are some interesting coincidences…

This week while in my car I heard someone playing, “Fade to Black” which was the music used in the ending to, you guessed it, “The Devil’s Advocate”:

Not only that, but when I woke up this morning, I saw an “alert” from youtube in which somebody named Abba Bdon which is a corruption of Abaddon told someone to look up Abaddon and thr various names it goes by, including Azrael:

Interestingly, Abaddon is an angel of Destruction spoken about in the Bible who is supposed to come at the end of the world and bring about great destruction so that a New Golden Age (the Age of the Divine Feminine) can be established. I had a vision of being christened with that name here (interestingly, the first name to pop up was Azrael which is another name for the End Times Angel of Destruction):

There is alot of weird shit going on in my life.

That said, I feel like I am waiting for something, something big! I won’t lie! I been saying I was born for something huge. My finances are set, I am living the way I want to live which is on my terms so I really have no worries. I question the messages cause I have a scientific way of approaching this and not just take shit at face value cause it appears to me as such. I recall one of those pointy hat wearing spirits like right here:

Saying that it is a fallen angel and I was the Antichrist. I was like bruh stop playing (telepathically is how I conveyed it). I recall when I started fighting this shit while figuring what is around me I heard it saying – and it seemed playfully as well – “I’m losing energy.” I recall a while back a tarot reader was saying that satan was chasing me for my energy. I don’t know what to make of it but I will say this…

Something weird IS going on, something very weird in my world. For a long time now I’ve been having these visions to be the Antichrist A FEW OF WHICH you can read below:

I also feel that the constant hatred, abuse I get from people maybe designed to harden me so that at the final judgement – if this is true and I am what they say I really am – I’ll have no problems killing people. 

By the way, the word count came out to 333:

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