Look At My Reptilian Demon Eyes

Look At My Reptilian Demon Eyes

THESE ARE MY MOST RECENT, taken in December 2017:

Here me with normal eyes. Here me with white, reptilian/cat slitted eyed pupils:

These are really MY REAL EYES (not all the time) BUT LOOK CLOSELY CAUSE THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE OF THE CAMERA (I even through in a “normal” one alongside the shapeshifting one so you can see the difference that there was no difference in movement, etc. on my part it just came out like that):

Here is a close up of my eyes in one of the pics:





This by far is the BEST EXAMPLE, HIGH RESOLUTION, EVERYTHING ELSE (this was taken in Summer 2014):

Here are some more and in one case BETTER examples…


Here’s a shapeshift CAUGHT ON VIDEO”

Here is that same shot BRIGHTENED:

Someone even noted that the last two above don’t even look like me…

Here’s a video I did on it:

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29510″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Here are more picture examples…

That said, I have always had interesting eyes. I’ve been told by many a psychic that I “have a larger soul!” Many people on Youtube and all over the internet like well known Carian/ reptilian chronicler, Kinninigan (interesting name and he says reptilians can’t pronounce it) think it’s reptilian eyes (He has a GREAT channel and check out his video below and this link): http://www.youtube.com/user/kinninigan/videos

Some say it’s “demonic.” Some say it’s biokinesis, like my friend, Veritas Entrepreneur says below which is the ability to shapeshift (thereby making me in effect a shapeshifter) and you can check out her spiritual channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeXLG4fQ1pjuWqz1osqTbqw/videos

and her vid down below…

…Of them all, Simon Parkes has the most intetesting take: he think they could mean they’re djinn since djinn can not perfectly manifest as humans with the exception being their slit snake like eyes like a snake (he is an authority on ufology and all matters supernatural and I invite you to watch one of his vids here):

…Funny, I had a dream a couple of days ago where I had 3 (very significant number in numerology) pets and #1 was a dog then the next #2 a green snake and the other a Black Panther, a protector (the dream was more symbolic than anything). Hell, when I have “shapeshifted” in my place was a short, 5’4 (maybe?) green dragon (maybe the dream of the green snake was a child in a former life?) and in another instance, while in deep meditation after asking to see “my soul”, as I descended down a dark pit, I saw it being lit up with ancient light carriers and Aztec writings and lo – and behold – I saw, again, a green dragon. Don’t believe me, look at the pic below of my finger’s shadow circled in red then tell me you DON’T believe:

I did NOT fake that shyte! Focus on THE FINGERZ AND THE SHADOW BEHIND IT!!

Whatever it is, I never felt I belonged. I never felt Earth was my home. After all, as a kid I had a bad habit of looking to the skies and my parents would always say to me, “Are you looking for home?”

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