Dudes Banging Bongo Drums To Curse Me Or Seek Favor From Yemaya

Here the vid:

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I NOTICED RIGHT WHEN I OPENED MY CAR DOOR… they STOPPED, hence why I thought they were maybe cursing me (I’m kinda well known around here)…

Anyways, I threw cards on it…

From what I can read, it was a ritual to Yemaya (2 days ago I saw a white flower – one of her colors – 3 seashells that looked STORE BROUGHT and a DEAD SEAGULL which coulda been a sacrifice hence why I say ALOT of occult rituals go down in Malibu and this was the smaller end of it) and they’re not satisfied with the answer hence the 4 of cups. I don’t think they were playing bongos for money… after all, THEY GOT A NICE CAR and this ain’t exactly a tourist destination (I also just got the intuitive sense they drug dealers).



Here PROOF that it was a sacrifice made to Yemaya (Notice the bird – dead – in the foreground with the white flower not too far off):

Anyways, that’s why I got my stones and crystals and trust and believe in Myself. After all, you go through these rituals, putting YOUR energy, POWER into something else, hoping they do you a solid, WAITING FOR THEM to open doors when, as I explained here:


All they doing is taking YOUR energy and making shit materialize on your behalf… all the same shit YOU CAN DO, FOR YOU, ON YOUR OWN BY OPENING UP YOUR CHAKRAS! Usually, in many ways, IT’S YOU that’s making that happen often by them using your energy. They are spirit beings but you got a soul – a spirit being, too – PLUS IT IS X10 stronger cause IT’S CONNECTED TO A LIVING BODY!

I can’t tell ya how many peoe I saw spending needless money, doing needless rituals (myself included) to BEG these “gods” for things when you can do this shit yourself. Think about it? That’s why New Orleans and Haiti – two places that are HEAVILY steeped in voodoo – ARE SO POOR cause as a result you got these intranquil spirits/demons running around parading like they “baron samedi” or whatever character they take on the characteristics of to fool you fools and GET YOUR ENERGY! I grew up in New Orleans so I know. Those demons are so evil they got the people of Haiti eating DIRT COOKIES:

From what I hear, they will make sure ALL their food goes to these energy vampire demons and if you steal from their altar, they will destroy you – an already suffering soul wallowing in torment with a stomach full of dirt cookies (see how ridiculous it is to worship those things?) and most people caping for them ARE POSSESSED!

After a while of wrestling around with the thought and analyzing everything, I got rid of some spirit guides, “protectors” cause I found out they were causing me problems and acting as the solution and this goes for Yemaya, Oshun, satan and anything you worship!

I’ll be honest with ya: I even heard spirits call me “crazy” and say “Oh, it’s that crazy girl” when doing rituals WHICH I’M HAPPY TO BE FREE OF! I noticed they came to me when I became more aware and evolving of MY spiritual gifts which we all have: I believe they come to energy drain us and to secondly keep us from evolving into gods, our higher selves since we have the original spark from the REAL Creator – The Divine Feminine (NOT “God” aka THE DEMIURGE) – SOMETHING THEY DON’T HAVE – by intercepting us, creating problems while we are in the midst of evolving (by messing with our money) by trying to convince us we need them for protection so we will stay “under” them and stop our spiritual development by focusing on wordly needs!

STOP LETTING THEM MOFOS CONTROL YOU! They are spirit beings after all ie pure energy so they can take on whatever form they like. Case in point… then I’ll let you go, I recall, while drunk, being told by a psychic that she saw three evil spirits. While perfectly sober (and in jail I believe due to these beings) I was told, again that THREE – THIS TIME – POSITIVE SPIRITS WERE AROUND ME! What’s the coincidence of that happening? THEN I was told by a Korean dude WHO HAD NO BELIEF IN BARON SATURDAY, YUMMY (YEMAYA) AND ALL THOSE OTHER CHARACTERS that he saw three spirits around – two were male and 1 female – and how 1 male was fucking with my while the two others, including the female who I’ve heard putting me down and once caping for me (to help me through the physical pain while trying to have an abortion) – were telling him to stop! What’s the odds those were the three evil beings or the three “good” ones a girl said she saw in jail – one had the rams head aka Amun (who came to me once and had a STRONG evil vibe), a black woman with long locs and another male – Ra – with the head of a bird amd body of a man (NOTE ALL OF THEM SAID TWO MALE SPIRITS AND 1 FEMALE SPIRIT) – that are around me, pretending to be whatever?

As he said, they are spirit beings and can pretend to be whatever they want!

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