Seeing UFO’s And Walking Into Autozone Topless Again

Look, not too long after posting this article HERE:

This bitch done sent this ole half dead Steven Spielberg mofo to “jew-stalk” me FOR SHEKELS!!! Bitch, I live in my car: I’M BROKE!

Buy vid here

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Then not too long after I had ANOTHER JEW – I don’t know if that nigga was trying to pick me up thinking I was a street walker (lol) or whatever – but he drove past me, called me “stupid” then parked his car a lil ways away – I guess thinking I was gonna jump into his car like street walkers or something IN MALIBU of all places!!!

These niggaz are funny!

Anywayz, notice that since I’ve been “living” aka PARKING in Malibu alot of the subject matter I talk about here is rather flimsy and not as, let’s say, you don’t see alot of misery in the posts. It’s more whimsical if you haven’t noticed!

Oh yes, I wonder if pretty hoe created this fake troll account of me (I keep sensing it’s someonw with a petty beef towards me). This shit’s funny tho.:

– For some reason I keep getting an image of a young black woman in flames (meaning emotional state) coming to my mind when I try to think of the owner of that site. She looks like her – this is what comes to mind:

Anyways, said facebook popped up not too long after I updated this blog in which I saw in the spirit realm some unsavoury things about Tray Dee, thefinehoe’s (dem names crack me up – fuck mines used to be the nappyhoe):

Anywayz, it was not too long after I saw in the Spirit and t posted about Tray Dee and certain correlations (his beef with Daylyt for speaking out against the illuminati which he conveyed cryptically) which you can read here:

Anywayz, after having sex…

I was drunk ass hell when I took these pics. I tried to get one of the dude’s dick but he took it out my hand and I can’t blame him cause I did it without permission. Welp, I still got my ass and pussy to show…

Here more drunk ass pics I took that
night (some of these are nice, lol)!

(I oughta make this my facebook profile pic, lol!)


Here some I took at that dude who died’s memorial who I talked about here (cpuld this be considered a snuff film: ):

I took video as well…

Here more fuckery pics I took the next day:

At some point I went into an autozone, topless:

But first I do the “no shirt no shoes no service” thing, lol (just kidding – it was just lack of a shirt):

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Now I go in, topless:

At some point, while venturing in, again, I peeped a topless dude and a gay looking lady leering at him:

The contrast is stunning in how people treat me differently than they would a topless man tho. at one point it was illegal for them to brandish their nipples:

Afterwards, I go to the 99 cents store then see this sign:

Sign says, “Maybe I’m a man!”

– Ya’ll get the subliminal between the sign and me?

I see a fig leaf on the ground:

I pose with it (cause it is largely symbolic). I pose more with it later on…

I see a masonic temple…

I show how QUICK I am to eat the healthy banana over the acidic cocoa cola (You know, I noticed tho. – when I drunk lemon over coke, shit was more mad acidic (the lemon water) and made my stomach so acidic to the point I was throwing up.

Banana water is better…

Why do these cokes got names on em…

Also, why these rent a cops and they cars look so official…

If I didn’t know any better I woulda thought they were sheriffs…

– Fun fact: I used to be a “rent a cop” aka security guard for the Port of New Orleans in La.

Anyways, I go back to Malibu and start doing the fig leaf thing:

And here I am throwing up a middle finger for my phone’s wallpaper:

He another one (I took the above TODAY!):

– LOL!

Here I am, checking to see if it’s that bus driver who tried to run me off the side of the road which I discussed here:

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Here this ole gay bitch (I can tell) trying to call the cops on my being topless. Now, what trips me out is how can you be what many would say is unnatural by STICKING YOUR DICK IN THE TRASHCAN OF THE HUMAN BODY IE THE BOOTYHOLE yet breasts which are used to feed children and are TOTALLY NATURAL are somehow wrong for folks to look at due to our sick ass society fetishuzing them:

Look at this nasty ass storm drain…

Don’t that road ahead look like the Great Wall of China:

Here I am taking a night stroll…

Here some more pictures…

Don’t I look like fucking Treat Williams in the face (funny we got the same last name):

MANDELA EFFECT IN EFFECT EVERYBODY!!! I was trying to find stills of Treat Williams from that film “Tremors” AND COULDN’T FIND SHIT THO I KNOW HE WAS IM THAT FILM!!!

OR this dude named Docta Canis on youtube:

– He also goes by the “hard tard” on youtube!

I got that frumpy ass getting over drinking face there.

Funny, considering what I’m about to mention – I saw a black helicopter (which is associated with ufos, etc.) RIGHT BEFORE I SAW ONE LAST NIGHT which I will post below:

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Anyways, something tripped me out. I only seen this shit in Malibu. One night I noticed that there was a bright ass light that dimmed only after I started taping. THAT’S A FUCKING UFO!!!

Here are pics:

Then it faded to fucking black:

Then popped up again which you can see here:

I don’t care what anybody says… that’s a fucking ufo!!!

Here more pics:

Bye! (This was one looong ass article)

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