The Occult Orgins of the KKK Burqa Outfits and the Om Chant


Told ya ??
Peep what they wearing here:

and what what I know to be necromancer demon magicians (who exist in the astral) wear here as can be seen in the 3rd season of American Horror Story’s intro

– Peep the “33” in the corner left witch ??‍♀️ is the highest level of enlightenment that humanity can attain as explain in numerous, esp. khemetian (Egyptian) spiritual systems and other ancient spiritual systems around the world.

I’VE SEEN ENTITIES with my own eyes who revealed WHY the KKK murdered people. It was profound insight. LISTEN!

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In short, the kkk dressed as the necromancer demons they made sacrifices to. There is high spiritual content in melanin as can be explained in this article here:

– Peep the 33 again in now the right hand corner….

Once when my third eye was open I saw a group of hooded beings dressed like that witch ??‍♀️ included crocodilian entities, snake beings and dragon beings (which I believe one invaded my body hence why I can do this):

– I don’t know if that is me or something in me…

That is why they call each other “grand dragons” and “grand wizards“. I also saw humans there. This was right next to media row in miracle mile by tmz, etc. on 637 Hauser Blvd (637 adds up to 7 witch ??‍♀️ resonates with the spirit realm in numerology ?? Some of these beings still fuck with me to this day.

I also peep alot of triangle symbolism appears in my life like here (look at the green thing on my chest and how it morphs):

Triangular symbplism aka the triad figures ALOT in freemasonry which teaches the inherent truths of ALL spiritual systems (what you do with the info is up to you) and at the start of my spiritual journey and even now I am shown the triangle symbolism. My have something to do with my supposed reptilian-amphibious illuminati bloodline connections witch ??‍♀️ I will explain later.

I’ve also seen burqa wearing entities act as their consorts who could also shapeshift, like one who appeared as a red haired woman who later on turned out to be an lapd cop!

Both are shapeshifters and have appeared to me in dreams as people I’m familiar with to tell me that they were once living people like I.

I guess they chose more of the darkness hence why they are dark but their red and or silver eyes which glow.

They also make the “ohm” sound which buddhist monks chant like this:

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