Ghost Family and Demon Sighted In Malibu Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy’s Car


This nigga need a cleansing.

You can see the entities here:

Here the original pic:

Here the highlighted version so you can see the spirits better:

And the demon here:

Here he is in red:

Here is an upclose of the “family” in red:

Here they are, close up but no red circle around:

In the first one, you can tell it is a family and nothing created by normal means as you can see the dress of the mother, a small child, I sense lil girl and the daddy in the pants (Knowing how society is now I bet mofos will get upset with me for “assuming their gender” and tell me to rethink the person in the dress is a man, the pants – a woman and the “lil girl” a lil transvestite whose AGE SHOULD NOT BE ASSUMED, like this mug here:

THEN… you got this demon over here, which you can see that looks like a normal dog (shit look like something from out, “The Thing.”):

Now, looka this shit here (I kinda wonder if this was a police computer but given the direction it’s in I take it that it is a police CELLPHONE which them mugs were using to take pics of me):

I told you all that since computers and cellphones got crystals in them and turn black when you turn them off that they are literally BLACK SCRYING MIRRORS:

THAT LOOKS LIKE MY FACE, like a side profile. Naw I’m getting scared :/ You can see a helicopter marked in red and some soldiers running through a rough, jungle like terrain. It looks like Vietnam. I think this corresponds back to my past life (which I’ve seen in the astral) where I was a very young, 14 year old white china moon pie faced sex worker who was raped – then murdered – by US soldiers which a psychic told me as well. She said that I had swore off on all men (thinking about that past life is kinda emotionally hurting me now). I think this has something to do with my lifelong disdain for affection and why I don’t care for marriage and relationships (I think the last two parts has more to do with my level of consciousness and not relating to most people and feeling like, well, knowing that I was sent here on a bigger mission). It in some ways – the trauma of that past life – prepared me for my destiny. I ain’t seeing “888” and my name adding up to perfect three 9’s as my expression aka destiny number in numerology does which requires I have to be “distant” from people or in other words – in the world, but not OF the world as Jesus Christ would say!

Maybe that’s why ole boy is stalking me! I saw him smirking and fidgeting with his fingers in one instance when he was passing by in this car (I failed to tape him cause I was trying to get the “22” on the patrol car which correlates to a Master Builder number in numerology which can be seen here: ):

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Here another one (ain’t him tho.)

You can see in the pic above him PASSING BY AGAIN!

THEN early this morning I saw his Mya looking ass passing by AGAIN – with him, unlike the other deputies who been stalking me – CRANING HIS NECK TO LOOK!

I peep what is going on! I’ll be honest it’s the first time I evet captured spirits in a cop car!

That said I see some spirits fucking with these lil people’s umbrella (happened after I broke out my mirror – had to cleanse it). Notice how that big thing MOVING with barely no discernible wind!

You can see – in pics – the umbrella “running away” with spiritual help:

I also saw some car lights acting pretty weird!

I also saw a dog face etched in a “warning sign” (tho. folks will say its paradolia or whatever they call it – higher dimensional entities which are spirits, etc. will use light and shadow to manifest themselves):

Here the original photo:

Here it is, circled in yellow:

Here a close up:

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