Bum Killed By Asian Driver On PCH In Malibu

Now I’m like the fucking newz… lol

I’m already showing by the way:

Anyways, bum – let me stop – THE DUDE from the Big Lebowski GOT HIT BY A SMOOOTH CRIMINAL early this morning after, I’m guessing, walking drunk, high, high on heroin, I dunno, on the PCH by an Asian driver – lol!

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Real factz!

Lamestream media KTLA showed up to record LOONG AFTER I taped (this shit occurred around 2am, 5am not too far from where my bum ass lives, lol):


– Cops took her into custoday as can be seen by her car getting impounded. I sense her bail is probably relatively low – like between $25,000 to $45,000. They prob. took her in for manslaughter.

Now, she didn’t appear to be drunk. Now, when I was in AA a white boi talking said that they told him he was “alright” aka ALLWHITE cause the dude he hit was black and a bum and PRESUMABLY on crack – ALL THE WHILE THIS MOFO WAS DRUNK AND HIGH WHEN HE DID IT. There was a white boi who a bum who lives in his car on the pch who said THE SAME THING

That said, I’m quite certain she hit a bum ass crakkkaroach. IF THEIR STORIES ARE TO BE BELIEVED WHICH I FEEL IS TRUE – that’s fucked up to be taking her gook, no driving ass into custody!

Here they are having sanitation clean up the “mess” – that’s wrong, like he trash, lol!

This shit occurred not too far from my home/car which is alwayd parked alone the PCH!

Notice I’m pregnant and a death occurred not too far from where I lived! That’s some spiritual occult ritual shitt right there. My mama used to say that when a death occurs it’s designed to give life to a new soul!

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