Youtube ILLEGALLY Won’t Accept Submissions From My Email IN VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT DMCA Law

This why I’m doing EVERYTHING from my email address so, unlike the Google email addresses – they can’t alter shit.

That said, look at what they said after I sent them a message from my [email protected] email account:

And, if in doubt that that is their legit address, here this is taken FROM THEIR OFFICIAL SITE:

THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF DMCA LAW! You are supposed to have the opportunity to submit a complaint. They barred my email address out of malice (I don’t send dmca copyright takedown requests LIKE THAT from my email to cause spam. They doing the shit cause they want me to use their email addresses so they can manipulate it as they did back in 2014 of which I believe have some screenshots of, still.). That said, THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF DMCA COPYRIGHT LAW WHICH SAYS THAT I MUST AT LEAST HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to submit a complaint.



AS I PREDICTED, I sent them an email from a Gmail account and those bastards ACCEPTED IT!!!!


Now, look on the dates on these emails showing when I last sent emails to the [email protected] account and the [email protected] accounts. THE LAST TIME WAS IN 2016 SO HOW THE FUCK THEY GONNA LIST MY EMAIL AS “SPAM”:


And to think IDIOTS like this want me to stay on Youtube:

– You can SEE the crazy coming from that comment (that’s the type of mofos that’ll claim I alienate people). Prob. – like so many (you can see it HEAVILY in the CRAZY comment) – another mk ultra monarch victim/sleeper agent sent to get “close” which don’t work cause I see it for what it is and don’t fall for it. As the old saying goes… “I keep my friends close and my enemies even closer…”

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