Offering My Ford Mustang 2001 In Exchange For A Van

Offering My Ford Mustang 2001 In Exchange For A Van

Alright I need no introduction for what I am about to say for all of you who been following me for a mad long time…..

It’s obvious I live out of my car.

Here is a vid of the car running…..


That said, I like living out of my vehicle! I am looking for a van or even – which is best – a minivan to live out of and, esp. given that this car can’t pass smog (I think the computer is messed up and there is a pick-a-parts place named Ford Only where you can get a new one for $125), this car is spent (for me) and it is time for me to move on….

I have two tickets that I owe on this car which I will promptly pay tomorrow. The car does make a weird sound (I replaced the ccrm etc.) but it runs mad well!

I think it is a great car for those like car enthusiasts who can afford to fix it up and use this for speeding (once the car is fixed up).

Again I am exchanging it for a van or preferably a mini van that has passed smog and runs on automatic. You can contact me at Thank you!

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