Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

The way that lil girl Eveline in Resident Evil 7 is – that is me! THAT IS ME!


The more I delve into this spiritual stuff, the more interesting things begin.

Before I continue, let me allow ya’ll to see ? the beautifull ocean front night as the Santa Ana howling winds whip it:


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Here go that weird orb that at certain points looks like another planet next to the moon:

THAT’S AN ORB, not a light trick:

You’ll see it in proceeeding pics!

It reminds me alot of my old childhood home in Louisiana – Indian Summers (which due to REAL global warming caused by the government and not that fake shyte that lil half alien grey zetas girl, Greta Thurnberg, is trying to sell us – new kids can’t enjoy) which I used to enjoy, seeing mysterious smoke, alot of, in my backyard fumming from up the gates:

….Just had a thought of camera cellphones existing when I was growing up and being able to take a picture of the beauty of Indian Summer manifesting in my backyard plus a treasure trove of fond memories just came back to me.

It’s funny the Santa Ana winds are coming right on the heels of the psyop known as the George Floyd riots and before then the fake corona virus plandemic. Speaking of which, while I was lying down in my car last night, surfing the internet, after doing intense spiritual work on the issue I’m about to lay out, I saw an old wizened hag face like this:

IT LOOKED ALOT LIKE THIS but no hair or anything else: just the face looking like a mask!

coming towards me out the periphery – no, a lil more so – of my eye for a coupla seconds!

I was honest scared for a split sec. (you should NEVER manifest fear to these things) and all was chill that night. No need to call folks “wetbacks” cause all was chill!

Speaking of which – later in the night when it was beauty-full and tranquil (I SWEAR while writing this RIGHT NOW I just felt a sharp talon “go thru” my pussy)…. I thought I heard a wetback cat call, wolf whistle till I looked around where the source woulda came from and no one was around.

The two cars there had their windows rolled up and it sounded like it was coming STRAIT from outside, like from a real ass voice changer (which REPTILIANS tend to use).

I still yelled “Wetback!”

As for the thing I saw, she is what is known as the old hag: she’s been talked about since the days of Ancient Egypt, and in many cultures around the world.

This lady here had a REAL REAL life encounter with her where she approached her landlord in the flesh and said, “I’m hungry.”

It is funny cause the night this happened:

A neighbor of mine alerted me the day after about a djinn or in other words “genie” who took my form and appeared to him, wearing, of all things – a black and brown burqa but without the hijab part with the colours being symbolic:


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That being said, on to the astral vision:

I was in my childhood home, which seemed to have a black woman who kept these body part like entities under sheets with nails drewn into the edges to keep them bound. It reminds me of these lil finger like entities I saw awhile back:

– Funny cause I could hear those lil things talking amongst each other that night while in the car.

That said, the entire time was spent trying to keep those things locked in. I did something – I fogot what it was, oh it was a hammer – to keep the entities FURTHET under lock and key – I think it was to kill them – when they somehow escaped and started attaching themselves to and thus infecting other people. It seemed to have the effect of creating kinda like a hivemind amongst folks, deforming them into this pale like beings with heightened esp but while operating under a hivemind and creating tree like trunks and branches (symbolic) out of them.

The whole time I saw them as kinda a fungus tho. That said me and the group, esp the black female leader, VOWED to not let them leave my childhood home and backyard (symbolic). I at one point saw them all amassed outside, trying to get me and others to join.

Now here is where it gets deep: me and the other folks all arrived inside a supermarket reminiscient of Schwagmann’s in New Orleans:

This is how I remember Schwagmann’s looking in New Orleans East!

That said, I recall thinking and wondering if the leader of the group – who seemed like she was into voodoo and wore an African styled black wraparound with red flower floral patterns (also symbolic) – was being deceptive about this thing.

She at the time was working in the basement of it seemed her home and had computers abound with depictions of the fungal thing and how it influences folks at various stages, their looks, etc.

We then all gathered at a roundtable in the supermarket. Now, at some point – while watching from afar – I saw “me” stand up and basically state that I was infected but I could control it to my benefit and I was showing off the psychic, telekinetic abilities I could do with it: I formed some words – I don’t recall what it was but it was celebratory – and how I had newfound psychic abilities.

Then I woke up!

It’s funny because before I went to sleep “something” told me to “wave at the moon” and, after I did, instead of going further up into the sky like it is supposed to (it was 4am) it instead seemed to have gotten drawn down with it’s light pouring into my window which was eye opening ? to say the least.

For the longest period of time I have always felt that there was an attachment on the right side of my body. For the longest…. people have said my soul sticks out of my body – on the right side (it is also the side that causes me to absorb other folks’ energies and disperse my own as well).

It is said that the right hand emits energy – like you see in films – and the left receives it, like a portal:

– Just as I do, he created an egregore version of himself to fight the entity who is on the “other side” – get it (astral)!

Third eye symbolism:

– Christopher Reeves was HAWT ???? esp when he played in the episode as a Restaurant owner turned cannibal in “Tales From The Crypt.”

That being said, I did spiritual work or ‘woke as I call it, lol, to separate myself from this and let’s say I just didn’t feel “whole.” I felt something detach from my sacral chakra (near the bellybutton, above it) and that is when I saw the old hag and what folks’ call paredolia show up in pics. I didn’t feel whole but “deadened inside”, like the left part of me worked yet – it’s like that part of me had my creative side – ability to intuit things, think on my feet, string words together consummately – all went away when I tried to get rid of that part.

I wonder if it is a part of me after all. I also forget to mention that near the end of that astral vision, IT seemed to empower me with the ability to control said hivemind. My wanting to fight it then embrace it is representative of my dualistic attitude towards it.

I think it has always been in me and not something that came along recently (it seemed like it came back after I had prayed for a soul piece to return when I was a satanist) and just “took” all the attributes that existed in the right side of me before my Chemistry teacher, during a kundalini awakening, told me to drop the English accent, which destroyed the right side, tore it from me and caused me to feel deadened inside for ages.

That being said, even as a child I always had strange, overwhelming urges that emanated from my sacral chakra. My memories which are connected via emotion (which the right side proffers) are coming back.

I think I answered my own question!

Now that I think about it, it reminds me of The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah which is said to connect human consciousness to God aka The Source which is what I feel and, as a gnostic, talk about, heavily:

It’s funny cause black people’s dreadlocks can sprout out like trees, too (symbolism):

– Boy, we do have God Attributes I swear….

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