Mexican Latina Tries To Use Black Ancestral Spirits To Attack A Black Woman

Mexican Latina Tries To Use Black Ancestral Spirits To Attack A Black Woman

WOW, THIS BITCH IS A RACIST WHO USES BLACK PEOPLE SPIRITUALITY while saying we aren’t powerful cause we are “lost” (while trying to take our energies aka ancestors and powers)….. SEE how these other non black races do us:

Here my response….


White Bitch Gets Christopher Cased After Trying To Summon Papa Legba To Kill Black Lover

I don’t think this gonna end well for her like that white girl who ended up dying as a result of trying to do the same – by summoning a black ancestral spirit to hurt her black ex lover as shown above. Lol!

Okay, so here is the sharpie drawn on eye brows wear tons of makeup fat latin beener bag ???

Here she is calling me a “niglet” – that should go well with the black spirits she is trying to summon.

Here the wetback boyfriend she claims is gonna use my ancestors to ‘woke me ??‍♀️??? – cause I guess I ‘woked his already demon possessed uncle – I saw thru my third eye it’s a young boy with a crown on his head which I heard in spirituality means you are under something – and thus like a kid you gotta get permission to do anything or, as I sensed, it can mean hubris!

Wayward Renegade Witches warned about these wetbacks using OUR SPIRITS AND SPIRITUALITY to fuck with us:

Here is the WETBACK’S INFO:

It is
[email protected]

That being said…..


I won’t say much but that shit might bounce back in a royal way without me having to do much.

After all, those who do – do! Those who can’t, tell! ??‍♀️??

ALSO, UPDATE: In true demonic seed of Quetzalcoatl fashion – this WETBACK comes on here to cape for this wetback chola latina, MEANWHILE NOT ADDRESSING HER FOR FUCKING WITH ME (While wanting wanting to see my breasts – SEA how they try to siphon off of black energy):

Imma kill this wetback just for being a wetback ??⚔?⚰

Adios, wetbacks!

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