The Difference Between Hebrew, Moor and Egyptian Black Americans

I had to do this shit cause I had a niggar ass moor send me this:

How fucking selfish – I mean telling me to not only charge but ask for donations???? Not only is this NIGGAR selfish but he got bad business sense (like a niggar) as well….

Oh and I went off a fahjay surrounded by a ton of landwhale wetbucks (who were ironically posted at the ocean ??) celebrating a birthday last night, “Talking about fuck the weirdo” while in my lil fav spot that I’m known to frequent and saying that I’m disgusting for going topless, meanwhile your fahjay friend is sticking his male philange in the trashcan of the human body: the bootayhole and all them disgusting rolls of fat they got around their body looking lile Saturn ? IZ FUCKING DISGUSTING, ole fat ass (and FAGGOT)….

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Anyways getting back to diss kneegrow “israelite” MOOR (cause they sure ain’t a hebrew as hebrews are humble and I’ve meant many Ethiopians who are the real hebrews who are nicee and mad down to Earth and even one time let me act a fool – topless of course ? – after getting mad drunk at a restaurant in Lil Ethiopia in mid wilshire, my ole barrio) – I HATE WHEN FOLKS ACT LIKE ALL BLACKS ARE ONE UNIT! When they come into knowledge of Self they fuck with god but in a more healthy way, becoming demure and religious. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES! I FIRMLY KNOW as evidenced by here:

That I am of Khemetian aka Ancient Egyptian origin! Even a Cuban shaman (of all the hispanics I get along best with them) confirmed this – CONFIRMED THIS!!!

When I had those two pics taken I wasn’t even SPIRITUAL at the time – AT ALL! I was still kinda worldly and was just starting to break free from it, mainly physically by wearing my hair and leaving behind weaves (the first inkling that wetbucks are some hatefull racist mofos was when a hispanic girl put me down when I wanted a dreadlock weave – ALWAYS WANTED EM AND GOT EM NOW) like we would wear in ancient Khemet:

When you sea the Roman nosed appearances on ancient Khemetians, looka this young black man’s profile:

This how I used to look like back in the day before the transformation:

– I don’t miss those days cause I wasn’t me.

I recall during the artist loft incident which I recount here:

– I recall while in police custody they were laughing, making fun (this was during the time I was staying at a shelter in 2016), with me overhearing one detective say (they used an ole pic like you see above that was supposed to be used internally as a joke of how I looked back then vs now), “If you were to fuck her now you’d prob. get hepatitis and your dick would fall off). I saw they used an ole pic when I caught a glimpse of the internal wanted poster:

– I love ❤ me (narcissist) and that’s all that matters ??‍♀️

– and diss one hea (to dem):

Okay, so that being said, after veering off topic, long story short, we Khemetians (fuck a 23rd and Me test cause they fucking lies hence why large proportions of folks’ dna like in my case tends to be “speculated” aka “unknown” (they know what the fuck it is):

…Are very loose people. Look in ancient khemet folks dabbled in magick and drunk to their heart’s content. When many find out who they are they fuck with the “ancestral war-ship” like Oshun, Yemaya cause they don’t know the rest about themselves. That’s why I do the crazy shit I do to this day:


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See, we’re fun loving, crazy people and tho. I may not be politically correct like my fav Troll/Prez Trump:

– I love ❤ him ?? this bitch a fool, lol!

I don’t hate anybody (the closest I’ve gotten are wetbucks and that’s cause I have been raped, stabbed, attacked – by the dudes – by em! I even got raped by a messycan in NY – not a puerto rican, cuban – esp. – or a dominican but a GOTDAMNED WETBUCK ????? witch ??‍♀️ confirms what I and Trump been saying)!

Back ‘n da day we had the Greeks and we fucked em! Hell that’s why Aarona (who alot of people say look like me and are similar) look the way she do:

The right (to YOUR left) pic is a recreation of how Pharoah Cleopatra woulda looked like:

– Even I got white girl features:


To hea:

It kinda shows here

Look here tho, it def. shows (small features, etc.):


And moor….

– I look like my fav tarot reader here:

– You see the “wideness”

Looka that Greek ass profile. Just google ancient Greek profiles to see what I mean…

We were already mixed when we came here.

That’s why you also had pyramids in North America:

We were here. There were people over here in North America before the Anglos came. They let you know this in the 4th grade with Lief Eriksson:

That being said, I can go deeper and point out the different types of Mexicans – fuck that, SOUTH AMERICANS!

I am a natural anthropologist. I may talk all this “wetbuck diss and wetbuck dat” (cause I have been hurt) but there are ineffable truths that can’t be negated:

– I’m posting those pics to show, look at the eyebrows, facial features on both of us.

Don’t we look similar?

I’m not a sub saharan Afrikan.

That’s why they got pyramids in South America, like they do in my home of Ancient Khemet:

There are different types of hispanics – the olmec/black ones:

They come from Lucia:

She is the oldest skull found in South America:

The INDIAN as like from India ones who loom like straight East Indians, and then the man above (he cutee), who look like me cause he from Ancient Khemet like myself:

– Damn he cutee won’t lie

Think about it. As for the Moors, they are truly HATE-FILLED and are intolerant. They are stuck up, and morally uprighteous and VERY MISOGYNISTIC, JUST TOXIC AND E-VILE. Those demons enslaved people like that other demon Ghengis Khan AAAAND for the hell of it. Only demons enslave others for the hell of it and not for at least resources, necessities (not caping for slavery, period!). When they become RELIGIOUS – not spiritual they war-ship the demiurge:

That’s how the demon they war-ship REEEALLY LOOKS ?

PROOF the demiurge which they war-ship is a demon hence why their behavior is demonic:


Here more on that DEMON the demiurge here:

I HATE THEM honestly but even not really cause I “understand” their diabolical nature like what they did to Spain and France:

This quote by the great actor/ director Dennis Hopper talks about this:


That extends to mainly southern Italians, French and Spaniards, who went on to rape the Indians of South American and the West Indies….

They also are fucking misogynists, raping women (now that I think about it they are more than likely responsible for the machismo that exists in Latin America cult-ure which didn’t exist before after the spaniards, who were raped by the black moors, raped em):

Naw think about that word “West Indies” for a sec. Why they call US, OUR LAND “West Indians”? Cause blacks ARE the indians, the natives!

Read this hea:

And esp. diss chea:


– let me know if the pdf file works: I believe since it’s coming from academia IT IS A MUST. READ!

I can go deeper and will do some day but let me end this by saying watch the video here to see what I mean:


Here I am getting high off of eating chocolate:


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I’m Egyptian, not a moor ????‍♀️??? Now lemme go back to fucking my wide bois and my (egyptian) messycans…. ??????

Oh yes… avoid ANYONE with the name “El Bey” or fucking “Bey” (not Michael Bay ??)!

Diss nicee chill music btw:

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