Proof That Mexicans and Latins Are Demonic As Displayed By Their Celebration of Mordida

Even the name “mordida” sounds demonic, like death (muerte)….

If we need any more proof these thangz are demonic….

I’ll just sit this here…..

The demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl get down, strike AGAIN – this time at a child’s birthday party where they attack a child-thing with eggs. The normalization and institution of violence at an early age as conveyed by this vulgar act of abuse of a child-thing is often times symptomatic of an endemic cult-ure of violence – and death – in a cult-ure! Considering their idols are demonic figures of death and violence aka la calvertina and santa muerte it is no wonder that they would pull something like this given their reptilian characteristics and, thus, propensity to celebrate inhumane acts of violence!

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