This Is What Going Up Against The Matrix REALLY LOOKS LIKE

This shit is NOT EASY and I am learning that it’s been me protecting me after all…

That said, all the stuff I talk about



and here:

…is starting to add up! The spiritual, psychic attacks (last night I felt something try to pull me out of the back of my head = pineal gland) the more I started to question this matrix system we live in: not the 3D world but the “spiritual” One. I’ve seen entities appear holographic before me. I’ve gotten emails from people like Lamont Stanton (PRAY FOR HIM AS HIS OLD SOUL HAS BEEN REMOVED AND REPLACED BY A REPTILIAN AND IS STUCK IN THE ASTRAL) HERE, trying to throw me off my mission:

– I think THIS the serial killer Donna Martinez been talking about. The deceptiveness, the manipulative-ness of his words, the apparent OBSESSION for me (I done ran this BASTARD up the street numerous times and he keeps contacting me, even sending me money to “lure me back in”, the contempt and revelation of his REAL feelings when I don’t fall for his bs and the dangerous shit he says – possessed or not (which he is) this a fucking psychopath WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING and if this mofo come anywhere near me I’m shooting cause I KNOW this mofo is a danger).

Imma do a whole blog article on this mofo and his emails. When I tried to do a prayer in the past to get that shit out his body, HE FILED A PRIVACY NOTICE AGAINST THE VID (THO. I TALKED ABOUT HIM IN THE PAST – I GUESS THE TAKING THAT ENTITY OUT LAMONT STANTON’S BODY IS WHAT SCARED IT!!!), HE STILL TRIED TO CHARM ME BY SENDING ME MONEY in true psychopath fashion to lure me back and note how IT tries to use trigger words to fuck with my head then act sympathetic in psychopathic fashion!

Then gaslight me into thinking that what I sense in his intentions ain’t true (the fucker is STUPID – how you gonna fool a “sensitive” aka psychic person?). That said, I’ve faced esp. of late many spiritual attacks – alongside flesh and blood ones like from this white organic robotoid here who I’ve talked about in the past, Irene Brennan, a bitch who says racist shit and harasses me WHICH YOU CAN SEE RIGHT HERE:

and other blacks YET BLAMES EVERYTHING ON THE JEWS like the sociopathic CRAKKKAROACH SHE IS (PROVING whites ain’t hue-man but are “soul suckers”, energy vampires of the true melanated huemans which is why she and other crakkkaroaches – which is why I call them that – STAY monitoring us like they do, like the robotic soulless satellites for the archons they are, as I explain here: ):

– That said, the dude whose dick I was sucking is a creole jew! Here it is again:

With that said, I faced some psychic attacks last night. I won’t go into details but it indicates I am becoming totally divergent aka “333” in numerology as described by Farmer Gootu on Youtube right before he transitioned (whites don’t have souls but this guy – due to being mixed – does which is why I described him aptly instead of saying, “dead.”). That said, when you are on the verge of breaking free from the TRUE matrix and telling everything about it – the reptilians, archons send their machine robotoid crakkkaroach units like Irene Brennan, fellow reptilian “souls” of darkness like Lamont Stanton, and others to throw you off. Means I’m in the right direction. My job is to show all MELANATED BEINGS the way out from up under the Demiurge and it’s archonic co-horts (all the gods and goddesses of EVERY religion and spiritual system here on Planet Earth) AND BACK TO THE POWER OF YOUR DIVINE MELANATED CONSCIOUS SELVES, THE TRUE LIGHT-POWER (HENCE LIGHT WORKER WHICH AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH NO PEACE AND LOVE SHIT) THAT LIES AND CAN SHINE WITHIN, the power that lies within us that comes from the Divine Feminine Melanated Goddess that lies in another realm.

That’s why they attack, slander me, put me down cause I am here to show you the way – and they fear that!

That said, fuck angel numbers, fuck angels, demons – fuck the system you been taught! It’s all a lie designed to keep melanated beings from coming into our own individual spiritual true powers by having you worship these archetypes created by the Demiurge designed to steal your power and make you dependant on them.

It takes a “godly” consciousness to overstand all of this, a consciousness which I FOUGHT to have and in which I am teaching All Melanated Beings to have the same.

You don’t get this much hatred – and so many psychic attacks – like I do unless you are on the right course, the right path!

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