I Am Hated Because of Who I Am

I was originally gonna post this on my other site behind the spiritual dangers of doing weed which I talk about here:


But this turned out to be something more – hence why I posted here so if the beginning seems off, just know what I meant to write about πŸ™‚

Anything that puts you in a different state of mind AIN’T GOOD and what I mean by that is anything ARTIFICIAL! Artificial stimulators/ depressors like drugs, etc. OF WHICH MARIJUANA IS INCLUDED can put the mind in a different state AS A RESULT OF INDUCING TRAUMA THROUGH ARTIFICIAL FORCE (IE by FORCING THE FEELING whether it be highs or lows) which can force the original spirit OUT THE BODY and allow for possession!

That said, here’s my experience with it!

Recently, there’s this dude who I don’t get good vibes from – him or his “roommate”. That said, I choose to sleep out of my car! I’ve always liked sleeping out of my car and feel mad comfortable doing so, even when I had an apartment where I would chill in my car – go to sleep – and wait sometimes a WHOOPING 6 HOURS before heading back in!

That said, this young dude – fuck, he around my age, about 34, 32 – knocked on my window to ask for a lighter. Now I ain’t never seen this cat since parking out here (I park my “home” – lol, in Malibu) AND BEEN PARKING FOR MONTHS! He said he been parking here for months, too! I ain’t NEVER seen this nugga or shall I say – crakkkaroach! That said, he knocked on my window for a cig (I don’t smoke – thank goodness) then a lighter and I said I had one. Then he offered weed and – the hell – I took it!

That said, I used to smoke weed. I used to drink as well. Ever since TRULY BECOMING SPIRITUAL ie opening up my chakras which is what spirituality TRULY IS (Not all this dogma and “moral laws” created for organic portals by mass – MIND CONTROL – re-LEGION aka “religion”) I started rejecting alot of things, people too, that don’t serve me on the spiritual path as many of these things act as anchors to keep you anchored to your lower, root chakra self and IMPRISONED IN OUR LOWER 3D DENSITY and keep you focused on carnal, physical things that don’t allow for spiritual evolution!

Now – SANS THE FACT THE MOFO AIN’T EVEN MY TYPE – I LIKE BIG, TALL BOYS (I’m from Louisiana, we don’t fuck with no lil punk skinny dudes…), LIKE HUSKY – AND NOT NO SCRAWNY SKINNY JEAN WEARING MOFOS I CAN HURL WITH ONE HAND (I do lift weights):

…them type of dudes ain’t never did shit for me. I don’t care to be bothered anyways. I am an ex-hooker! I’m on a spiritual journey, man, fuck I WANT DICK FOR ESP. SINCE I USED TO AND PROB. STILL CAN GET PAID FOR IT!!! That mofo (I know I did too many of these here “-“) was an organic portal. What do I mean? Well, if you read about organic portals here:


you’d learn that they PHYSICALLY look like us but do not have individual souls like those WHO CAN BE SPIRITUAL HAVE! It’s debated whether they have a group consciousness/soul or no soul at all – BUT IT IS NOT DEBATED THAT THESE MOFOS HAVE NO HIGHER FUNCTIONING BEYOND EATING, SLEEPING, WORKING AND FUCKING (Which is what that mofo was trying to do with my black ass). THIS MOFO WAS DENSER THAN A MUG! Plus I got kinda a threatening, ominous – like I’ll put it to you like this: THE MOFO HAD A BLACK AURA! I SENSED THAT SHIT like there was a darkness to him and he confirmed it by telling me that HE CAN NOT DREAM AND HAS NOT FOR 2O SOMETHING FUCKING YEARS which indicates a spiritual issue there. That’s why I felt threatened when he tapped on my window asking for a light. Him and his “roommate” who I’ve seen whose short and looks fucking, I won’t lie – LIKE A MOFO ESCAPING FROM THE LAW SOMEWHERE (When I asked him how he met his “friend”, he said he barely knew him and just let him hop in his car which sounds mad odd!). He looked either hispanic or Italian (the organic portal said that HE himself was from the East Coast but met ole dude in Arizona while living out there. He, the hispanic/Italian dude, struck me – now this is my psychic sense AND being a retired cop’s daughter is coming out – as being the type who would be the “brains behind an Ops” as in operation and would use that goofy ass boy from the East Coast as bait to try to get some girl I feel FOR RAPE! The Italian/hispanic dude had a yellow murky black red aura. An evil mofo (man, I’m straying sooo far from what I was gonna talk about). I heard him call me “crackhead” – something crakkkas or spics think of blacks who ARE NATURAL AND DON’T WEAR WEAVE, ETC. I even had the goofy boy tell me that some girl had sent him a text and he thought it was from me, letting me know that they try a “nicer” version of the shotgun game of trying to lure a woman in!

That said, here’s where it was CREEPY! Upon the first night of meeting that dude, the Goofy Boy WANTED, I MEAN, HE KEPT PUSHING AND WAS REALLY PUSHING FOR ME TO WALK ON THE BEACH WITH HIM!!! Now, I ain’t known this nugga from atom. TF Imma walk with a complete stranger ON A FUCKING BEACH WHEN IT IS COLD AT FUCKING NIGHT! Not only that – and here is where it gets creepier – he told me that they had been parking there for 4 months (I ain’t never seen him) SO WHY OUT THE BLUE COME FOR ME NOW! I recall when I told him about the stones I collect (like he know what the fuck that is) he said, I mean, he kept PUSHING: “Come with me to Venice Beach to look at stones! Come with me!…” This mofo kept repeating himself. I’m sensing THEM STUPIDASSES prob. thought I was a crazy “crackhead” who’ll do whatever! They got me fucked up!

Now, the last time I did weed with him, HERE’S MY AURA:

Here are my protectors coming in to stop bad entities from fucking with me as indicated by the WHITE in the aura:

That shit stuck with me the next morning showing HOW HARD our Spiritual Protectors gotta work to keep evil ass entities off of us:

And here my protectors still around…

Now it’s getting back to indigo which is where it normally is (where the term, “indigo children” come from: )

See, auras are not stationary and change with moods, what’s around you, etc.


I BLEW UP AT HIS ASS and told him under no UNcertain terms: “Get the fuck away from me!”

I feel like this mofo was an organic portal who in many ways may not only have been a threat to my life but also someone sent in many ways by Yaldoaboath, the Demiurge which I talk about here to suck me down and keep me anchored in this 3D reality! I HAD NOTHING TO TALK WITH THIS MOFO ABOUT! HE WAS NOT ON MY LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS! Though the mofo smoked earlier – after I ran him UP THE STREET, THIS BITCH ASKED IF I HAD A LIGHTER KNOWING FULL WELL HE ALREADY GOT ONE AND I SAW IT!!! That just CEMENTS him and his friend were up to some shady shit and would you know after I ran his ass – basically saying what I said here – he bellowed, “I SHOULDA KNOWN NOT TO TALK TO A CRACKHEAD!” Good bitch, at least you know where you stand with me now!

That said, when you are in the process of spiritually evolving, you get ALL sorts of psychic attacks sent your way of which he was a manifestation. There was another one which occurred a while back where this – again – black aura possessed dude ATTACKED ME long after I had to run him BECAUSE I FELT DRAINED WHEN I WAS IN HIS PRESENCE (Unlike this dude he was stealthier in that was more convincing in his feigned interest in spiritual shit – well, in his case he has seen spiritualists making his a lil more authentic but the way he came off at me was HIGHLY inauthentic and then when I ran him he didn’t want to talk about spiritual shit anymore – and even tried, like so many of my youtube enemies, project on me and say I got something in me, never mind at one point my aura was consistently turning up white and normal colours whereas his is black and brown). I talk about that one here. The Matrix, Yaldoaboath if you will – the Demiurge has a habit of sending “units” of organic portals to pull you down when it sees you trying to ascend.

I mean ME AND THIS MOFO HAD NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT! WHY THE INTEREST??? And when you don’t fall for their shit as in the case of one black cobra looking reptilian in human form with red eyes did – they get pissed! They get pissed when they have failed their mission. When they can’t undermine you by getting close after you have called em out on their shit (that’s why that dude yelled “crackhead” cause his stoned ass thought I was an easy task) they get pissed AND can get violent!

As my energy shows here (indigo and you can learn more about us here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_indigo30.htm)

I’m a warrior. My mission was to come here and uproot the system in the name of light. I keep seeing 888. I recall my old debit card had on it’s back the passcode “888” meaning Christ the Redeemer. You can see that here: http://aristean.org/jesus888.htm In numerology my Expression/Destiny number adds up to triple 9’s:

That said, the bible says Jesus says that he is “the Alpha and the Omega (end)” of which 999 equals completion, ENDING! You can read about that here in numerology: https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-999-meaning/

Look at the sentences I highlighted in that paragraph: ALL CORRELATES TO ME AND WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH HERE!

I KNOW WHO I AM and WHY I FACE THESE DEMONIC ATTACKS! They don’t phase me! That said, when you have the warrior energy for The Light, YOU WILL GET ATTACKED! It’s like they’re testing you, your strenght! All the forces of Darkness…

Will test you to see if they can overcome you. It’s their job, their duty to come for you… That’s why Spiritual insight AND discernment are so important! That’s why not falling into peer pressure IS SO IMPORTANT! That’s why knowinh who you are and having the spiritual discernment to see WHY YOU ARE GETTING ATTACKED IS SO IMPORTANT!

Before I gained my psychic abilities, I used to think there was maybe something wrong with me behind why they victimize me, hate me, attack me! I now realize with spiritual discerment that something is influencing these disparate people who don’t know each other to come and attack ME! I even had a woman one time (who was possessed) SAY SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHY SHE HATED ME! I sense it is a CREATED composition of Fear of me that is being spiritually inculcated in them of which they don’t know the origins of – combined with feeling threatened and a deep seated power to “overcome” me not even understanding WHY they feel this way! But they do! And I know why! I sense it’s the same thing with the cops behind why I’m hated! That said, now that I have spiritual insight and discernment, I know it ain’t me! That’s why my soul can stay whole throughout all the shit I’ve been through.

Most indigos fall through the cracks thinking something is wrong with them, succumbing to self destructive behaviors like drinking (hence why they call it “wine and spirits“) wondering: “Why can’t they get along with society.” A SICK society we came to clean up!

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