Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

EDIT: THIS JUST IN! I did more research and found out that Abaddon’s name is basileia which in Greek means Empress and was later designed to mean or rather angiclized into “kingdom of God”:

I also notice that in word count it amounts to 1994:

Now 2004:

And today my eyes got me to notice 999 (My expression aka destiny number) on a license plate. I take it as a sign!

Shit sounds like abandoned. Okay, this shit was strange…

Early this morning I had a dream or more than likely astral travel experience in which I was in some wrestling match. It seemed to have occurred in some dystopuc future where it felt that the world had ended. That said, when I was preparing to wrestle this big blonde muscular lady – I was asked to choose a name. This seemed like it was occurring at the WWE! Make a long story short, out of the list of names chosen, Abaddon popped up! Before then, Azrael (the first name). Azrael is also an angel of destruction:


So I got up and looked the name up online. It said that Abaddon will be an angel who will rise up at the End Times and destroy the world. It is also the name of Jesus Christ. You can read about it here:


And here…


Here are the screenshots to prove it:

– Funny, I personally keep seeing 9:11 and 9:11 is the part of Revelations that mentions Abaddon.

I don’t know why the author says Abaddon isn’t Jesus Christ but is Satan when the screenshots taken of his own words (you will see what I mean when you read it) clearly confirms it!

Ya boy, Gorilla199 (He was cute, he a former heroin addict) talked about that shit and got ran off of youtube and made fun of like a mofo (SO YOU KNOW HE TELLING THE TRUTH!!!):

That said, I explored this myself here:




And, again, the truth is shown in plain sight in films…

* She even look a lil black!

Guess who they had play “Abaddon” in “Supernatural”: A woman. See how deep this shit goes…


– That character’s characteristics reminds me ALOT of me – funny!

– Funny, I have a tendency to “destroy” shit after revealing the truth, just as Abaddon/Apollyon/Jesus/Goddess Kali will do!

They telling ya and as the Buy-Bull (I say that cause they stole their shit from others) says, “Those with ears who can hear… hear. Those with eyes to see… can see.” I say fuck the rest…

I explored it here:


And here (definitely):


Another name for Abaddon is Apollyon which sounds a lil feminine when you think about it. Funny because Apollyon correlates to the Sun meaning Egyptian God, Ra (I’ve been told that Ra is one of my Divine Protectors) and Jesus – whose name is Greek just like Apollyon – is considered to be one in the same with Apollyon which the name, Apollyon, derives from Apollo, a Sun Greek God. The whole Greek “mythos” even derives from ancient Egypt, in which basically the story of Jesus is the retelling of Isis (one of my Spiritual Protectors) and Horus (Ra):

The “virgin” mary, stolen from the Goddess Isis

– Christ by the way simply means, “anointed One”:


Even that author on the “carm” website slyly buttresses this notion by saying the locusts that will be sent to “fuck up people” near the End Times will be WOMEN and it makes sense since WE ARE in the Age of Aquarius aka the Age of the Womban hence why all this shit is coming out (female dominated films)….

They know what’s up!

In this New Ear that will RISE after the Old Era aka Age of Pieces aka AGE OF THE MAN (Age of the Demiurge aka Patriarchal God aka Age of Hierarchies aka Age of Racism) GETS DESTROYED (I saw glimpses of it) womben will be your rulers. The Divine Feminine energy will dominate – as it once did before the Demiurge, reptilians and archons stole our birthright to interact with the astral, aka the “otherside”, something which can only come about by invoking the Divine Feminine energy which correlatea to our True Spiritual side which I correlated here:


As I said before, the True Christ will be a womban (I believe it’s me and I talk about it here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/05/30/raven-masterson-is-satan/ ) and the “End” WILL BE AN END TO ALL THE FUCKED UP THINGS THAT’S BEEN GOING ON AND MANIPULATED AND CAUSED BY THE ARCHONS such as war, strife, poverty, HIERARCHIES = CASTE SYSTEMS all of which were brought about by living in the Era of Men aka Age of Pieces aka Rule of the Demiurge, which is gonna End!

That’s why the illuminati says: “Order (= Masculine, hierarchies) out of Chaos (=Womban, is reference to our volatile emotions that allows us to ultimatel ly interact with the spirit realm, such as when we on our menstrual cycle!).

I mean, think about it – why you think CERN which has been panned as being “demonic” by all these patriachal crakkka christ hypochristian mofos worshipping the Demiurge, A TRUE DEMON – – got a statue of GODDESS KALI (NOT SHIVA), THE DESTROYER, OUTSIDE THEIR OFFICE:

– Look at all them womben in the background with their breasts hanging out, happily rejoicing while Goddess Kali steps over a male corpse. Who else you think that represents:

C’mon now? That’s why I said for years men telling womben to cover our breasts up (which reminds them of the fact that we can give life and thus control it and THEY CAN’T) was a power play and an aspect of War against us. Them sexualizing it is a form of violence and, when you think about it, incest cause – unless you were raised on similac – the first thing you drunk was your mama’s breasts so how you gonna sexualize that??? That’s why mofos hate me and try to force me to get on with them. They know who I am…





* Fun fact, on the astral map as told to me by a young psychic lady KALI-FORNIA is represented by the ROOT CHAKRA ie lower chakra. I DON’T CARE WHERE PEOPLE SAY THE NAME CALIFORNIA COMES FROM – THERE ARE SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS TO HAVING THAT NAME! That’s why old paradigms die here and new paradigms sprout anew, here, just as Goddess Kali/Abaddon will destroy shit so that the Divine Feminine will rise, again (funny, too, I always felt Kali has a “feminine energy” like when I first moved out here).

Again, I’ve said before, my name adds up to 999 which means “completion” ie THE “END” OF A CYCLE as was talked about with 2012 (It didn’t mean the physical end of our world – just the end of a cycle):


– That’s something to take into account.

Also, right when I wrote about Goddess Kali, 1779 in word count popped up which was around the time of the American Revolution.

In numerology, 779 means the spirit guides are applauding you for leading by example:


…And I know “1” means new beginnings…

On a deeper level, just as Goddess Kali represents the feminine destructive side of Lord Shiva, so will this resurrected Jesus Christ, resurrected to become Abaddon – the destructive other half of God aka the Divine Feminine – will as well. See unlike hypochristianity which is based on the shallow perspective white folks have of the spiritual (I talk about WHY they do here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/10/29/white-people-are-organic-robotoids-created-by-reptilians-and-designed-to-shut-down-the-power-of-black-people/ ), other cultures embraced duality – thar other side, darker side and not try to shun it in an effort to become less than human as hypochristianity does!

That’s REALLY why so many men are becoming feminine cause they are adapting to it. It’s why you have so many transgenders and homosexuals! It’s changing to adapt to that new feminine energy and see womben are TRULY androgynous, naturally!

As a matter of fact, men – all humans – start off as female in the uterus:


We contain all the dna, phenotypes, genes to make ANY combination of humanity so as to why people trip on trannies which I believe it’s an expression of a strong past life AND their soul mission since they’re here to “switch things up” and move people to a more fluid, higher vibratory wavelenght (after all you are NOT what your body is and your soul is as amorphous as transgenders are). The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt (I know I come off as worshipping him but I LOVE his lectures) breaks shit down further…

That’s why you got all these mofos fighting over Trump (I like his being REAL which is an expression of the Age of Aquarius since he is fluid and not just a stereotype or someone who can be boxed in tho. hiveminded folk may try – his opinions show he has NUANCES ABOUT HIM but the redneck mofos caping for him cause of some of the shit he says – THOSE are the mofos who want us to return to the Age of Pieces) based on the STATE OF MIND of the hivemind mofos who either cape FOR or against him, how people are waking up due to pizzagate and how the world has been bs all alone – the poliTRICKians ain’t what they supposed (they supposed to be civil SERVANTS and not our RULERS LIVING IN MANSIONS), doing occult rituals involving human sacrifice of KIDS behind closed doors, doing horrible shit. There was a time – I remember – when we would ACCEPT IT! Now people question it and that’s why they introduced that bill, FOSTA, which is designed to quell free speech on the internet and they used backpage and sex workers (since they know no one will care about them to look into and thus fight that law) to do it, the deception which you can read here:


It’s gonna harm ALL OUR RIGHTS since it’s making it okay to jail webmasters for what their posters do or say which will result in a MAJOR infringement on Freedom of Speech (that’s why I say it will affect more than hoes)!

What we call the illuminati know that the world is changing and we are advancing. As I said in so many of mg blogs – the old institutions like the church, all that patriarchal shit is FEARFUL cause they losing power. See all that patriarchal energy shit was set up and designed to provide loosh aka negative energy to the Demiurge by causing, starting wars, etc. – all that shit that is associated with the masculine energy.

The book called “Report from Iron Mountain” that was released in 1987 or 88 revealed their plans (hence why they called it “satire” – satire of what since people weren’t anywhere near woke as they are now!):


With the internet they can’t suppress shit (though they trying) so now they trying to be clever and push this Divine Masculine shit with Mark Passio (if this mofo ain’t an agent why you think his ass getting endorsements and paid ALOT OF MONEY to do speeches while my black ass stay always getting ran off of online? That’s how you KNOW who is real and who ain’t.):

I peep he got comments and even the likes, ratings, BLOCKED! The further we go into the Age of Aquarius, THE MORE PEOPLE WON’T BE RECEPTIVE TO THAT DECEPTIVE BS!

They trying as hard as possible to keep us in the dark (pun intended) and in the Age of Pieces so that they can continue to provide us as energy sacrifices to the Demiurge, Archons – those gods they worship and have you FAKE worshipping in church – so that they can continue to get power from em! Why do you think all these patriarchal religions teach you that opening your chakas, dealing with the spirit world, opening up abilitoes such as telepathy are all “sins” which coincidentally happens to be attributes of the Divine Feminine? Think about it?

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