Stalked By Crazy Racist Psycho NARCISSIST Youtube Troll Jim Domen aka Jim Herbertson

This bitch go by many names, including at one point, Liv Domen. As to WHY he would wanna go up against a “sensitive” psychic is BEYOND ME!!

But… this is the type of shit you gotta watch out for when you make youtube videos.

Back in the day, it used to be these mofos – who would comb through Entertainment Weekly like Robert John Bardo who murdered up and coming actress (I know this out of form but I wonder if she hit the casting couch?) Rebecca Schaeffer back in the 80s:


Anyways, these mofos would comb those magazines, looking up intimiate facts, intimiate info, EVERYTHING THEY COULD ABOUT TJE OBSESSION OF THEIR SICK EYE (Oops, I mean, “apple”) IN AN ATTEMPT TO GET AS CLOSE TO EM AS POSSIBLE…

Now they doing this shit with Youtubers!

It’s not beyond the realm of imagination that we put alot of ourselves out there. So this we attract alot of sickos who think they know you…

For instance, Veritas Entrepreneurship of Ma’at (that’s MK Ultra – she got her brainwashing aka programming in the military) who literally lost it when I told her she was still bothered by shit that happened to her in the military, an excerpt of which you can read here:

I can also name countless others, including this crazy black dude named “Robert” who became OBSESSED with me after I did some show awhile back. That said, I present to you “Liv Domen”, “Jim Domen” aka REAL NAME – JIM HERBERTSON OF THE U.K., THE LATEST PSYCHO:



Here more shit showing his obsessive SICK tendencies (this bitch a sociopath):

And here he is, saying the SAME shit here:

Here he is, calling me a NIGGER when I DISMISSED HIS ASS!



And here his crazy, broke ass subbing to my channel in typical stalker fashion…

NOW, after some thinking I realized that I was dealing with a NARCISSIST! When I broke down basically all the WORD FUCKING – as I call it – he was doing, I was able to see past his bs! Here is what I wrote:

“You keep bringing up I live outta my car but I’m comfortable with this. That said, it’s YOU projecting how YOU would feel about this living arrangement ON ME!

I don’t know every minute detail on you. BUT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ME! You even brought up porn I fucking did. You also bringing up all that bs about how I ain’t got nobody and how you got a gf (I guess to make me “jealous” in your OWN SICK FUCKED UP NARCISSISTIC MIND) WHEN I RUN PEOPLE UP THE FUCKING STREET AND IT’S YOUUUU TRYING TO INSIST I NEED SOMEONE! Here proof:

You the one emailing me on Christmas fucking Eve when you supposedly got a gf and most “normal” people you claim to be are with family, etc.

Now, given ALL the evidence – you know about my porn, you obsessively know about details of my life, I don’t follow you but YOU FOLLOW ME – you’re a narcissistic stalker with rage issues who can’t find a real girlfriend so you nake fake ones – in your head – from YouBoob!

Let me count the ways… when I reject your advances, you act like a spurned young boy and call me names – “nigger” and all this shit then say you got a “gf” in an effort to make me “jealous” I guess you’re thinking! That’s why I said your manipulative and your narcissism when THE PERSON AIN’T FOOLED AND CALLS YOU OUT IN THIS CASE. IN TYPICAL NARCISSISTOC FASHION – you project YOUR values and belief systems on me: in this case because you wouldn’t wanna live in your car, YOU PROJECT THAT VALUE SYSTEM ON ME! YOU also don’t want to be alone (I DON’T WANT TO BE N
BOTHERED) and so you project that want on me as well when spurned by saying, “I got a gf and I’m spending Christmas with family” like I give a fuck. And this after I told you I don’t give a fuck and that was in response to your psycho obsessed letter in which in typical narcissistic fashion you make ASSumptions/ really, projections based on how YOU would feel in  regards to being in my shoes in my life circumstances. Also, you’re a liar in that you’re saying you spending Christmas with family when you know gotdamned well YOU AIN’T (Again where the fuck were they at when you were homeless for 2 months) cause you wouldn’t be spending all this time emailing me back and forth – going from being “concerned” to insulting me and putting my porn out there (letting me KNOW – indubitably – that your motives are sexual) because people who really are concerned with how a person is doing and DON’T HAVE A SELFISH AGENDA would be more understanding if that person lashes out but ALL your doing is using insults as a way to lash out at ME to protect your fragile ego because your intentions were selfish from the get go! That’s indicative of a narcissist. I also wanna add I’ve had people help me. You threw in in your letter of “concern” nothing but selfish requests that I “not be lonely” (cause you’ve developed some fixation with me), alot of CONDESCENDING PROJECTIONS AND FALSE ASSUMPTIONS and then when I came back and responded by calling you out you respond by calling me names (which is nothing something a kind hearted SELFLESS person would do if they were REALLY trying to help someone they feel needed it and knew to expect backlash given the sensitivity of things) in an attempt to protect your narcissistic ego.

You show all the traits of a narcissistic stalker whose afraid of developing REAL relationships. So what you do is you follow me and other women online who you know you will never have a relationship with from a safe distance so you won’t get your ego hurt so as to protect your fantasy – hence why you lash out esp. sexually (bringing up the porn for instance) when I call you out. That’s why you keep bringing up you don’t wanna be alone by telling me this when in fact IT IS YOU WHO DON’T WANNA BE LONELY, hence why you pretend to know me (cause it makes you feel special IN YOUR EYES as if you hold a special place around me which ain’t true).

I am also guessing since you’re prob. young and are on government assistance that you get a crazy check cause I’m quite certain you are able bodied so the next best thing would be a crazy check and I’m quite certain you would need that to get government housing.

That said, I ain’t like the white bitches you fucked with. I don’t play this back and forth shit. I also realize your ass need MEDICATION of some kind – some therapy – to deal with your crazy shit. I laid out all the facts: I ain’t telling a complete stranger as you said yourself in a CONDESCENDING MANNER that you know more about my life and myself than you do! I AIN’T TELLING A COMPLETE STRANGER ONLINE every minute detail of her life. I ain’t emailing a person claimining to not be lonely but then send porn and comments about “someone getting they head bashed in” (That’s what you wanna do to ME cause I ain’t giving in to your shit) TO A COMPLETE STRANGER I DON’T KNOW – ESP. ON CHRISTMAS! But you’re doing all this to me. I think it’s a lifelong issue with you. I think you need to kill yourself. Your welcome!”

I also wrote this:

Re: 🙂

[email protected] 12/25/2017 (06:38:25 PM PST)click to expand contents 

Another reason why I KNOW you’re a narcissist with delusions of grandeur (overestimating your abilities, etc.) is that you throw constant put downs at me in part cause you’re jealous (I see past the, “Oh you homeless” shit which is a way, a smokescreen to divert from how you truly feel) IS ALSO CAUSE YOU’RE TRYING TO FIND MY ACHILLE’S HEEL, my “weak” spot (hence why you kept overemphasizing that I need to make myself “vulnerable” and some shit) so you can MANIPULATE that with your sick, narcissistic, psychotic (I see elements in that with the narcissistic ASSumptions of presuming you know about my private and internal life then I do and the subsequent rage you throw out when I call you out which further highlights the fact you’re a narcissist) behind. Alas, again – you at HOME typing me and not with your mother and “girlfriend” whom you made up just as you made up knowing me.


– At home typing to me and everything.”

In case you didn’t know, the last video in quotes was the Eminem video, “Stan”, where an OBSESSED FAN writes as if he is Slim Shady’s best friend, AS IF HE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT SLIM SHADY just as this peckerwood did to me! Here’s his response:

– The English of Dido (pretty name) in the vid is a nice touching and HEAVILY IRONIC considering that the dude stalking me is ENGLISH HIMSELF!


Again, when you read it, you see him call me all sorts of NIGGERS when I call him out! THIS is a person who follows because THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THEIR STATION! See how alot of that shit he’s saying are PROJECTIONS! This mofo is LONELY and somehow after following my youtube videos he’s built it in his mind that he’s “my man” and we’re kindred spirits and we are alike cause we are supposed to be together and all the other murder-suicide shit STALKERS say about their prey before they do something. This a lonely, LOST mofo who lives in public housing. I sensed his mom was a MEAN EVIL BITCH which he conflates with a “strong” woman with alot of mental illness and he hates her for it and unfortunately – because of my REAL strenght – he’s sees her in me! I even sense she molested him, hence why the hatred. Doesn’t mean I’M GONNA TAKE ABUSE, ESP. from a nutso I DID NOTHING TOO! NOTE he also mentions stalking another woman, calling her a “friend” like I’m quite certain he did me then RUNNING HER OFF OF YOUTUBE! I almost get a serial killer, Robert De Niro from “Taxi Driver” lonely vibe from this mug…

Here his email: [email protected]

I’ll put it to you like this: I have the emotional constitution I have cause it’s necessary to my destiny!There’s something called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and as I said in another video, people need people cause you all look for yourselves in the other person via relationships. I’M BEYOND THAT! I’M HIGHLY SELF ACTUALIZED TILL THE POINT WHERE THAT CAN SUCK ME DOWN because to put it blunt – most people are NOT on my level of consciousness! It would be a step down to deal with most people. I am here to educate you! As I learned through satanism, the spirit world CAN INFLUENCE – AND I’VE SEEN IT HAPPEN – FOR PEOPLE TO DO THINGS ON MY BEHALF VIA EMOTIONAL MENTAL MANIPULATION BY ENTITIES, SPIRITS! I’ve seen the power of the Spirit World and it overrules humans, always which is why I know getting to know people (who ain’t on my level of consciousness) IS A WASTE OF TIME! I don’t need that when I can get the Spirit World to compel people to help me – whether they realize it or not. I’ve had people come out the blue – when I need it – and help me, inexplicably as if a force, an energy set the right things into place, into motion to make certain things happen so things won’t be too bad for me! Little things like that. I recall getting stranded and a very noce lady came out and on her expense called AAA. THEN when I got to Autozone – a young man – one of those people who do mechanic work in parking lot, FIXED IT, CONSUMMATELY – FOR FREE! THAT’S THE WORLD I NOW DEAL WITH! A WORLD I AM STILL LEARNING! IT’S MY CONCERN CAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU RUN THINGS! Ask the illuminati and their statutes of ancient deities at Bohemian Grove:

– Btw you can offer people up as “sacrifices” on a physical and/ or spiritual level and get money, power, whatever you desire – out of it!

After all, the universe recognizes ENERGY, NOT karma!

I don’t desire alot! I just wanna fulfill my destiny!

That’s said, I attract alot of deep thinking, WOUNDED people who wanna in their own way learn how to get over their wounds but as Darkness said in the movie, “Legend” (1985), I also attract very unsavoury, WEAK people who are scared of my power – my strength – and ability to get over adversity and shake it off like it’s dust, almost! But at the same time you get these people who envy that and they use words to try to diminish me in their eyes cause THAT IS ALL THEY CAN THROW!

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