I Have Some Powerful Enemies

As I said before, as I said here:

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YOU DON’T GET AS MUCH HATE, COURT CASES AS I DO – FOR NOTHING – unless you are someone special who is in the world to do something BIG AND GOOD!

I won’t go into too many details but for the past two days I had visions, flashes of the Rothschilds where in one I just saw myself trying to warn others and I saw – as I visaged – how the Rothschilds started out – very small but they made deals with these ugly reptilian, blacm creatures to get what they got. They started off VERY POOR, VERY OBSCURE (I mean who the fuck heard of em before the illuminati took off?). Then I had another which revealed ALOT to me – including my origins…

In this one, I had the same flash/vision, of their origin and how they started. I saw Baroness Philippine De Rothschild who you can see below:

I recall battling some incubuses who wanted to have sex with me; that’s how it all started out! I rem. turning into a tall, 8 foot female reptilian with the same slender but with slight muscular build which you can see down below:

You can see my eyes shapeshift here:


And here:


I remember being in my old apartment and being “told” or rather yet intuitively knowing that the holographic “webs” I saw all throughout – which seemed to have been in my childhood home as well – were portals and not necessarily the astral entities I once thought they were! I rem. going into a “cafe” where in the ether – NOT THE ASTRAL – “they” capture souls who are threats to em (theu tried to get me) but I escaped. I was out of body ie “astral projecting” in this one. That said, I remember flying and this is where it gets symbolic – I SAW a street light in the day time (it’s been foggy out in Malibu where I park) where I was rolling through a forest with twisted trees and a clear, cobble stoned path that had a grey look to it:

It struck me as odd; not cause it was on in the day time but it emitted a strange yellow light from it which I felt was used to indicate freedom, salvation but when I got close to it, upon further inspection SAW IT WAS SPEWING FLOURIDE which is used in our drinking water to poison us (you can read more about it, here: http://www.cheeseslave.com/top-10-dangers-of-fluoride/)

That said, THAT STOOD OUT as if it was supposed to symbolically stand for a DECEPTIVE FALSE FLAG designed to usher in FAKE “peaceful” extraterrestrials (which are real, but the event won’t) or a fake “Jesus Christ” savior through a virtual reality simulator via “Project

they already did it with Tupac!

That said, the more I learn about my TRUE IDENTITY, the more I realize WHY I am such a threat! That said, it’s no coincidence I shapeshifted into a reptilian, A GOOD ONE! It’s in my DNA! I explored here how I feel that I am of the Enki reptilian bloodline – the one that tried to save humanity – here:


What we call the “illuminati” are of the Enlil bloodline, the one that tried – and still does – to kill off humanity! That said, I did more meditating. I “saw” that I was once a female reptilian – very pretty – in the army of Quetzalcoatl. I was tall – about 8 ft (I got the sense he was either 11 or 12) – very graceful looking, lithe, thin like I am now with the same compassionate – along with other – personality traits WHICH I HAVE NOW! I recall him hitting on me and I didn’t want that shit but I didn’t want to really rock the boat (though I would later) cause I strategised in my mind keeping my position! I was plumed aka feathered around the neck meaning I wore it; it wasn’t a part of me and I had a spear in one hand. I recall coming from the Enki line I believe via a concubine of which Enki’s mother was one (as I type this it all makes sense!). You can read more about that here:


That said, the reason I mention that cause of all the lightworkers on this planet, REPTILIAN HYBRIDS (Not all of us are bad) ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT! I’ll tell you why! It’s cause we have powers which are unactivated and when you activate them – like I am beginning to do – YOU CAN LITERALLY MOVE MOUNTAINS, SPIRITUALLY and no I don’t mean no dogma shit. I mean USING YOUR SOURCE ENERGY TO DO GREAT THINGS FOR THE PLANET which goes AGAINST what the other reptilian hybrids who work with the Dark Forces (which are the Archons, the Demiurge) are trying to do which is sell humanity out for some “Earthly trinkets” and fake, made up social status titles, positions in said fake human hierarchy. Not only that, but we have some access to the reptilian hivemind. When I lived in mid wilshire – a major reptilian hub AND THE SAME FOR ILLUMINATI HUB ASS MALIBU – I recall if I did something, in private, the other people would sense it and I couldn’t put my finger on “why?” but they did… So we know what they are thinking and planning and due to our individual consciousness (they share a hivemind, group soul if you will) we can opt out and just tell you all because – due to being more human – we got humanity (now that I think about it, I was an individual in my reptilian past life). That’s what makes us a threat even more so… our humanity!

Because we have the aggressive traits of the reptilian combined with the empathy, compassion of a human – that makes us feared by them cause they can’t recruit us, get us to join cause our humanity won’t allow us to betray our consciousnesses. Many of us tend to be more into spiritual pursuits and not Earthly trinkets thus making us less susceptible to compromise. That said, that’s why we are a threat; unlike the others we know what’s going on and GOT THE STRENGTH TO DEAL WITH IT!

That said, cause of my second sight – third eye – I’ve seen people’s eyes change out here into slit pupils. I’ve also seen some of my reptilian protectors from past lives around (they’ve always been around), protecting me! Also, when I was a kid, I had numerous “dreams” of abduction – including one where I was taken aboard a mothership (which was first a jet then turned into it) driven by a guy who looked like Tom Joyner and I SWEAR – ON THE DOT – AFTER HAVING SAID “DREAM” I WOULD WAKE UP AT 6AM EVERY TIME! I also see people, things for what they are. There is this girl named Angeline Alexis who is demon possessed (SHE IS A GOOD SOUL DEEP DOWN INSIDE) who has been stalking me for an unusually loooong time which you can read here:




That said, I had a vision that me and another friend whom I couldn’t see got invited to her home in Alabama (in this world she lives in L.A.). When we got there IT WAS SMALL AND THERE WERE MAGGOT CRAWLING ALL OVER HER ATTIC APARTMENT! Some of it got into my hair and tried to fuck with my mind…. which is what I take it as a metaphor for. Basically, it correlates that she has alot of bad shit going on hence why her place was represented by an attic infested with maggots (which me and the other girl saw when we got under the blanket) and had I let her get close to me (I KNEW SHE WAS TOXIC WHICH IS WHY I SEVERED TIES) HER BAD SHIT, BAD SPIRITS, HER BAD ENERGY WOULDA INFECTED ME (Everything she says about me is REALLY A PROJECTION OF HER!). That’s why I listened to my gut, kept my distance and don’t get involved with their mess! None of them crazy, DEMONIC REPTILIAN POSSESSES PEOPLE! NONE!

That said, most disheartening – I saw in the astral my little dead baby brother or – worse yet – A CLONE! I was told a while back that he was trapped in the astral by these executioner hat wearing entities who are holding his baby form hostage. It’s a hard pill to swallow. Those beings are associated with spaceships and sure enough – they got him trapped on one, holding him hostage to get to me (which makes me wonder if that is even him). Make matters worse I had another “vision” of him, HIS SOUL being swallowed by said beings! When I throw tarot cards I get a whole other result – that he’s rescued (when I’ve thrown tarot cards it shows that baby self was just one aspect of him, HELD BACK to allow his soul to ascend). I dunno if something is manipulating the cards or even visions in his case (again, aliens have always played a major role in my life) but I do recall hearing via white noise a three year old voice yelling at these whispering entities (which sounds just like them) to “let me go…” while crying. It killed me!

That said, it’s a good thing I see things from a logical perspective including in the spiritual, I don’t know what to think on my end. It kills me to THINK he could be over there. I’ve had visions and a VERY CREDIBLE PSYCHIC CONFIRMED IT! Hell, you can see a face in a robe, something evil, sinister behind him. It crushes me which is why I want to learn to astral project more to get him out… do it more deliberately, consciously at least!

That said, regarding me, I’ve been know why I’ve faced and received the amount of hatred I get! You’d think listening to the people like Angeline Alexis, Veritas Entrepreneur (who I believe is under MK Ultra mind control and has it reinforced by white dudes being sent to harass her, call her “nigger” – she is still wounded by a racist incident that happened in the military – so she can’t live a normal life as she likes white dudes) I KILLED THEIR MOMS! I just told Angeline back in 2012 to STAY AWAY FROM ME and I merely told Veritas that that shit in the military STILL BOTHERS HER (She also has a habit of twisting words around and thinking you said something when you didn’t!) AND SHE BELLOWED AT ME, “NOOOOO”, “NOOOOO”, like I killed her, like I revealed her innermost secret TO HER – which is what I did (I hope she gets some healing). But that said, that’s why I ignore these people. I stay above the frey. I know what I am dealing with: Angeline Alexis was sent by demons to come after my ass, Veritas is MK Ultra. Cause I have innerstanding, overstanding, psychic insight – I see things for what they are, NOT what they appear to be!

See, the Rothschilds put spells – in the same way they do to attract people to SELLebs who push their agenda which I talk about here: – to influence people to come for me, attack me. I recognize when I see it which is why I am not phased by the abuse or even the people (some of whom I see it for what it is and I forgive em).

That said, I’m having these visions, these flashes OF WHO IS DOING THIS TO ME so I can learn more about myself and why I am in the world. I keep seeing 888. I even had it on my debit card. 888 in numerology means Christ the Redeemer:

– Some people think he was a reptilian!

You can read more about that here:


That said, that was the last person who went thru shit for trying to tell the Truth to humanity, and now I am taking up that cross!

*Imma let you all in on a little secret: they take people who went up against the Demiurge, the archons and WHILE ALIVE, KILL THEM then turn them and use their image as martyrs to spread THEIR AGENDA, hence why in the bible it says, “Breathe life into THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST” – which means making their kingdom of Darkness more POWERFUL by using their souls to POWER IT or try to (bible scholars say that the real antichrist was Nero and Rome was Babylon, the same state which murdered Jesus Christ). They take and distort the memory of Jesus Christ – great people whom through spells THEY PUSHED PEOPLE TO HATE BACK IN THEIR DAY while they were alive so they won’t be effective – and use it to push the fundie, dogmatic, TOXIC MIND CONTROL MASS RELIGION we call “christianity!” and other things to push their agenda AND will steal MANY OF THEIR IDEAS as well and use it to further their agenda.

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