Why The World Hates Black People

Why The World Hates Black People

This is Power-FULL ✊?

Before I begin talking about this, let me show ya’ll something I’ve been seeing on social media:

It seems wetback spic and cspan gangs are allying themselves with cops to fuck with us!

Here are a few of them calling the others out on their inherent racism while being met with volatile disdain from their kind:

That being said, rule #1 of law black people is TO NOT ARGUE! To argue is to try to be understood! You want them to empathise with you and thus win them over cause you care what they think! Rule of law I live by is that I don’t care what others think (as long as it ain’t disrespectful). I know who, what my enemy is and what they are all about. That is all that matters to me. Once you know that, everything will fall into place and you will be secure in your stance. That’s why the wetback can’t win me over. I know their nature. That’s all that matters.

That being said, lemme tell you why the world hates us and how they take advantage of our nature.

It is said that blacks – those from Africa – are the only true humans on this planet!


A man by the name of Danny Vendramini did an anthrophological study on how the “neanderthals” really looked like:

I elaborated more on it here:


That being said, I got my theories as to what the “neanderthals” mighta been and what I really think is going on.

Now, Credo Mutwa, who David Icke refers to in reference to trying to find out more on reptilians and their history in correlation to us – stated that the Chiaturi, the reptilians who happened upon his people, exchanged out technology in exchange for telling them to drop their spiritual abilities and go from asexual (and being able to reproduce asexually) to being divided sexually (which is how the illuminati – which are ran by the archons of which the reptilians are part – keep us divided to this day) and having our natural abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, etc. wrested from us. This put us in the dumbed down, co dependent on “technology” situation that we are in today that has us at odds with living alongside and coexisting peacefully with nature.

The late great Credo Mutwa’s teachings can be read here:


He also have SEVERAL HOUR long sermons, each, which you can find on youtube!

That being said – hear my take ???

I think that low key neanderthal is euphemism for reptilian. The rest of tye world – including myself (many black folks who are descendants of the Egyptian Empire fall into this as well) got reptilian dna. That’s why I can tap into the wetbuck hivemind and know they got one! Blacks are mainly the only pure humans on this planet, hence why they are so quick to forgive, empathetic and compassionate – and the other reptilian nations wanna take from that!

That’s why they abuse your human desire to want to be accepted by playing on ya’ll’s heart strings and drawing ya’ll along and telling ya’ll this bullshit of “we all gotta get along” for their benefit, pulling ya’ll with the kumbaya shit. They know how to play on your heart strings cause you all are human and sincerely do things out of a desire for the greater good of humanity.

That is what those genetic demonic organic portal reptilian influenced parasites don’t like.

That being said, that is why other nations are quick to steal our shit, be in our spaces, the list goes on…. They take advantage of our human nature and we let em, everything!

Maybe ya’ll, but not me!

Don’t change who you are, but recognise who you are dealing with.

That is why they suppress THE. FUCK outta our history cause by knowing ourselves we can make sense of what we are up against and handle the shit!

It is more than just kangz and queenz we had abilities.

The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks it down in MANY of his videos:

This a good one and hits at the heart:

Check this channel to see more of his lectures (and donate if you can). I don’t run it by the way:


That is why black people are the most spiritual and resonate with the right brain consciousness that is connected to the Divine: that is why we are spear headers (hence why they low key call us “spear chuckers”) with music, culture and that is why other nations = races are quick to take our shit cause our human nature = empathy causes us to fold and for them to take advantage of us.

Stop letting everybody – esp. wetbacks – sway you! The time is coming where we are reaching a zenith in human universal consciousness that will allow us to rise.

Speaking of which, think ?? This why we suffer! Think about it: the demiurge runs the archons. We are the true humans with know-ledge of our connection to the Divine Source in our dna. Blacks are punished for this via the artificial disdain fomented in the other races who have alot of archon (reptilian, fallen angel) dna which reminds me of how when I talked about an angel appearing to me (to fuck with me here) it was reptilian with angel wings:


That’s why our His-story gets suppressed, esp. spiritual as what happened to Credo Mutwa, and we get handed Crakkka Christ:

That said, now you know why the world hates you and is aligned against you. It is innate and programmed into other nation’s psyches to hate you.

Now that you have this know-ledge, you now have taken the first step to knowing what to do, and thus having a fighting chance ???

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