Encounter With Reptilian Created Baron Samedi Satan In The Astral

Encounter With Reptilian Created Baron Samedi Satan In The Astral

Man… I been dealing with so fucking much! I got a jealous ass crystal that loves me and won’t let me have any other crystals. I brought a crystal flourite AND JUST WHEN I WAS GETTING USED TO IT (Before it was draining the shit outta me, bringing me bad luck, etc. – I had a vision that a South American indian man, a drunkard, who raped a girl’s spirit dwelt in it AND IT WAS ONLY AFTER HAVING BROUGHT THAT STONE THAT I HAD THAT VISION), it fell out of my pocket (it stayed put before) AND SHATTERED (its come out of my pocket before and NEVER SHATTERED) which probably happened after I accidentally rolled over it. Whatever the case maybe, I miss my little stone! It was my baby. Here it is “accidentally” tucked between the sheets next to my tarot cards:

Here it is “accidentally” discovered in it’s mother’s bosom (before you all say I am delusional ROCKS ARE ALIVE! THEY ARE REAL ENTITIES AND GOT REAL SPIRITS IN THEM!):

That said, I’ve had cops stalking me (prob. cause of a motion I filed) AND I SAW SOME SPIRITS – A DEMONIC ONE INCLUDED) IN THE CAR OF A COP WHO I SENSE LIKES ME, which I’ll show later on…

That said, speaking of demons..

I had I guess you can call an astral experience, etc. I don’t know what but I saw – again – my little baby brother next to the “ocean” which seemed to be indoors on a “set”. I recall having to pull him out the ocean as it tried to take him (I didn’t see the white aura around him like I usually do so this coulda been a clone or mere lucid dreaming…). THAT SAID, OUT OF NOWHERE, I SAW A BIG, CORPULENT BLACK WOMAN APPEAR wearing white and purple (Baron Samedi’s colours) and in this old fashioned, nice ornate dark wooden ro like you would see in old style mansions – she said, “I am the devil! You could never get away from me!” I was like, “Yeah, bitch, you ain’t the devil!” Then she talked about taking my mom, dad, BROTHER, whole kitchen room table, etc. When I communicated with her telepathically that she was nothing more than a creation, thought form of the reptilians created to hold humanity back which I talk about here:





That said, I remember seeing the Bluelights of Archangel Michael (WHICH I HAVE SEEN IN REAL LIFE WITH MY 3D EYES) appear from out of nowhere and say that he was gonna protect me and my fam from her.

I then at some point recall being in a “church” – an old black folk’s church where a bee was buzzing around and folks were running from it. The thought, “Christ the Redeemer 888” came to my mind as if something was put on the people to make them run away from me! I have encountered bees before which I sensed were sent for spiritual purposes which I talk about here:


That said, I’m gonna say it like this: I don’t believe in a satan, or an Orisha Oshun! I remember a while back Veritas saying something I now feel is childish which is that satan exists and he was causing me problems throughout my entire life, including when I was a kid using his aura to fuck with me. The being spiritually fucked with as a child is true (she told me how “satan” harassed her as a kid as well till she relented and said it was just the ghost of an old evil plantation owner who fucked with her), HOWEVER, THE CAUSE IS WAYYYY DIFFERENT! WAYYY DIFFERENT!

It’s what the buy-bull calls Archons, the Demiurge and it’s agents which are usually reptilians and the grey zeta reticuli aliens! That said, when I was a kid, I used to have droves of “dreams” of ufos – one in which I was taken aboard a spacecraft Mothership that was piloted by a Tom Joyner looking man (which had turned from a jet which correlates to the US military which figures MAJOR with MK ultra!) and – without remembering anything else – I SWEAR, AFTER HAVING THESE EXPERIENCES, I WOULD WAKE UP – ON THE DOT – AT 6AM! EVERY FUCKING TIME I WOULD HAVE THIS VISION!

See, you got two main types of reptilian hybrids on the Earth. You got the ones like myself:

– Before you think I am crazy, THERE are my eyes shapeshifting!

Anyways, you got the ones like myself who are the descendants of the Annunaki, THE DIRECT DESCENDANTS MADE THRU SEX – not genetic lab manipulation – whom the nephilim legends derived (really, they were tall warrior types with magickal capabilities) who have the aggressiveness of the reptilian annunaki combined with the empathy and compassion of humans! We were killed cause we saw thru the other reptilian faction’s plans (the Enlil line, which I will explain later) who wanted to kill off humanity (hence the Great Flood recorded and talked about the world ALL OVER) AND we had the magickal, spiritual capabilities to stop them as well, hhence why many with magickal powers now or who are trying to obtain spiritual development through opening up their chakras or showing off their abilities are labeled “crazy” and are persecuted, shunned, in the past, killed like during the Salem Witch Trials and the Grand Inquisition – harassed, marginalized and isolated – like me aka what is mistakenly – but somewhat accurately – known as the “karmoc saturnian influence” in which hardships are caused by Saturn which is a reptilian controlled satellite “planet.” That said – and as I witnessed this on a smaller scale by being forced to join the “satan” programming – they will recruit those of us with talent via either one of their spiritual, religious systems like santeria, christianity, satanism OR on a major but Earthly scale – the illuminati! That is why the illuminati is full of reptilian human hybrids. Instead of enduring the brunt of hellish saturnian “punishment” for merely being me, us inflicted by reptilians simply cause they see us as a threat! Even when you join, they inflict punishment on you such as when I saw GIANT astral bugs and other crazy shit or like via the illuminati where you lose your humanity…

This is where the evil reptilian hybrids who join the illuminati come into play (speaking of which, when I went to court this past Wednesday – I saw the city attorney who I exposed as a reptilian there and I can feel disdain coming from him towards me and he even wouldn’t look me in the eye, lol!). They don’t want the drama so they find it easier to join! That said, the reptilian factions who are AGAINST humanity and your development have no light in them – they have darkness in them which is how I can sense the reptilian hybrids or full on ones and typically it’s them – with a hivemind aka group consciousness due to having a group soul or the individual, recruited ones who I sense have very dark but POWERFUL auras (usually they have purple, blue auras with predominant black in them). They also put spiritual things, energy, entities around them to turn people off naturally too them via sensing “bad vibes” that’s artificially placed on them via alien implants – kinda like what I was told happened to me – so that they would have no choice but to resort to “them” for help! They have a VERY SPECIFIC energy signature!

That’s why I’m monitored by the aliens!

That’s why I don’t take what’s presented to me in the “spirit world” aka astral at face value. It’s so much more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in reptilian manipulated dreamscapes where I CAN TELL it was reptilians playing the role of the characters in it such as in the case of “Baron Samedi” whose eyes were cold black before he blinked and they turned normal, which I talk about here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/24/witnessing-alien-etheric-manipulation/ THIS WAS the SAME Baron Samedi a young lady claimed was around her causing the same alcoholic affliction which I was able to beat after running him up the street. She took him for face value and actually felt that this spirit whom she told ke was raping her of her energy was “protecting” her.

This is why spiritual intelligence = discernment is KEY to operating in that world. I’ve had spiritualist say its satan, this that after me. REALLY, IT’S ARCHONS fucking with me cause of why I am here which you can read about here:


Basically, I feel all this satan, baron samedi, oshun are basically energy vampire creations (hence WHY they want sacrifices, etc. which you see in HYPOchristianity as well) are just avatars created by the reptilians (as I saw with Baron Samedi) designed to keep you all down from empowering yourselves by opening your chakras. That is why that satan black female thought form was SHOCKED I called her ass out! Didn’t think I would go there! That said, THAT IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO QUESTION EVERYTHING! That’s why I also have my crystals; when you are going against the Demiurge, you are gonna need a whole lotta protection cause you are going against “god” and as Baba Bobby Hemmitt said: “The Demiurge LOVES your body BUT HATES YOUR SOUL” hence all the religious antipathy towards true spiritual development such as opening your chakras, etc.

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