Karma Does NOT Exist And Being An Agent of Ma’at

I am writing this in response to a comment I saw earlier posted by a young lady who stated that “when witches send evil things it bounces back on them!”

In response, I give you the Christopher Case situation:

For all you who don’t know (if you have been following me for a loooong time, you will know what I am talking about), Christopher Case was a young man who was murdered as a result of a witch’s curse. He was by all accounts a nice guy and did nothing wrong to the witch except spurn her advances. That said, in response, he was spiritually murdered aka had a heart attack after he saw the demon (I think it was Pazuzu) whom he was sacrificed to. You can read more about it here to SEE it is legit:


That said, his situation is a clear cut example of how the universe works; it doesn’t give a fuck about evil or good. It is a universe ran by the Demiurge aka god who only gives a fuck about harvesting aka stealing our soul energy, hence why Bobby Hemmit said he loves our bodies but hates our souls:

That said, the Demiurge CREATES evil situations so it can derive energy from the negative situations caused by it, just as the reptilians do! That said, look at the situation of Mark Wahlberg where he blinded a man and never served a day in jail and is thriving in film, making money while his victim is still blind:


Or the case of that young woman who was raped and left unable to have children after being tortured in the most abominable way (I don’t even want to repeat it) by this mini “Austin Powers” bit actor who – even though he is now doing a 20 year bid – I sense he fucked with a protected person which I will explain later – he ain’t doing it for the crime he did to her (edit: he is doing life. I SWEAR it said somewhere that the WHOLE case got dropped due to statute of limitations and he was arrested on a later violation – that’s some Mandela Effect shit):


That said, when you hear of situations of people “getting their karma back” IT IS BECAUSE THEY FUCKED WITH A PROTECTED PERSON! For instance, I AM VERY PROTECTED! People can say what they want about my CHOICE of a living situation, bad things that have happened to me (I will explain WHY they happened later on) but at the end of the day I VERY PROTECTED! I am NEVER given more than what I can handle. That said, you will know that you are under a witch’s curse WHEN YOU ARE HANDED SOMETHING YOU CAN NOT HANDLE! That said, I recall, for instance, how years ago a woman by the name of Jamila Briscoe aka “high priestess (Yeah, right!) came for me, attacked me out the blue. You can read more about her fucked up acts she did to her kids here:
I had never did anything to her and did not deserve all the attacks her and her lil merry coven band took at me. That said, I always sensed she had borderline. She IS psychotic but when she did her craziness, SHE HAD CONTROL OVER IT which is the unique difference which I will explain further. Ever since she fucked with me, ole girl fell OFF THE MENTAL WAGON and has never been the same! She is UMCONTROLLABLY obsessed with a convict-rapper named Dinero Red who is in prison for robbery, doing a 10 year bid, MOVING from a different state under the delusion that her and him are meant to be together. Her manipulative abilities which she used to pull to throw the wool over people’s eyes and appear “normal” is looong gone! In it’s place is a woman OBVIOUSLY controlled by demons with no real free will over actions, appearing embarassingly crazy to other people. You can hear of her insanity, including how she sucked the balls of a cat, here:


Here she is talking about suffering from heart attacks (faking like she ain’t) which sounds very much like a witch’s curse which beset Christopher Case, here:

And here is a gentleman pointing out all her failed attempts at attack magic which turns into blessings for others cause she is fucking with PROTECTED PEOPLE:

She had been fucking with people – AND OVER HER OWN CHILDREN – until she lost it coming for me!

Here another one, the artist loft situation: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/12/lapd-are-really-out-to-get-me/

One of the people who participated in the attack – Yesenia Medrano, well, let me give you the backstory!

Okay, I heard from her own mouth that a woman who was staying there got out in the middle of the night and left her belongings there which sounds odd. I believe she was attacked – just as I was – which is why she left her belongings “in the middle of the night!” Like me tell you how my Protectors got her (they don’t play!). I also recall talking with a tarot card reader who reveals that she was the frontwoman for a man who ran a scam in which he would get people in there and steal from them (no way IN HELL she could get that place on her own – it was $3,000 A MONTH and ain’t no way she could get the money ponied up for a place like that since the down payment’s 3x the rent which would be somewhre around $11,000 esp. with her being a failed prostitute and all, smdh and lol!). That said, just like I lost everything, my car, SHE got kicked out of that place (I sent the owner a blog article showing their drug use ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other dude involved – Amir Sanders – lost his car and may not be working for Uber any longer.

NOT ONLY THAT – I AM THINKING THIS IS HER – SHE GOT A FELONY (In Malibu of all places – right where I live, lol):

Talk about poetic justice. I believe it’s her ass since last time we sloke she said she was 22 which would match up rather closely with the age of the person here. Not only that she said she moved not too far from the place she used to live, which was a 90013 zip code. When I looked up “Yesenia Medrano Los Angeles” it came back that she was 22 and lived in the 90018 zip code wuich wouldn’t be too far from where they at now! It was the only one I could find. It matched up with her – perfectly! I believe she is on public assistance. If that is the case, a felony can fuck shit up and she got it just like she tried to give me one. I recall the day before hearing “Black Magic Woman” and having a dream about her before getting picked up for it. My spirits don’t play and I don’t even have to do shit, don’t have to light candles, nothing!

Here another one: Donna Martinez.

– This her trying to make a libation to me since my spirits, my Protectors, been coming after dat ass, smdh and lol!

She was going around, flexing her spiritual muscles on youtube, fucking with people (I believe she is possessed) who ain’t fucked with her, including me at one point by talking down on my situation in a video saying, “How you gonna give advice on real estate and you living out your car” after leaving a nice comment on my channel (that mofo is bi polar ASS FUCK!). Imma tell you how my Protectors got her.

I knew she put a spell and caused that guy to attack me (which I discuss here:
https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/06/i-was-attacked-last-night/) because while trying to post an article exposing how she is possessed (note the eyes here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/03/this-is-what-true-demonic-possession-looks-like-the-donna-martinez-story/) I couldn’t publish it, it kept fucking up which is a sure sign of djinn/demonic activity (I believe she is possessed by zeta reticuli aliens) and while writing her name it “deleted it” by pressing – on it’s own – the back button as if someone was doing it! I also know she can astral project and I heard her and this other chick with borderline – Zoe Starry – talking shit astrally (I got clairaudience) and in a vid Donna was mad pissed I found it out, lol! THAT SAID, her husband – JUST LIKE I SAID – LANDED IN THE HOSPITAL, HER SOLE SOURCE OF SUPPORT:

SHE is now suffering from an insomniac curse after TRYING to put it on others (it bounced back):

– Bae done lost it there, begging for people to do google hangouts cause she can’t sleep, lol!

And her son is taking his energy back after realizing it was she and not Brother Panic who was blocking his chakras and stealing his energy (her lying ass said she aint got a 20 year old son but I heard the same voice that I heard when talking with the young man from Detroit who, after putting the two together – he said his ma is kinda hispanic and I know Donna lives in Detroit – I realized is her son no matter how much her lying ass may try to deny it):

– That is why she was looking so young and now she looking old cause her 20 year old son is TAKING BACK HIS ENERGY!

Even cops can’t escape the long arm pf my justice. As I note here:


Look at the demon in the back. Now the two deputies riding ain’t never fucked with me.

But I feel that lil fucker in the back is in response to this:


Also, I know how some of these white people feel about me out here in Malibu. That’s why you all been getting those forest fires and inclement aass weather = Oya

I don’t believe in forgiveness btw; I collect souls!

That said, I come across bad people because I am an Agent of Change. I’ve had two peep say that after I spoke on my “random encounters” with people. Given what I know about my Egyptian roots (that’s why people see Ra around me and I’ve seen Egyptian God, Amun when I was falsely thrown in jail), I am starting to believe that I am the living embodiment of Ma’at which means justice in Kemetian aka Egyptian language! That is why I once had an astral vision where I was wearing a New Orleans police officer uniform (my dad is retired NOPD) demolished a rosetta stone like stone where petitions were written to Santa Muerte (it was pertaining to Yesenia Medrano) which I believe had petitions made against me by Yesenia on there. Like I said, my Spirits don’t play. I have also been doing work to get rid of “satan” and other evil spirits and want to fuck up things for me (and I’ve been successful) so fuck them, too! That said, it’s been a running theme in my life: being placed in certain people’s paths so I can be their “karma.” It’s been going on my whole life. I am never given more than what I can handle and I have the psychological constitution that makes me ready for the job. That’s why I don’t care if people like me; all I know is it is my destiny to straighten out bad people and be that wrong person they come across after fucking with so many people!

Thus, come for me!

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