Why Men Rape Women

Why Men Rape Women

*This DOES NOT apply to the melanated black men – THIS IS REGARDING THE CRAKKKAROACH MALES WHO STARTED IT which I discuss here:


That said, I’ve been doing alot of thinking on this. This is about womb envy, the envy over the womban’s ability to CREATE LIFE! This did not start with the black man but with WHITE MALES who feared losing their womban to the more masculine black men (peep this table to see that white “men” HAVE THE SAME BONE DENSITY AS BLACK WOMEN, LOL: https://depts.washington.edu/bonebio/bonAbout/race.html ) due to fear of WHITE GENETIC ANNHILATION, which the Great Transitioned Dr Francis Cress Welsing talked about:

Here an article:


That said, the desire to rape – WHICH IS ABOUT POWER – STARTED because in conjunction with the fear of losing their women to the more masculine black man, they also ENVIED – as they do now as evidenced by their LOVE FOR GUNS which are merely substituted inverted black penises on a psychological scale – their ability to create! THAT SAID, that is why they DESTROY which is a “counteractive response” to a womban’s ability to procreate, which is kinda like when a child can’t do what another child is doing, they say out of envy – “Fuck it” and go in a different direction!

That said, here is where the destructiveness comes into play. Sea, womben have the ability to create life! With abortion, we can now take it away, too, as well! MEN ENVY THE FUCK OUTTA THAT SHIT cause now, as the Buy-Bull says; “We can give life, and take it too…”

That said, rape started as a way of “one upping” the womban by saying, “Okay, bitch (bitch is a reference to Anubis, the Dog God – peep how god is dog spelled backwards), you can create life, so we will force you to BEAR LIFE AGAINST YOUR WILL WHICH YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOW WE CAN HAVE POWER OVER YOU, TOO!” That said, that is why rapes exist:); to assert the male line and desire to piggy back off the womban’s body via our wombs to force us to replicate them, continue their lines unwittingly…

That is why, TO THIS DAY, IT IS A MISOGYNIST TRADITION TO TAKE ON THE MAN’S NAME as a sign of ownership over our bodies and to support the notion that the THE MAN FALSELY CONTINUES THE LINES (The jews got it right by continuing the family line along the matrilineal line which is but one reason why I like Jewish men and would never fuck with a crakkkaroach beyond tricking #FACTZ). Now that I think about it, that is why European names were foisted on us indigenous black slaves so as to take away our identity just as they do to the womban.

They are one DESTRUCTIVE ASS “CULTURE” that is contrary to nature, crakkkaroach culture that is!

That said, it’s been proven scientifically that a woman takes on the DNA OF EVERY MAN SHE HAS SLEPT WITH – EVER (Sea how powerful our wombs are!). You can read about that, here:


– You can use that DNA to do witchcraft rituals btw 😉

That said, the whole pro life thing which really started as a COUNTER response to the Civil Rights Movement (the white BOI saw that “he” was losing power to all the “niggers and bitches” so “he” had to come up with a new way to retain power as the PSEUDO masculine power ideal in THIS SOCIETY “HE” created – insecure ass mofos!) is basically designed by the white BOI to reassert “rights” over the white womban’s womb! To control her and use it as a conduit via which to reassert control by using guilt tactics (saying a fucking foetus, a fucking clump of cells, is a fucking child and, insultingly enough, IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WOMBAN CARRYING IT, THE WOMBAN WHO ALSO GAVE THE LIL BASTARD LIFE AS WELL!).

That said, it all goes back to womb-envy! How powerful is it that we can create while men DESTROY in envious response (how many World Wars were started by Womban and – more specifically – people of colour? I’ll wait!). Yes, men (white BOIS more specifically) run our world but they are running Mother Earth INTO RUIN due to their selfishness, greed – MANmade systems designed to SELFISHLY rape other lands and people of their resources like the Europeans are doing to Afrika instead of trying to live in communion with the land and create technology that does the same! That’s the destructive nature of the male crakkkaroach which is living IN OPPOSITION to nature, the Earth and trying to conquer it via some artificial, SELFISH system designed to give them artificial power via an artificial power hierarchy where they will artificially of course place themselves at the top! That’s WHY thry use thus artifically created system to EXTORT sex from women via using FAKE MONEY (who put the value on it anyways) to force women – who carry the children and thus seek support – to pick a “provider” based on MONETARY status rather than physical strenght (which would EASILY go to the strong black man) like back in the days. That’s why they raped us black womban during slavery BUT WOULD NOT ALLOW OUR BLACK MEN TO HAVE SEXUAL RELATIOMS WITH THEIR WHITE WOMBEN! Mother Earth is PISSED and that is why they are being marked for deletion in 2050:


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