Sign This Petition To Get Rid of Illegal MexicanT Gangs Wreaking Havoc In Black Communities

Here is the petition to sign:

I talk about they demon seed asses here:


As I said, I believe I was given spiritual eyes to call these thangz out: they are not human….

As I said before, they are a reptilian bred slave worker race (which is why they were bred to work hard but not smart ??) who operate from a very low vibratory state of consciousness, hence why they will contradict themselves as one of then thingz exhibits here:

Youtube keeps erasing the comment when I respond as can be seen here:

The comment thread can be found here:

One thing I notice is that when whyte folks call em out (and justifiably so) they will be courteous and civil but when we do it, they insult us, call us jungle bunnies and all sorts of racial contumlies (revealing that they looked down upon us to begin with) which is why I go all out….

Read my blog on these thingz…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

They are reptilian in nature, which is why they can only conceive and convey very simple minded, rapid fire responses that required no thought – and of course – empathy – when I exposed to and called out on their bullshit. Instead, they fucking hiss and get mad cause they been called out!

That’s why I say arguing (I don’t try to convince of shit cause I have no illusions about their true nature ??) is futile.

I just call em out so other real human races can see what they are dealing with in them – and they hate it.

Also, anytime you have an inkling of black in you they will deal with you INSTANT of antagonistic terms (which is why I call em a “wetback” and keep it moving) such as how in this article here they treat Black Bugatti aka Black Bigot (who is mixed black and looka more white) all sorts of names and even threatened him as can be seen here:

Article Showing MS 13 Members War-shipping Satan CONFIRMS That Wetbucks Are The Hellspawn of Quetzalcoatl

Or how they treat this apparently innocent mixed race part black young lady as opposed to the volatile neanderape white woman who is committing violence against them:

Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

We are at war with em! I myself have been attacked, unprovoked, or for saying some words (after they done fucked with me) countless times while they treat a white man who LIT put hands on one of their bitches with kit gloves….

Praise Goes To These Brothers and A SiSTAR For Handling A Wetback

That’s why I urge all of you to sign thus petition here:

Look, Imma be real: blacks need to stop pushing this bullshit of “people of colour.” A coupla weeks ago an ESKIMO bitch from Canada was arguing, telling me to not like Trump and when I broke down – WITH ACTUAL LINKS – the genocidal racial war wetbacks BEEN committing against us she dismissed it off like, “bleh.”

Fuck that eskimo living in an igloo bitch and I’m glad white people stole their shit and more of them heauxs need to go missing (and sacrificed) on the trail of tears highway bullshit they got going on….

More blacks need to be like me and protect their energy like I explain here:


I don’t let mofos into my space, I am not welcoming, I call mofos out – I don’t care who I hurt (my whole family is anti social).

I am like my big brother Kerry; I know the truth and I am just gonna attack – no explanations, nothing!

I know what they are and that is all that matters to me…..

I’m doing this for Jamiel Shaw, one of the victims (HE WAS HARVARD BOUND) who fell prey and victim to the sadistic violences endemic in the cult-ure of the demonic and dangerous seeds of Quetzalcoatl:

Los Angeles High School football player Jamiel Shaw II was shot to death in 2008 near his Arlington Heights home by a gang member who was in the U.S. illegally. Shaw’s father will sit with first lady Melania Trump Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, when President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress in the U.S. Capitol. (File photo)

He looks just like my baby brother Kristen!

Hear his story ???

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