My Crazy Day My Crazy Life

Before I begin I wanna say…

I don’t like this mofo here! Here that hoe’s FuckBoi Book:

– Nigga name ain’t no “Steve Price” (trying to be white fucking twinkie aka yellow on the outside, white on the outside, lol).

-This his chile or his gf? Alot of these old pedophile mofos be having girls for girlfriends – LOL, see what I did there?

– Friend list?

I think he one of them motorcyclist that be talking SHIT about me! If this is him, which I suspect it is, THIS BITCH is the type of GOOK (LOOK, BITCHES – I call people crakkkaroaches, niggaroaches and shit so unless you paying my bills – fuck you, hoe, cause Imma say what I want) that has that old school white man mentality where womben gotta be in “their places” (that’s why I’m gonna abort ANY male child I have – show you male bitches whose in charge) and politically correct but only the way Californians can be (they won’t say NIGGER and shit) and try to be accepted cause he lack self acceptance (betcha he a closet case). Anyways, without further adieu…

Ya’ll gotta watch this video! It’s crazy!

Buy both vids here:

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Here is some more crazy shit I did during the course of a day! I LUV MY LIFE, cause I can be me!

– Here is a BIG version of what you will see in there:

– I’m trying to do the Baphomet (As Above, SOOO below).

LOL, I look possessed here, lol:

Here I am talking to a chauffeur (I wonder if these niggaz are secret service for Sell-ebs since I see driving up and down the PCH?) about my being topless after walking out of said chicken place in Malibu – again as I did in the prior video:

Here me cussing out a white dude cause I sensed from his facial expression (he look like a fahjay) he was gonna say some derogatory shit about my being topless:

Buy both vidz here

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I also JUST have to say –

I am sooo pretty XD

– And Malibu is beautiful, too!

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