Patricia Piccinini’s Sculptures Depicts Genetic Experiments At Dulce Base Nightmare Hall

As I explained here with Bilijana Djurdjevic and pizzagate and how the paintings there are actual scenes of actual tortures that took place in torture rooms as Tony Podesta hinted which you can read AND see pics of here:

I SINCERELY FUCKING BELIEVE that Piccinini’s sculptures ARE LEGIT depictions of what goes down at Nightmare Hall at Dulce Deep Underground Military Base (that shit is horrible) and other alien joint human DUMBS (Deep underground military bases) where experiments were conducted on humans).

This was a human changed after genetic experiments done at an alien military joint deep underground military base:

Here more.

Depiction of an old man and his wife (they possibly emulated her from a pic they found in his wallet after abducting him):

More grotesque shit:


They turning people into body parts down there:


Shit’s gets worse… this what they do to KIDNAPPED BABIES:

Look like T.I.’s wife, Tiny, as a baby!

Trying to recreate Hindu God Lord Ganesh (with the elephant nose):

Here the “child” as “she” “growing up”, smdh!

This being I sense was formerly a real woman who was a teacher, very pretty, young – before she was kidnapped by a UFO and taken deep underground:

THIS I sense was strictly lab created from a 40 year old man:

– That was strictly lab created, too, taken from the ovaries/dna of a very pretty red haired young woman.


You can see this was once a human (Asian) woman who still has some awareness of what it used to be but doesn’t know WHY it’s sad. NOTE THE CHILD IS STILL HUMAN BEING NURSED BY IT in which the baby looks like the original race of the mom (Asian). This gives me the impression when they genetically altered her – now I’m getting a vision – and merged her with monkey genes, they somehow left the child to stay human to see if the “mother” in this new grotesque form will still nurture the baby and whether the child will still remember his (it’s a boy) mom. I see the mom being strapped and wailing and yelling to find out, “What’s going on?”

– NOTE AT THE BOTTOM IT SAYS THE “PARTS” USED TO MAKE THIS INCLUDES “HUMAN HAIR.” Where the FUCK in light of all that I said they get human hair from??? WHY NOT SYNTHETIC! This shit’s disturbing AND depressing to say the least…

To throw us off… they throwing this other artist named Ron Mueck with shit that looks grotesque (like caricatures) but NOTHING like what that Patricia Piccinini (sound like pickaninny) “makes”:

– Just a “copycat” (based on the style) artist with a depiction of a regular but ugly ass old baby!

Here the Patricia Pickanniny artist right here:

Basically, according to witnesses such as Phil Schneider who you can read about here and Thomas Castello who was a former security guard whom you can learn about here were at or worked at Dulce Military base, there is a level called level 7 where there are rows of cages of humans. THEN there is “Nightmare Hall” where genetic experiments are straight conducted on humans who were kidnapped via ufos (that’s why you gotta watch out for that shit!) which you can read more about here:

To buttress this, back in 2007, a man “having 6 webbed fingers” popped ashore off the coast of Long Island in NY from Plum Island where a research facility said to conduct experiments is on (same place where the “Montauk Monster” derived), which you can read in mainstream newspaper, the New York Post (so you know it’s legit):

Here an excerpt:


It’s not too out of the way for ufos to do: Back in the 60’s, a young Brazilian farmer was according to witnesses taken by a ufo and then dropped in a field – dead – with his butthole cored out, skin of his lips removed, and more frightening of all – he was exsanguinated (meaning blood removed), organs too ALL WHILE HE WAS STANDING UP AND ALIVE (apparently, just as the illuminati drink adrenochrome so do aliens which comes from a mixture of adrenaline mixed in the blood which gives a high WHICH “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” writer Hunter S. Thompson talked about which can be seen in a scene from the film of said name:

Here is more information on the Guarapiranga ufo alien human mutilation incident along with an article that explains more, a pic, an excerpt and a video revealing this travesty: HERE AN ARTICLE THAT REVEALS BETTER OF WHAT’S GOING ON:

Pictures of said incident…

Here a vid on it:

Here is Butch Witkowski – former law enforcement fbi agent now ufo researcher/lecturer – talking about alien mutilation of humans:


This shit real. With pizzagate and this shit THEY DROPPING DIMES/DOX on themselves cause I feel they preparing us for something (pizzagate I feel was accidental tho.). I feel Patricia Piccinini’s “creations” are designed to pave the way for “trans-humanism” hence why they have these abominations depicted in a friendly manner alongside CHILDREN mainly, like here:

And here. (We got one face fucking a child meaning they pushing PEDOPHILIA AND TRANSHUMANISM/BESTIALITY):

– Yeah, we got bestiality here!

Here I’m guessing an underground DUMB employee raising a half monkey, half human child:

Here is Patricia with one herself:

Given it’s got the owl on her shoulder, I guess we can say, “illuminati confirmed!”

Some said themselves they felt a creepy “aura” from her “work”:

I believe they gonna at some point release these abominations amongst us of which the “6 webbed finger man” talked about in the NY Post article was one and the Montauk Monster which came from Long Island was another:

The thing even has furry straps on it’s wrist meaning IT WAS HELD CAPTIVE SOMEWHERE!!!

AS I SAID and this video confirms it (in which big time truthers are getting taken down) SHIT GONNA POP OFF IN 2018 and it’s gonna get REAL… they ain’t leaking all this shit with Harvey Weinstein, etc. FOR NOTHING! They preparing us for something…

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