What Happened to Los Angeles City Prosecutor Keith De La Rosa

I swear, last time I went to court – AND THAT SHIT WAS BY ACCIDENT which I discuss here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/06/29/crazy-court-mix-up-that-got-me-with-a-false-court-date/

I SWEAR, I mean you can hear it in the video them calling this dude here “Keith De La Rosa CITY PROSECUTOR”:

Here that vid:

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THAT LOOKS NOTHING like the Keith De Lz Rosa that I saw a couple of months back here:

Here a side by side comparison:

Here another picture of the “old” Keith De La Rosa from a side angle (just as the “new” Keith De La Rosa is shown as) so you can accurately compare:

I looked on the California State Bar site to see if there is ANOTHER Keith De La Rosa working in the county and, nope, only one!


I threw cards and this is what it showed me:

– I’ll just say it’s ALLL bad schitt.

He was the one who fucked with me ROYALLY over this case here:


Damn! Wow! I just can’t… that ain’t even a clone, not even trying. This is weird. I’m weirded out!

I sensed he was in a hospital or whatever but this is crazy. This is NOT the same person. This is so weird. So fucking weird. If anybody got info ON THIS, my email is down below.


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