Spooking Some Spooks Dressed Up As the KKK During Halloween 2013

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Alright, here I am, spooking some SPOOKS dressed as the klan for Halloween 2013, lol!

Basically below are a set of all the pictures I took while walking in West Hollywood and into various police stations, including the Wilshire Community police station and the Hollywood police station on Wilcox – LAPD – asking if they know of any cross brunings – festive aren’t they – going on in the area. In one instance, I walked into the police station DRUNK which you can hear on tape.


I was only attacked ONCE – which I did not catch on tape – of a woman, a female, light skinned, “black”

Blue Black African
People – you are NOT black unless you are literally black like this man here.


…ummm hmmm… “lady” – with straightened hair like a white woman’s – who grabbed me on the arms and held me tight and acted as if she were being factitious when me and my best friend knew she was doing nothing of that sort. It was obvious she had a mental illness. We both extrapolated that from our experience with her. Poor lady. i feel so sorry for her but on with the show we must go – with offending people that is, lol!

Basically, we experienced a lot of laughs, alot of people telling their HONEST OPINIONS while I was wearing my KKK outfit. People thought this was  a joke but don’t realize it is the real thing I really wear when I “play” dress up for Halloween and spook some spooks, lol! I also had a white “woman” attack me, too. Bitch! Not physically, tho. cause whites have the brevity of mind to know that is not appropriate and not civilized, unlike wannabe yellow “niggas” who want to act as they deem it as “overly black” and so thus “ghetto ass hell” which is not how real people who have to work in the hood, live in the hood, earn an honest living every day in the hood – the vast majority – act!


Now, here are the pics:







 20131101_01544320131101_015436 20131101_015431 20131101_015420 20131101_014631 20131101_014628 20131031_230154 20131031_225657 20131031_225109 20131031_225053 20131031_225041 20131031_224300 20131031_224256 20131031_222624 20131031_222618 20131031_222611 20131031_192550 20131031_192543 20131031_155501 20131031_135043 20131031_135039 20131031_135006 20131031_135000 20131031_134956 20131031_134856 20131031_134845 20131031_134837 20131031_134833 20131031_131342 20131031_131318 20131031_131009 20131031_131007 20131031_131002 20131031_130319 20131031_130314 20131031_130302 20131101_015446

Happy Halloween and maybe I’ll be a Nazi next year…

Adolf Hitler
Heil Hitler!

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