I Lost My Beautiful Purple Flourite Yesterday RIP Baby Girl


Here she is in her blankie next to some tarot cards:

Here she is, lying in her mum’s bosom:

I gotta play this song:

I only had her for a week! People just don’t know how alive certain stones are. When I first brought her from here:

For some strange reason, she wouldn’t get along with her older sister, green flourite (I know I sound nuts) and they would – I FUCKING MEAN THIS – jump outta my pocket if they were together (once I found them BOTH on the road), this purple flourite gave me nightmares (first night I had her I had a vision that the spirit infused in her was this ancient Rain forest medicine man who raped this LIL GIRL) but – through some energy manipulation – I got them to get along but I had bad luck which I think was due to shit manipulating it that’s already around (one guy who felt it felt positive, energizing energy from it). See, anything that opens your third eye chakras – like amethyst, etc. you gotta watch out for! See, depending on what us around you can affect the stone. I would feel drained from the purple flourite much in the same way I did with the amethyst because see the gem stones, crystals designed to open your third eye as purple flourite and amethyst are designed to can basically have you seeing the good and bad of what is around you and cause of who I am: and a reptilian death curse placed upon me: I NATURALLY GOT A LOT OF BAD SHIT coming for me hence why I felt drained after having it. My electronics would fuck up, too, all signs of djinn, archon activity! The purple amethyst – WHICH I DID NOT BUY FROM HIM – has that same effect since they all open you up to energy manipulation – but the flourite due to it’s natural properties, somewhat protected me. I also brought green flourite from him and that shit IS MY BEST STONE! I LOVE THAT STONE!! I really do. It’s “come” to me in visions… that’s how I know those stones are ALIVE!!

After losing it, I gained a whole lot. I feel it was meant to be with me for only a short time and not for the long haul. I really truly miss it!

As I showed above, it started to get used to me, acting the same way the green gem would. They are stuck to me. Even in the vision I had of the fake reptilian created “satan” which I discuss here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/12/12/are-the-gods-and-goddesses-of-every-religion-and-spiritual-system-energy-harvesters-for-the-archons/ and here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/12/18/dudes-banging-bongo-drums-to-curse-me-or-seek-favor-from-yemaya/ I saw a dresser drawer with both the green and purple gem stones. Very powerful stones. Very powerful ones indeed. That said, her memories, power are still etched in me (I heard a whole lot of shit last night – even saw a MOVING red eye as it opens those particular areas). That said, I am learning how to work with em better (Celestite is also real protective abd prob. was responsible for the Archangel Michael intervention). Whenever I placed the stone on my third eye – the power in it dwindled. I don’t know why but it’s power ended up in me and – as enhanced by the other stones – helped me to achieve a great deal – so, yeah, it’s done it’s part!

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