The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Anti-white lib-tube took it down cause it was too much fucking truth (if it was a white person I was exposing for racism they would make that shit recommended)….

After seeing this…. I will no longer be doing that wishy washy shit where I go back and forth on my opinions.

I was lead to this video for a reason – to show blacks how much they hate us:


Note: They didn’t put hands on her tho she was all up in their car. However, they ran over me, attempted to as I show here all cause of a few drunk words with a wetback male “demon” putting hands on me – again!

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Here is one JUSTIFYING IT while having a black man as his profile pic, claiming he’d be okay with them doing it to whites.

But the video evidence shows contrary….

I officially hate wetbacks, latins (excluding Cubans – who I get along with VERY well – and Puerto Ricans and Dominicans so we are clear). After seeing the clear difference in how they treat white trash getting all in their car, faces vs how they treated me – someone known as the “local nut” with alcohol issues – this has awoken me to how much they don’t like – hell, hate – black people so I will treat them the same from now on, with the same contempt.

They call us mayate after all, which is supposed to be worse then nigger cause they are calling us a dung beetle that carries shit:

I hate wetbacks!

That said, aside from casual social interactions including but not limited to making my food, etc. Imma let them know where they stand with me and I have drawn my line in the sand. No dealings with them – not even for money – from now on! Imma run their asses up the fucking street and treat their asses like shit like they have been doing to me and other blacks from now on….

Even before I said anything about wetback this and wetback that this wetback physically attacked me for refusing his advances….

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

And black people are just supposed to be the “bigger people” and forgive and forget and take people shit….

Fuck that!

This is why I hate them! Imma wear my hate on my sleeve and let them know where I stand. Aside from NECESSARY interactions like asking questions in stores – I don’t want them thangz coming up to me, esp. in a sexual context (anybody I saw in my job who was a wetback is getting blackballed now). I will run you up the street, violently if necessary, to let them know don’t fuck with me or my kind.

Even when folks have a lil black admixture, they will still act violent towards us simply cause of that as shown here:

Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

And looka how they treated Black Bugatti aka Black Bigot:

They even threatened this man cause of his difference of opinion….

Like they did me….

Like they own our fucking opinion, our voices, like we their slaves.

To show you how reptilian they are, they will pull out canned, very simple minded responses void of empathy and any deep thought (due to low IQ’s cause Quetzalcoatl made them that way) while dismissing your concerns like this wetback here who called himself a “fan” of me from my reality show days yet puts the onus on me instead of attacking his fellow wetback who attacked me first (I’m ‘wokeing them BOTH for being wetbacks with black magic):

He then tried to sub to my channel and I promptly blocked his ass….

I had to block a coupla of them…

I ain’t giving them the blessing of my acceptance or being allowed in my spaces. Unlike many blacks I know my worth and I will stop – with them – cold stop the whole “let’s be friends” shit even on a purely superificial level.

They will know I hate them.

Then they try to play that white folks are the problem and we should focus on them (and typical deflection tactic – similar to what whites pull – when the wetbacks get called out on the genocidal acts of violence they have committed against blacks):

This one says that Trump hates blacks but calls me a chimp….

Like Chris Rock said they’ll blame the media….

– As my screenshots show, AS MY EXPERIENCE SHOWS – THEY are the fucking problem!

As shown in the video (I even said it in the video) they wouldn’t do that shit if I were white!

Yet they fetishize black women and only see us as objects for sex and nothing more:

Here is his channel:

That’s why I am gonna start running they asses up the street VIOLENTLY! I believe there is a race war and it is spiritual!

As I explain here….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

They are not human. They are of a reptilian seed, Quetzalcoatl to be exact. There is no reasoning with them; all we can do is send them their negative energy right back since disrespecting them IS the only way to getting them to respect us!

I will not give them the gift of being nice to em UNLESS in casual social settings. Anything personal – they stay the fuck out it!

And I mean it, like I did here….


I also wanna say, to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s

Thank you for killing this wetback ??

I hope you kill more

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