Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

DON’T send your kid there!! I know it supposedly changed ownership but the ghetto, hood mentality more than likely still there from the students and teachers back in the Xavier Prep days STILL probably persists to this day from when I graduated from that hellhole of a school back in 2001!

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It was riddled with way too many negative memories to describe, but I will say how my teacher, Mrs. McCloud, whose brother works for Monsanto (I remember he came for a very public meeting with the student body years ago, maybe back in 1998 and even he took a jab at me for using so called “big words”), SHOOK me with her hands in front the entire class because I, guess what, spoke proper English ie used “big words” like obfuscate, elementary, fundamental; stuff that people use NOW in conventional, banal speech – all the while taunting me. I don’t understand even to this day what would possess an educator, a molder of young minds, to do this. I recall her telling me that I SHOULD be worried about what “others” ie my tormentors had to say, what they thought of me, which is the bane for the black caustic hivemind way of thinking meaning that if you “speak well” you are trying to be WHITE – whatever that means! I recall another teacher, whose name escapes me, taking part in the torment by saying, “You speak like a book” as if that is a bad thing. The worst was Ms. Preston. This was a teacher who BOASTED about “bumping cats” which is an euphemism for having sex between two female humans and about slashing her EX boyfriend’s tires. This was a crazy bitch. She once told me to drop the English accent and took me by both arms with her hand and said, almost empathetically but in a taunting manner, “What about Africa? Emulate the way they speak (Africa consists of 49 independent states. How the fuck can you expect me to emulate a whole entire continent’s speech pattern? I don’t even think she knows what or where Africa really is). Sadly to say, this woman works as a nurse from what I last recall in the medical profession – in charge of taking care of people’s health and helping vulnerable people in their time of need. Yes, a woman who boasted of slashing her boyfriend’s tires in front of a class of impressionable young ladies!

I hope that school stays long dead. Unfortunately, it has been reincarnated as St. Katherine Drexel, which is why I am putting the word out! Black schools are very bad and really notorious for putting black minds – the same ones you would expect they would want to help and save since they are supposedly of the “same race (a term invented by white supremacist Charles Darwin)” – down if they want to achieve success, calling us “white” in the process for it, or as they did over at Xavier Prep, now known S. Katherine Drexel, telling us that we are using “big words” and that we are trying to be better than the other students, as Ms. McCloud and other teachers told me. It was not only the black ones who did this to me, but undercover racists who took part in the torment, too, including Mr. Waller, a possible pedophile who Danielle, a pupil in many of my classes, complained about him sexually harassing her and as a yet unnamed teacher whose name I can’t recall who taught history!

One thing I am thankful for is having gone to St. Simon Peter on Gentilly Blvd. That was a great school. Ms. Rizzo, my religion teacher, actually encouraged me to use so called “big words”. So did Ms. Laing, who died years ago after struggling against cancer (I am crying now even as I type this). She was one of my most auspicious teachers. Yes, St. Simon Peter’s student body was/ probably still is predominantly black, but the teacher body was predominantly almost all white. Notice the difference in treatment I received there as opposed to Xavier Prep, where I was earnestly told by teachers and students alike not to value education and intelligence. The only teacher who somewhat gave me grief and made fun of me for being who I am was Mr. Lefroy. Mr. Lefroy was one of the “black power types”, showing the conformist mindset of black individuals or so called “black” (really, black is a skin color and most people who call themselves “black” are not even really black, but different variations of brown) people  in that he made fun of me for being so called, again, “white”. Though he wouldn’t say it, I could feel it. He was later accused of child molestation according to another pupil at that school. This shows the hypocrisy of black power or “black pride” types and the destructive thought processes that can take place with this attitude since you can’t determine a person based on their skin color alone or their loyalty to you for that is superficial and ignores the soul of the person, which is unfair to that person and to yourself.

In an effort to subconsciously appease Mr. Lefroy, I became militant. I chose (and I am still kicking myself in the ass even now for this choice) Xavier Prep because I wanted to show I was “pro black (I am attracted to white men so how I could ever think I could overcome that in an effort to prove some nonexistent “loyalty” to a so called “race” is retarded now looking back on it)”. I went in there like Malcolm X and I came out thinking the same way as Dr. David Duke, proving the destructive force that is so called “black schools”.

Even now, after 14 years of being out that school, I wish I woulda chose De La Salle High School, even Cabrini, anything but that black ass, nigger ass school!

I won’t go into too much detail. You can watch my video up above. But I will show this. Down below is an email I received via my Facebook from Ms. Edith Jayne, one of my teachers from Xavier Prep. To go to show how destructive these people are, notice she attacks my profession of choice (I am a sex worker) though she knows I am comfortable with and like what I do. Notice in the emails she sent after I BLOCKED her from my Facebook (misery likes company) she turns around and in the highlighted message below DENIES OUTRIGHT what the students and teachers at Xavier Prep did to me while pretending to be “nice”. Notice she refused to help me before and when I called her out is now changing her tune. I don’t believe her. This is indicative of the “wannabe” mind fucking mentality I had to endure while going there. This is why I say: DO NOT SEND YOUR KID TO ALL BLACK/ PREDOMINATELY BLACK SCHOOLS! Thank you!


Edith Jaynes Facebook 1

Edith Jaynes Facebook 2




Edith Jaynes Facebook 3 yellow


Edith Jaynes Facebook 4






Edith Jaynes Facebook 5






Look at the message highlighted in yellow. Notice she denies the torment I endured while in high school. Notice she can’t stay away from tormenting me. This is how these people are. They are miserable and gotta reign you in when they see you are doing something good in your life or at least trying to.

Edith Jaynes Email 1 yellow

Edith Jaynes Email 2







Edith Jaynes Email 3






That is the type of mind fucking they put me through in Xavier Prep high school and now these demons are coming back to haunt and torment me so more. But, this time, I got social media and now I can put them ON BLAST when they do!

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  1. Your story is compelling. I hope that we can continue the discussion
    with the broad lexicon that you speak of, with language that indeed offers
    rich, thick, poignant description, void of slander and anecdotes that
    lack clarity and witness. I wish you the best!

  2. I am an educator in training. I’ve taught in classrooms before. Your tape made me think of times where I was just down right cruel to my students without realizing it. I don’t want my students calling me a bully 14 years down the road. I am glad you brought this up. Now I know that I need to be very mindful of the things I say to my students. All I can say is, when you teach in urban schools with kids of color, you have to be tough. Being a good disciplinarian is the difference between keeping or losing a job. Sometimes the kids can be very mean to you as well. It is very easy for a teacher like myself to get out of control when you’re in a high stressed environment. Yet, at the end of the day, you really get more respect when you treat the kids with respect. Kids can sense a person who isn’t fair or good. If you’re not a decent human being they won’t like you. You can be tough, but you have to respect them. I will make sure I do that. I never made fun of a kid for being different. But I have embarrassed kids for cutting up in my class which I now understand is wrong. I have been mean to discipline problems.

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