DO NOT Get Spiritual Services From Jamila Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

DO NOT Get Spiritual Services From Jamila Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

She ain’t a high priestess of shit!

Before I get on her tho., I peep this wetback here:

….tried to sub to my channel.


That said…. this bitch is nuts!

You can see here I did not email her shit….

I also did not respond to her (she looks for attention).

Jamila Briscoe is a sociopathic attention seeker who enjoys starting shit cause she feeds off the energy like the energy vampire she is.

She has also abandoned her children – and even offered up her underage 15 year old daughter at the time to a convict named Dinero Red:

She has also, as I have mentioned here:

The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe

and here:

A Case Study In Demonic Possession And Entity Attachments: Latonya Jones and Jamila Chontai Briscoe aka High Priestess Jamila

….is a stalker with MAJOR mental health issues.

These two ladies basically break down her psychopathic, psychotic behaviour:

As shown here she definitely does have a pedophilic gait about her given her suspicious interactions with her kids who I don’t doubt in addition to mental, physical and emotional abuse and neglect she has also sexually abused:

The Worst Case of Borderline and Child Neglect I Have Ever Seen: Jamila Chontai Briscoe

She also has equally mentally ill people like this “inner g negus” who had been harassing me for no fucking reason for years (when I tapped in to his energy I saw nothing but hell surrounding him) following her, caping for her. Here is his email and the insane messages he has been sending me….

[email protected]

Now, one thing I don’t get is, how he gonna tell me not to mess with “his people” – like blacks are his personal fucking property – meanwhile he is in a relationship with a light skinned latina (who I saw via my third eye that he beats her up) who calls blacks niggers….

Here her email address:
[email protected]

That “xxx” in her email makes me think she a heaux and, as I kinda suspected, that “Inner G” NIGGER might be her pimp (wouldn’t be surprised if his durag wearing light skinned punk ass is one)!

I wanna say, this “inner g negus” who also went by “Your an idiot” which he used to harass me (funny cause it is supposed to be “you’re” and not “your”) for years on is a tormented soul (like I said, when I tapped into his energy I SAW HELL and felt nothing but angry energy) who is already condemned, so he goes after those with light in them to get us to condemn ourselves, too. Now that I think of it the only time he was nice to me was during my satanic phase which speaks volumes….

I just found “inner g negus” (he looks possessed AND looks like he beats on women and has closet gay down low tendencies) insta-heaux:

Here his insta-heaux accounts:

He calls himself “pro black” yet he is with a non black latina who calls black people niglets and ghetto trash.

This is an insult to us!

Hypocritical ass NIGGER (not negus).

And yet wanna control my body and tell me who to fuck, fucking hypocritical nigger with his wetback girl ??

Very typical of self hating, suspect black dudes with down low tendencies.

I’ll stick with my white men and occasionally mexicans who will shoot your loser black ass in a NY sec. ?

Ignorant asses….

That said, Jamila is a fucked up in the head individual. She is someone who has GREAT talents – I will not lie – who is surrounded by blackness, a sea of shadow people who she feeds via addictions, further bringing her torment and anguish.

I will say this: before she lost her mind, there was a time where that bitch was cold, ruthless and calculating and, just as she is now, a manipulative, lying compulsive liar (it is believed she wrote ALL her favourable reviews on her etsy page) who was always neglectful of her kids (and uses them to collect welfare) and gaslights ANYONE who calls her out while projecting the bullshit she pulls on others such as her claiming I’ve been harassing her via email when it can apparently be seen that she has been harassing ME via email!

When she was more in control of her psychotic behaviour ie a psychopath she used to send others to harass those who disagreed with her like this lady who called her out for neglecting her kids (while calling herself a “children’s rights advocate”) and bullying folks who either expose her or merely disagree with her, as she did to me (one of Jamila’s former channels was “terrycloth97”):

I remember those days very well when – almost as if she had people under a spell – she was able to cover up her fuckery and was able to effortlessly persuade other folks almost as if she had em under a spell to side with her. That lady’s egotistical and maniacal, controlling behaviour was on full display back then but, thankfully due to the bad spirits around her driving her crazy, she isn’t that effective at covering up her fuckery.

I would NOT go to this woman to get spiritual work, ANYTHING done! You run the risk of acquiring her evil spirits that are fucking with her and are running her down.

Even after 2 days of drinking hardcore (and making money left and right ?) I still look really young:

SHE on the other hand looks tired, worn out, with black circles under her eyes which are all signs of entities draining her….

You don’t want the shit she got, fucking with her, draining her, killing her slowly and using her as the vehicle to do it.

Many spiritualists – you’d be shocked – got addictions due to the spirits feeding off them.

I also want to say that when I called it seemed like no one else was booking with her.

When she did my reading, ALL SHE DID WAS PROJECT HER issues with HER parents onto me and my family, saying my parents “sacrificed” me – she does this lil drawl when she’s lying. She hates her family cause her parents tried to RIGHTEOUSLY remove her children, esp her daughters (who she had abandoned in Kansas to chase convict Dinero Red while taking her 2 boys cause she saw the lil girls as competition – sick bitch!). That said, I only went to her cause she said some things to me in one of her livestreams that was mad accurate.

Here is a family member, Cherie Briscoe, saying how fucked up Jamila is and how fucked up she got her kids:

She also comes off as a kitchen witch tho she is very powerful spiritually. Whereas I show my issues, problems so folks who are going thru the same thing can use it to overcome their own issues once I show how I overcame my own, she hides her shit behind a FAKE, FAKE facade of thriving, claiming she a millionaire tho she on section 8, denying she got issues as if she is in a rat race to prove herself to others and keep up appearances.

These two channels document her fuckery:

YOU CAN LIT hear her demons here:

This her admitting to child sex trafficking:

She sounds PURE demonic as she cusses some young ladies out while berating her baby daddy aka sperm donor:

That bitch is mental and the audios and vids speak volumes….

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