How The Baphomet Acts As A Matrix Architect To Keep Souls Oppressed

How The Baphomet Acts As A Matrix Architect To Keep Souls Oppressed

Looka what I found while looking for a featured image for this article:

When I got rid of it the other day as an entity attachment – a REAL powerful one – thay was allowing other entity attachments to terribly remain attached to me…..

– Peep how the wetback there runs when I shut my energy down from him to be able to access it, even though I am topless…..

Also peep the gangstalking from this wetback here……

I want ya’ll to peep the gangstalking from wetbacks ALL THAT DAY AND NIGHT AND THE NEXT…..

This was gold! These wetbacks LEGIT came out to put the demiurge on me by praying in tongues – something they copied from us black folk – which I easily undid cause unlike them I got a Soul and they are organic portals (slaves and vessels) for the archons ?

These mofos after I poured lavendar oil came RIGHT OUT to talk shit near my car but the 6k hz frequency ran em OUT ?????

They even came back a second night…..

Here the people with the food truck. I can hear them and their illegal customers talk shit on me yet park direct across from me. Why? Energy……

These folks were lovely. I ain’t calling em wetbacks (dude looks mixed Asian or full) but to go to show you how deep this runs…. here he empathetically say “God bless you” which is a curse (of the demiurge) which is why atheists are instinctively revolted by it…..

And this right here….

Shit and it didn’t end with them….

Here homeless demon seeds (of Baphomet) trying to start shit…..

This was weird right here cause dude looked ALOT like the dude in that first vid (the creep in the white *candy* van):

….White van and all….

Then these mofos right here with the black truck – this the same weird bitch who told me $20 for a jump when I first came to Malibu:

Speaking of battery jump this ole crusty ass take-a-kneegrow who once fingered me when I was drunk came out and started parking near me again. I ‘woked his ass! I never liked this cat cause even when I would be nice to him I could hear him mumbling shit under his breath even when I’d help him. He also asked me to join some federal government program (I think this nigga mk ultra cause he under some type of mind control) and he associated with that RejuvOhm girl who also under some type of control (she also got that Quetzalcoatl tattoo). Anyways, the ‘woke don’t play (but even “my abilities” are fucked up as I will explain later)….

I saw via my third eye that before I ‘woked him an t rex archon was attacking his Soul/asttal body and when I ‘woked him a straight bipedal reptilian had him trapped in some gooey sticky substance likw fly paper and I used my third eye to free him.

And these are the ones that hurt the most…..

He suggested I do clinical trials ie be a guinea pig (as if I ain’t nothing cause I am homeless as he was homeless) for money which can have future devastating consequences on your health (watch out cause they prey on the homeless, those clinical trials)…..

It honest reminds me of that film “Extreme Measures” with Gene Hackman in which homeless folks were kidnapped to do underground experiments on……

It also reminds me of something very similar a fellow unconventionally housed person in Malibu informed me of…..

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

This also hurt me – follow the conversation….

That said I refuse to put them on front street cause I know they are genuinely good people but they – like I – got powerful spirits manipulating and fucking with em so I wasn’t gonna do em like that!

The stuff I say here is the truth. Case in point: though my cellphone was working yesterday, ALLL this morning to keep me from revealing these things (I just got tinnitus in my left ear just now which signifies something not being good/ a demonic presence) I kept getting this inexplicable sim card error tho it was in:

Again, when I refunded money back to an organic portal freemason (be careful about making ties with em) I get that SIM card not in error message, RIGHT AFTER!

And right when I was getting down to writing that look at the word count = 666 = material realm ie pushing to focus on the realm of the demiurge:

That being said, people who have done lsd have spoken of meeting the Baphomet. Here is one example:

What’s crazy is….. while working on THIS article, peep how tho the title of the vid is
“Seeing satan on dmt”, PEEP how I had to search “devil dmt” to find it while when I searched under “satan dmt” I COULD NOT FIND IT!

ALL FUCKING DAY I been getting that fucking SIM card error message tho the fucking SIM IS IN THE FUCKING PHONE!

That being said, what the guy – and a coupla other people – in the vid is describing is practically the Baphomet:

The Baphomet I believe like the machine elves that folks talk about seeing on lsd etc is some type of entity that is part and parcel to orchestrating and running the matrix we reside in. Like the demiurge it represents duality (the lion face and the reptilian snake body of the demiurge represents the dual forces that settled our universe = the lion faced lyrans and the carians who begot the reptilians):

That being said, I believe what he, the Baphomet does in the spirit astral realm is try to keep Souls who got the potential to become aware of their Divinity from knowing how powerful their Soul is by anchoring all these programs and implants placed into powerfull Souls like myself in a way that makes it. near impossible. to remove em…..

It wasn’t until I a friend said the baphomet that it hit me that that was the shit that had that shit stuck on me and had me stumped on how to remove it.

Since then I have removed a bunch of things, including a fungal parasitic plant that looked like the “tree of life” aka sephiroth but it was demonic when I saw it……

I touched on this issue before:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

I mean, look at it! YOU CAN SEE that motherfucker is some straight occult, strangulating, keeping you in line machine matrix type occult shit!

It’s extremely difficult going up against this stuff. My life would be hella easy (now I am getting tinnitus in my left ear which is never a good sign) if I just went along with the program, focused on materialism, was not cognizant of this shit and just be a sheep. But that wasn’t to be. As my mother said I make my bed full of nails and the more I look at shit, there were unseen forces even as a baby making shit into nails so I can’t tell you this info, kinda like how Yashua Ben Pendira was nailed to a cross:

That’s why life been so fucking hard for me then what it shouldn’t cause I was meant in this timeline to defeat the machine.

In all the other timelines I’d have to sell my energy = Soul to em for material wealth:

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

Glad I’m a Seer cause I don’t have to live my life in regret.

That being said – this shit’s hard – in the next article I’ll break down how you can mamipulate Soul contracts to finally break free of this shit.

Folks like myself go thru many trials and tribulations but it is worth it cause you don’t wanna be trapped in this demiurge realm of recycling Souls = rebirth, reincarnation aka the wheel of samsara when you die!

That’s why I’m so quick to abort cause when you pop out a kid you bind yourself to this never ending wheel of rebirth in this hellish realm due to your seed, a part of you, being here!

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