How Schizophrenia TRULY Works As Shown to Me Via Astral Projection

This has just GOT to be a fucking astral projection!!! No way around it… the way it felt, what happened – IT WAS SO FUCKING REAL! SO FUCKING REAL!!!! I astral projected I’m guessing via the “dream state” as I discussed here: I was aware, VERY AWARE! The YONIVERSE teaches alot!

That said, this EXPERIENCE was crazy!

It showed me how TRUE schizophrenia works! Look at this scene here from Mel Brook’s film “Life Stinks” to see what I mean…

The lil homeless darling was RIGHT! IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE, HE WAS JOHN PAUL GETTY, LOL! But it’s true. Here me out via my own “dream”…

That said, it seemed I was fused into the consciousness/ body of a fat lil white guy who looked like this dude, here:

– “She” kinda cutee, very pretty in a “gender-fluid” way!

Here HE is claiming he a “she” – lol – AND that he Filipina (nigga on the trans-racial shit like them other people – that’s gonna be a “thing”, people).

That said, I was in HIS BODY! The dude whose body I was in looked EXACTLY like the person above… EXACTLY!

Anyways, I was in a school which seemed to be a high school, elementary (I have seemed to travel here NUMEROUS times in the astral) and I kept thinking of “not attending de la salle high school” – memories that were MINES!

That said, the guy whose body I was in was highly intelligent and known to be psychic. Make a long story short… he had to do a paper on HIS life and I recall hearing him say – and I was astral viewing him as well – THAT HE REMEMBERS LIFE AS A BLACK WOMAN WHO LIVED OUTTA HER CAR AND WENT THRU ALOT! Im his reality – he was diagnosed with “schizophrenia” cause sometimes my memories and consciousness would take over his.

Wow… that was an experience. It was SOOO vivid!

It reminds me of this story I read a loooong long time ago – back in 2011 – in which a guy stated that, every night when he would “dream” – he dreamt of an alternate reality where he “woke up” – all of a sudden – on beachfront property, being extremely wealthy and having a beautiful life – none of which he was in his waking life!

I remember “waking” into a reality where I was a blonde lil white girl (even when I astral project I seem to be in the body of a white woman, girl or even white man), I was in a bathing suit – I wasn’t as “conscious” as I am now (that’s why they used to say knowledge is a burden and how ignorance is bliss as shown in this “Matrix” scene here):

and I had NUMEROUS FRIENDS, MANY – which was counter to my actual waking life in my reality! That said, I’M GLAD my reality turned out the way it did! I wouldn’t change it and looking back it was BEST I went to the high school I did as now when are in an Age (Age of Aquarius which I discuss here: ) where people are more woke and now Youtubers and non traditional media people – like myself – are becoming the hot things that people listen to without compromising who we are or our message as was done back in the day. Hell, Justin Beiber was EXCITED AS A FAN to see a youtuber:

I myself watch 13signsastrology (Well, back in the day before he totally dropped out – this is an old vid):

AND THE GREAT BABA BOBBY HEMMITT! Hell, he broke down how Michael Jackson is Archangel Michael, here:

That said, great teachers, messiah seeds like him and some would say – me – would have to weave via the tangled web that is Hollywood to get our truths heard albeit compromised. I always wondered why people practically WORSHIPPED Michael Jackson. Baba Bobby Hemmit BROKE IT DOWN! The internet, youtube change that hence why they trying to censor it which I discuss here:

Times have changed!

I wouldn’t of had deep shit to talk about, be on a very special road to ascension – REACH ALOT OF PEOPLE (And piss the right mofos off) if it wasn’t for my decision in high school. Yeah I missed out on all the casual dating (I woulda been with white bois) and all that – BUT I WOULD NEVER TRADE MY LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS I HAVE NOW, MY KNOWLEDGE! I would been mentally “dead” to say the least or involved in “pizzagate” as I later learned. I’m happy to be here, be aware and be content in the “true” me and not just the pseudo image “skin”, masks people wear to make others content at the expense of themselves! I can peel back the layers and know that whatever I did – that was me! I don’t suppress shit, hide shit or deny things to myself. Even that push for the special high school experiences – that was imposed upon me by society, stressed upon me that that must be the quintessential high school experience and not finding your TRUE self – which started at Xavier Prep DESPITE what I went through. I learned alot about me – that I’m special and here for a special purpose – to be strong and I TREASURE the knowledge I have about ME!

My whole point I guess is FIND YOU, BE YOU! Our whole purpose is based on whatever soul contract you signed before coming here. Find out what that is. If you don’t like it, you can always change it:

Funny cause after having mentioned “The Matrix” up above, a guy named “Unplugged by the Matrix” with the Matrix mathematical equations appears below:

– See, all the shit is apart of the matrix!

I’ve seen 4D, 5D entities (I believe I have a 5D level of consciousness) that looked like holograms…

Proves our universe is holographic!

I’ve seen alot and my spiritual world stays “popping” (3D shyte/experiences, earthly PROGRAMMED so called “pleasures” don’t do anything for me) which brings me to my next point: nothing is better than a Spiritual Journey – you can change things, events, control things, people, bring to fruition your heart’s desire but you may get to a point where you are like: “What’s the point?” cause when you SEE how fluid our 3D “reality” is – I’ve seen “waves of reality” appear in the air – you will be like, “What’s the point???” Cause you will realise there is more to THIS reality – higher dimensions which can be seen via the third eye, crown chakra – showing there is not just more, but GREATER than what you see here!

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