Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

I was shown this as the All Seeing Eye!

With that being said, I swear, with every push to evolve spiritually – every time I remove an entity attachment – the demon seeds ALWAYS show out to make sure or best yet said “try” to shut me down.

Last night their low vibratory asses fucked with my car – I am not 100% sure cause it coulda been – I even sense this as well – crakkkas or even niggers all while I was in a state of zen earlier in the day!

People Are Straight Fucking Animals And Can’t Let A Homeless Woman Have Peace

I even explain in the video below how one came around with a black boyfriend to attack!

That said, when you look at the video, peep the line of alkie-hole spilt right next to my car, as per a ritual!


That’s just like what I talked about in the past in these three articles…..

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

It hurts my heart to get attacked like this. Cause I am outspoken I get the worst of it! THE WORST! People look at me on the surface and think I am crazy. I am not a hateful person – I have been done dirty by blacks and whites – but there is something seriously wrong with Mexicans and South Americans, which I explain here:

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I think they are under some type of curse. I acquired this info first hand – today – after talking with a very powerful Cuban man – nice looking too – and this Mexican dude from Texas.

When I was breaking down all the spiritual stuff I talk about – this Mexican dude who I could tell was an organic portal than asks me if I am an “agent”? I’m like – with the know-ledge I am spewing (free yourself from the matrix, “god” the demiurge and agent smiths), do I sound like it? He then came up to my car asking for spiritual advice on how do you know if someone shares your soul and, I was like, motherfucker you don’t have a soul! I told him this!

People who talk about organic portals discuss how they project on you to throw you off. I then heard the poor kid say, “Something told him to say it.”

I knew it!

I then spoke to a nice El Salvadorian. Our convo was deep and cool but the minute he got his hands on a LIL bit of weed, A LITTLE – just as I go goofy and do dumb things on alkie-hole, he started saying off handed shit but I knew it was an entity operating behind him – the same one that got him jonesing for weed – that had him like that. I understand cause with the alkie-hole I been there.

His whole demeanor – he was a different person. I saw the wildness in his eyes. I was almost scary and I rarely get that way.

That said, I was under the curse of a sorta reptilian eye placed in my right eye that I think been with me my entire life cause I would always feel an extreme “energy” enter where thoughts flooded me that weren’t my own, naughty thoughts on what to say to folks, crazy out of the way shit so I understand how it is like to be “possessed” or influenced by spiritual implants…..

Here are the sellebrity shapeshifter reptilian eyes…..

My eyes do the same…..

Looka the claws here….

– While writing I LITERALLY SAW from behind a dark shadow block out the sun yet no one was there…..

This was always with me cause this picture was taken before my satanic phase….

I believe that the All Seeing Eye based on my experience represents a sorta archon implant designed to enable various archons to possess you and take over your body as I explain here:



– Funny cause Hitler used to use the idiom, “Eye of Divine Providence” and it is the will of divine providence….

Also, money is a talisman used in spells: hint, keep a bill or more and write the number 22 on it which in numerology means Master Builder which should help you with money ?? – esp. if you are a Soulled person and not an organic portal!

That said the All Seeing Eye is incorporated into certain people as a mind parasite virus similar to the wetiko mind virus Native Americans spoke of….

For me in my experience it has created a sort of parasitic tree whose branches branch out to attach and infect others when I ‘woke em or even accept like more material gifts like presents, things meant to be kept in longevity hence why I can’t accept anything outside of food and money – things that can be used quickly!

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

When I use my third eye to see this mind virus it is reminiscient to the sephiroth or the so called “tree of life” referenced in Jewish culture:



It does something to control the frontal cortex of your brain – the driver’s seat of your mind that controls how you act – and allow for shit to come in and possess you as well as control your impulses that make you feel you are in the backseat – even if you are fully conscious – while something takes over your body, hijacking and act as your intuition just as this parasite parasitically removes a fish’s tongue then act as it’s “tongue” while forcing the fish to feed it as well as the fish.

This why the alcohol urges and even other urges I had as a kid like strong outbursts and mood swings were extremely and overwhelmingly hard to control.

Also it’s why I COULD NOT reroute my concentratiob towards meditation cause something would block the emotionally pleasureable part to make me desire meditation – my pleasureable memories of it – while blocking my attempt to emotionally recall the memories of how both physically and emotionally bad I’d feel when giving in to those urges…..

Don’t get me started on what happens when you try to break away…..

As I write this I got clients who were part of that miserable synchronicity are contacting me for sex and money as I write with one begging…..

In the past shit would happen to try to get me reimpregnated with their sexual spiritual stds by causing me a major loss of money and suppressing my ability to generate money on my terms by rendering it where – look, I once saw a bunch of gods including the Assyrian “god” named Anzu, a birdman like deity similar to Egyptian god Ra, who would fuck up my shit to as seen via my third eye when trying to manifest money:

To prove my point that this shit – all that shit – are holographic projections created by the demiurge to fool all of you (fools), once when the ram horned Egyptian god Amun appeared to me, it had an evil energy!

A friend of mines on LSD who is fighting the matrix like me had 8,000 “Amuns” ram him (pun intend) when they saw he became aware of em and could see higher up, interdimensionally!

I said it before all them so called “gods” are straight agent Smith matrix agents and before you get pissed at me telling the truth – fuck you and kiss my ass ??? cause I know what I am talking about…..

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

ALLL THAT SHIT EVIL! This why I preach about how e-vile the demiurge aka “god” the matrix architect is like I did to this man here:


As I said before “god” is a demon named the demiurge designed to create our bodies and keep our souls in em so he can suck on our souls as exemplified in the matrix:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

– I break it all down there, illustrations and all….. ??

The Demiurge And WHY Christians Face So Many Demonic Attacks

That being said – recently I had an astral experience in which when I first fought off that all seeing eye parasitic attachment I was in an office at a wedding or I think family reunion. Never seen before – all my relatives, living and dead came. Then a white dude who looked like a cop who worked LAPD south central undercover division started putting something on em designed to control the party denizens. My transitioned baby brother and mom were held under his control but my older brother and other younger brother fled out. I then saw my older brother do as I do and be free by walking with his pants off.

As a side note a gentleman once told me of an Indian Hindu Swami named Trailanga who walked but as naked and was so spiritually advanced he could walk thru walls and use the power of his mind to move shit:

There is something to this shit cause – look – anyone can be a slave to anything. People’s opinions, weed, alkie-hole, sex, etc. For us spiritually advanced Soulled people, they hit us with temptations as discussed all over the bible and various spiritual systems in the final rounds of our spiritual evolution when they can’t enslave us by enslaving us to other folks – usually organic portal’s opinions etc. – which is a form of enslavement. When you beat the matrix at some level, I guess you acquire a certain level of freedom where bullshit societal norms can’t control you, you can use your energy to control shit etc etc. So nudity – both physical as well as emotional (being blunt with your opinions) represents an advanced level of emancipation from the matrix!

Ta daaaaa!


I noticed for a week, even recent folks going out of their way to emphasize “god bless” as if to remind me that I am not big enough to fight the matrix, which was conveyed thru these messages here:

Here another one featuring anti Divine Feminine programming…..

Given my lsd experience on seeing that the Divine Feminine reps “eating” the masculine via vices to push them thru the port-hole, if the fear of vices reps the fear of womb-en…..

Acid Trip Shows The Truth About Saturn And Divine Feminine Energy And Wetbacks Stealing The Collective Energy of Blacks Thru Spiritual Deal

Let me not go in on the entitlement to my energy, expecting me to propound their opinions as manifested here…..

Experienced that in the past with organic portals…..

You Gotta Watch Who You Open Yourself To When You Are Spiritual

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

The most obvious sign of something demonic trying to re-reach out to me is when folks like this sacred serpent person try to “befriend” me as I escape that shit:

I am not a people pleaser; Imma people pusher. I know the truth – that is all that matters to me. I don’t sugarcoat shit and I cut folks off if I feel I am being emotionally compromised to give in to that fake societal politeness.

That said, that is why I am hard with wetbacks! I see the truth about their asses, I know what they are. But I put my know-ledge forth so that the Soulled ones can be changed (I think the organic portals are a lost cause):

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

And tho the organic portal ones may attack me via gangstalking coordinated attacks, it won’t stop me from telling truths that could help the Soulled ones!

That is why I don’t do the kumbaya shit! Gotta be hard to awaken minds.

Another thing archons do is – remember how I told you they will cause unforseen calamities in the form of something happening with your home, vehicle to pull you into some toxic situation and to keep you from on your own manifesting…..

These mofos fucked with my butane after repeatedly fucking with my SIM card – esp. to write this pivotal article here (evidence inside):

How The Baphomet Acts As A Matrix Architect To Keep Souls Oppressed

Here they are, fucking with my butane – hoping to delay more important spiritual work so I’ll run into the city and get a new one:


You can see their signature, the triangle, left behind…..

The triangle IS THEIR MARK as indicated here and it has shown up on me numerous times…..

– There. I fixed it!

Thar said, as always these dumb archons are doing the same shit to pull me under using spiritual STD carrying clients to pull me back into that sexual reinfection ruse but it don’t work.

Just like with the organic portal wetbacks, it don’t work!

When I’m tired, I’m tired!

That said, I think I got that shit out. Because ONLY MY RIGHT EYE TWITCHES I think there is still something there so, that said, I’ve gone thru alot and I hope ya’ll learn how to fight this shit which I will break down in the next article….

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